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As deceive tourists in the Crimea of

Honestly I will tell, was not at all in plans to write similar article. But to my astonishment, on the website in recent days a search query “as deceive tourists in the Crimea“ and similar to it is one of the most popular. Probably, the subject is topical for many vacationers therefore the people try to find any information that though somehow to be saved from swindlers. And acquaintances repeatedly ask similar, reasoning with the fact that we often go and we know much. Therefore decided to issue various stories which observed personally and to which witnessed in the form of article. History will be without pictures - exclusively information set of letters. If he is useful to someone in way, I will only be glad that time is spent not for nothing. I will note in advance that this material will be interesting mostly to those who long saved honest work for rest, and wishes to spend money with maximum efficiency and advantage for itself and values each hryvnia.

So, problems can begin still long before you set foot on land of the solar peninsula.

1. If for any reasons you did not acquire the train ticket and decided to acquire it in cash desk before departure, then all here and will begin. There are no tickets -. There are never tickets in the summer in the Crimean direction and at the same time in a categorical form. If you are persistent and will unambiguously hint a theta in a window that very much it is necessary to you and that are ready practically for everything, then the kind aunt will take pity on you and will find unique or how many there it is necessary for you tickets, but only for you and just now, but... but only if you are really ready for everything. It is not necessary to be frightened - to do a somersault or to sing a song as in kindergarten it is not necessary to you - from you only money, that is some sum exceeding the cost of tickets what - it depends on the aunt, your appearance and some other factors are required. To complain where - or on corruption and fraud it is useless since you will be told by all means that you are a liar, and in staff of the railroad exclusively decent qualified employees who gave patriotically the young years to this enterprise and for the benefit of Fatherland and other work. Well unless if you have acquaintances in Bodies and you will deliver to yourself for the purpose to punish the offender, then in exclusive slucha it can turn out that the kind aunt was dismissed in 15 minutes before sold you the ticket and as you received from her hands this ticket - unclear. To fight against similar situations it is useless as it is a classics of a genre, the tradition existing many decades and which is not eradicated at all. In fight against corruption process, but not result is important.

Let`s say you were not lucky, and you did not manage to resolve an issue with the aunt in a window, trains in the necessary direction come to an end, it is necessary to go, and you did not move off dead center yet. One more way to get where it is necessary - it is to agree with the conductor. But this option is less acceptable. In - the first, most likely will not be possible to agree with conductors of trains of the Ukrainian formation to you - in a season on long distances most likely without tricks of you you will not be taken, but during not season they will run for you, to ask to return the ticket in cash desk and to go with them to a compartment even cheaper, than ticket cost. But during a season they work only at small distances (2 - 3 stations) - so less terribly, more profitable and high probabilities that will not fire. Therefore you most likely should agree with conductors of trains of the Russian formation. You will be surprised and will be perplexed - why the train goes empty, and tickets to you were not sold? On this question can give you one hundred answers, but believe - it will become easier for you from it not. Therefore - forward to agree. The solution of this problem has one big minus and one big plus. Most likely, the place only in a compartment car, for the cost by 2,5 - 3 times exceeding ticket cost in cash desk will be offered to you. It very much - is expensive, and it is minus. But plus in this history is that you will be sincerely surprised to that comfort in which you will appear. Soft regiments, pure plastic panels, the turned-on light, the fresh starched beds, two (!!!) working (!!!) toilet in which there is water - cold and hot, soap at choice - liquid and firm - and toilet paper. And even windows will open and be closed. Will not clap a door and to hang on one eyelet (for option a reserved seat) and still the huge mass of surprising things which you will never meet in trains of local formation. Thus, it is possible to guarantee that in the presence of desire and some sum of additional resources you will be able to leave anywhere.

About what falsities can wait in the train is other history, and we will continue the begun subject.

2. As soon as you on arrival step into the platform of Simferopol, you are waited by new test. taxi drivers who will suggest you for to bring cheap quickly and anywhere will be

First whom you will meet and who will meet you - it. Before to agree to such offers, remember that everything in this world is relative, including the concepts “expensively-it is cheap“, “quickly-long“, “anywhere-where it is necessary“. Apropos “where it is necessary“ I recommend not to smile, and to mean as itself personally witnessed as the taxi driver who needed to go urgently to Nikolaevka pereugovorit the girl with a big suitcase wishing to go to Yalta, to go with it to Nikolaevka as “in Yalta everything is expensive, and in Nikolaevka everything is cheap, and the sea everywhere identical“. Let`s not philosophize on “what is well and that it is bad“, we talk about the facts.

