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Who such ? About the river relative of a sea bull-calf

Generally, there has to be an intrigue. But There is no wish to confuse to me the issue today. Therefore from the very beginning - it is honest and frank.

Bubyr is a closest relative of that bull-calf to whom grateful to the berdichena established a monument directly on the embankment. At the most blue Sea of Azov which at all not often happens blue.

But today - not about color of this most shallow sea in the world which depth seldom where approaches 14 meters and to pass for this mark About that even there is no speech! And in this article - too. Neither about the sea, nor about its depth.

Because bubyr treats salty water disapprovingly. And the sea of subjects also differs from other reservoirs that water in it is mute - salty. There is also no this in it small, growing a maximum of centimeters to 15 - 20, a small fish. Its main difference from all other relatives - in the place of the main accommodation. Bubyr - though a bull-calf, but a bull-calf river. Azovo having a constant registration in the rivers - the Black Sea basin. Personally I, in due time, got acquainted with it on inflows of the Northern Collum.

Also I will directly tell - not the handsome No, absolutely this bubyr not the handsome! Especially, when against the will will jump out only of water, will spread wide sharp, accrete belly fins, will move apart branchiate plates to the emphasis moreover and the tail on the party will curve. Not fish, and just sphere some prickly! The head is terrible, almost half a trunk which behind the wood of firm thorns and it is not visible practically

Small it is gray - a green monster with small scales in blackish specks and points. And for what it only in that Berdichev is loved to such an extent what even the monument was put? Who read the memorial plate on a pedestal, says that residents in days of the Great Patriotic War generally ate this small fish.

For it and for taste its appetizing Probably, it is possible to love bubyrya. But meet at us, as a rule, on clothes. And taste It already then as you will try out. And so you will look at it No, there is nothing bubyrya to love. Eternally hungry pike and that it is not especially, by way of exception. And that is seldom, places and not at us.

And here burbot That bubyrya - for lovely soul. And where there is this river bull-calf, - be on guard. There has to be also a burbot. This two, in any way not persons interested to be friends, like to sit where in a pole under the abrupt coast from which a river current of different worms and larvae washes away directly to them on a dining table. Know only do not yawn, open a mouth and swallow, without forgetting to chew at the same time properly it is better for

to Catch bubyrya by the evening. He a small fish twilight, is only closer to calling begins to peck. But how to peck! Bubyr, as well as perch, straight off swallows of a bait (a worm, a piece of a small fish, including it is possible also other bull-calf or other nozzle of an animal origin), without deliberating. There was a float Just on a wave rocked P - time. Also left, escaped under water promptly. Vyta - askivay! Almost it is not required to cut that and. If swallowed a bait, so swallowed. Thoroughly and irrevocably. More difficult to take out a hook from a fish mouth, than bubyrya to acquaint with the sun which is already hurrying to the horizon.

Therefore it is better to take a hook when catching this small fish with long tsevy then not to suffer, taking it from a mouth of the caught river bull-calf.

Here only this is lazy mordaty and prickly. To a disgrace it is simple. Will hide where under a stone, will hide in dense thickets of a river grass Or it is even better - will bury in sand! And not to tear off it from a habitual pole at the bottom any tasty worms if correctly you do not guess depth.

Fish floats on a bottom, is not given anybody On a bottom - it just about is mute, about a river bull-calf. Therefore if suddenly who is going to the small river for this small fish, then with itself it is necessary to take or some ground tackle (for example, a zakidushka, a donka), or a usual float rod with moving (sliding) on scaffold sinker. The last is necessary in order that at the very beginning of fishing (especially if the relief of a bottom is unknown to us) a little to experiment. To measure reservoir depth in this, concrete place. Then already safely to throw a hook with a bait, knowing well that they will get practically to the mouth. Bubyr needs only to open it and To swallow a bait to our greater pleasure.

Here only Bubyr, as well as most of other inhabitants of river reservoirs, extremely is negative to sharp change of weather, to essential fluctuations of water temperature. In such cases it loses interest both in the, and in the life surrounding it at once. Becomes low-active and practically eats nothing. Therefore though directly to him under a nose to him bring the most razappetitny worm There will be no poklevka!

Well and if weather does not afflict us with the unpredictability, then in the late afternoon took a rod and On bubyrya!

And let will remain of neither scales, nor a tail only as a kind wish. And on kukan this river relative of a sea bull-calf will surely get. That at caught it there was an opportunity to be convinced that see off at us not only on mind. But also To taste!