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How to open the coffee house?

the Exciting smell of coffee never do not leave indifferent anybody and. In dank or frosty days, in the cloudy gray November morning or in the warm summer evening, began to smell coffee allows to wake up, cheer up, feel pacified and happy. The cozy coffee house always occurs to us in the path enough by the way. Sitting in the cozy hall, own business in this sphere is not present and will occur to organize thought. Whether it is difficult to make it?

of the Coffee house of Russia

Since 90 - x years when in the country money appeared, a coffee house in Russia opened one by one. Why they were so popular? As shows experience, such format of business pays off much quicker, than others. At a good deal the coffee house will pay for itself for 1,5-2. The largest networks in Russia is “Shokoladnitsa“, “House Coffee“, “Starbucks“. Only in Moscow there are about 350 coffee houses of the mentioned firms. Most of experts agree in opinion that in today`s market of coffee houses of success only network projects can achieve, and business of singles and independent players gradually comes to naught.

The coffee house is not just the place where it is possible to drink coffee. It is supposed that here people can relax, chat, forget for some time about the affairs. This place where it is possible to hide from city bustle. The Russian coffee houses strongly differ from traditional - in them it is possible to buy cocktail on the basis of alcohol, there are little tables for smokers. However such format got accustomed in our country. So-called “pure“ coffee houses (so in the Russian practice it is accepted to call institutions with a wide choice of drinks on the basis of coffee and baking of own preparation) tried to open, but, alas, culture of consumption of coffee at us not at the European level.

the Organizational moments

is required to

On opening of a coffee house at least 4-6 months. The best time for opening of a coffee house - early fall. The coming cold weather promotes increase in inflow of visitors. Therefore it is the best of all to start creation of a coffee house no later than the middle of spring. In summertime of visitors becomes even less, approximately on a quarter.


On obtaining allowing documentation more than two months will leave. For acceleration of process it is better to entrust it to the real expert.


the Success of undertaking in many respects depends on the institution location. The coffee house created at the corner of the building on the first floor, in shopping center, large shop will be the winner. Knowing it, owners of such outlets often prefer to open own similar trade institutions and to agree with them not so - that easy.

One of the main requirements at the choice of rooms for Starbucks coffee houses - the entrance door has to never watch at the East or at the South, and at the North. According to Scott Bedberi, one of creators of the Starbucks brand this results from the fact that visitors have to enjoy a daylight, but at this sun should not shine them in a face.


the design of a coffee house differs From other institutions of a public catering in not persistence, harmoniously equipped space. It is not restaurant therefore here not the place of pomposity and to chic. But surely there has to be some feature, soul of an institution, what will attract visitors again and again.

The institution should not be lost in the ordinary among a set of other places. Therefore during creation of an interior it is better to use services of the designer. The situation, a musical background, a smell - all this creates a cosiness and the unique atmosphere of a coffee house. Here each trifle is important. Also it is necessary to watch that home decoration was ergonomic, convenient for use. Unusual design finds will attract visitors only on condition that will not prevent a main goal of visit of cafe - to relaxation and rest. The creative should not tire.

The furniture and ware need to be tested before purchase. Whether little tables are convenient? Whether not too low chairs? Time spent on it will pay off a hundredfold. The visitor will remember the feelings at visit of a coffee house. Will depend on it, he will drink coffee at you or at the competitor through the road.

is A little sociology

the Main visitors of coffee houses, according to sociological polls, - women. They make two thirds of total number of visitors, at the same time 40% from them - young ladies aged till 25 years. Among male visitors there is a cafe, on the contrary - people are more active 30 years which most part - middle managers are more senior. Least of all people visit coffee houses 40 years and housewives are more senior. Most of coffee-achievers - people with the higher education (58%). At the same time most of visitors of coffee houses come there to sit with friends, preferring for this purpose an evening or business - a lunch, and morning, not so traditional for coffee. Moreover, 60% of visitors prefer to order tea, and 70% of “fans of coffee“ go there to have a good time and listen to live music. As we will format


several main types of coffee houses Exist:

the Traditional coffee house (the Americanized option) where a basis of the menu are coffee, tea and desserts. The client himself orders from a rack of coffee and carries him on the little table. Such format is least expensive in respect of finance, but this option not in each city will get accustomed. Practically all attempts to organize cafe of such format failed. Such is our Russian reality.

“The Russian format“ - at the menu salads, second courses and alcohol are present. In such institution it will be difficult to achieve reputation of a coffee house, but not cafe with the big coffee card. But in Russia such institutions not bad got accustomed. People often come here to have a bite and relax, quite often whole families.

the Format fast - foot in the coffee market. The world`s largest network of coffee houses Starbucks works in this format. A distinctive feature of this format is self-service, disposable glasses, coffee on carrying out. Such approach is demanded in shopping centers where people got used to points fast - foot, but not to chamber institutions.