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- And in this big house, a pas?

- In it? In it there lives a giant, - the father answers, ridiculously inflating cheeks.

- And what it?

- It? Thick, important

- Angry?

- Not - and, the sonny, fun-loving. Loves cheerful stories and to eat. the Five-year-old son conducts

a sustavchaty branch on the asphalt which is turning gray a tape. The forest park - with lakovo brilliant ponds - is complete, and the father with the son left to the city, and the tiny soft palm of the son lies in a grated palm of the father as a miracle; and the pearls of the prolonged sort sloisto flash in an adult brain the Forty-year-old, childless, lonely son the died father goes to a forest park to feed long ago with

ducks on ponds. Buys two long loafs, and, having passed a number of very familiar paths stops at a concrete side of a pond, and crumbles long loaf, getting fingers is deeper in pulp.

of the Duck, sliding on water glass, hurry, fuss, necks of drakes shine floridly The son feeds ducks and thinks of the father


the Way to a bakery lasted long - on the turning gray asphalt covered by bronze ochre of foliage by thickset, strong, old houses; and trams were carried away forward, dropping sometimes from - under a pantograph sheaves of tiny stars. At a bakery the old man tied a dog to a handrail and spoke - to Sit. To wait. - Though the old dog already knew that to do to him; his eyes watered, the scent weakened, the dog inertly looked on entering and leaving shop and when the old man &ndash appeared; wagged a tail. The old man carefully wiped houses to a dog of a paw, frayed it, ironed on the head, keeping saying - There now, here so Then long washed hands, and in kitchen cooked porridge - himself and a dog. The dog ate quickly and greedy, and came back to kitchen where the old man drank, is noisy sipping, tea also gave to a dog bread pieces.

rolled Evening imperceptibly - as if twilight was not at all; sat at the TV, sometimes the dog got on knees to the old man, and that mechanically ironed it, and the dog dozed What was represented to it? The old man plainly could not tell that he remembers itself - something komkovaty, klyokly, as was his life; something long, muddy, gray - and now, in the end, loneliness with a dog - and who will leave them earlier? it is not known