If to you was succeeded to avoid landing in a taxi (certainly, it in case you initially did not plan to use this type of transport), then you are waited by the following transport test - minibus taxi drivers. After taxi drivers minibus taxi drivers who in the car had only one (or by the number of your company) the place will try to catch you and that “we already leave, give quicker“. Here - several dirty tricks. In - the first, nobody will go anywhere until in a minibus there are empty seats and as practice shows - you can stay the whole hour there, brushing away yourself with a fan, and so anywhere and not to go as of such minibuses around the station it is full, and each owner tries to entice the client to himself. Therefore promises to reach quickly can remain only promises. The second moment of minibuses is the price. Fare is 30 - 50% higher, than in buses which with an interval 10 - 15 minutes (depending on the destination) go with right there the located station according to the staff list. Depending on model of the vehicle and your personal dimensions, will go by the bus much more comfortably, more safely and the cheapest way (certainly if you buy the ticket in cash desk)

Well and here - a safety issue. There is an information based on personal observations that some minibus taxi drivers have no transport license for transportation of passengers, and some drivers - even the rights for driving. I cannot provide proofs for obvious reasons therefore it is possible to consider that it - only the invention, but reasonable approach to a question of movement across the Crimea can keep your nerves and health.

Is one more way quickly enough and comfortably to permeshchatsya across the Crimea in the direction of Yalta and Alushta. It is the Crimean trolleybus. If it at you is associated with the old jingling cars - forget it as a bad dream! This year in the Crimea brand new trolleybuses, with spacious salons, huge windows for the review, the tinted glasses for a cool in salon working as TVs with animated cartoons at the beginning and the end of salon and still enormous amount of advantages purchased. Fare is more than 2,5 times lower than motor transport, the comfort - is much higher, a departure regularity - each 10 - 15 minutes that on a result if gives some time difference on arrival, then taking into account above-mentioned factors this difference very much will even be small.

3. So, you reached long-awaited point of your appointment. Now, if you did not reserve hotel in advance, and with housing you have no familiar grandmother, before you there is a question - where you will live. You need to live somewhere until you have a rest? I guarantee: you at once will have assistants as you were already found when you only left at a stop, and from this point for you fixed supervision is conducted. At once you will be surrounded by aunties, uncles, boys, girls, solid and a seedy look people also will begin to offer you... what? Correctly - the housing by the sea, and is obligatory - CHEAP. Expensively nobody will offer, naturally. These people have any options for you which by all means have to arrange. You need a separate lodge for all family? Is of course - only for you at us this remarkable option. Yes, near the sea - only 5 kilometers up. What - is far? Well, is near absolutely just the same. And, it is expensive? No, well, why to you house? It is possible the normal room with the hostess. Yes, conveniences on the street, water we bask in the sun, well to you - that boiled water is not necessary? A heat on the street. There already three families live and do not complain. Does not approach? Well, there is here a remarkable option - there it is even possible to sleep on the street. No, of course, not on the earth, there the excellent gamachok is attached. Shower? Not, no, but there is a bucket - it is possible to warm up water on a gas oven to be washed, very convenient oven there, very much! And transfer of options can last indefinitely until you give up and do not agree “though to something“, but at the same time with guarantee receive not that it is necessary, and at all not for that sum which had. That is, if concerning comfort to pile everything, then council is as follows: initially be defined - what degree of comfort is necessary to you: that it is necessary without fail and what can be offered, and already from this you proceed, making a final decision, t. to a ratio necessary for you “the price -“ it is necessary to look for quality. If more - dealt with quality less, then now it is worth paying attention to the price. To unambiguously tell some sum it is useless in a format of this material since. in - the first, it always contractual, in - the second - changes every day and depends both on the number of vacationers, and on that as potential “seller“ is able to convince, and how you can personally resist to the beliefs imposed to you. Here I want to pay attention that professionals of the business for whom it is earnings will work with you. Easy it is earnings or heavy - we will not discuss, you remember - everything relatively. The main thing that you have to understand is that you communicate not with the owner at present, and the intermediary since the owner has “no options for every taste, on any money“. The owner has a house or the room which he hands over, using services of intermediaries. And these intermediaries receive up to 25% of the sum (in different places on a miscellaneous, there are nuances). That you understood more accurately what is 25%, count tsiferka. For example, offer you a certain housing worth 400 UAH a day (is cheaper, is much more expensive). Thus, 400 UAH - 25% (100 UAH) = 300 UAH 300 UAH are an actual cost of rent which is asked by the owner, 100 UAH are earnings of the intermediary. Taking into account that during a season less than 7 - 10 days to you nobody will lease housing, earnings of the intermediary from one real caught client make at least 700 UAH. Once again I will emphasize, we will not discuss - lungs are money or not, honest or not really - just you have to understand as far as the intermediary is interested in you and it is how important to persuade to it you.

If you understand that you cannot spread such sums to intermediaries, you have a question: how to be also what to do? One of the most loyal and real options which reasonably conceiving people who are not giving in to emotions use - to leave things under supervision of a family (friends) and to walk on the settlement, to walk round small streets, considering “ inscriptions I will lease housing“, “housing by the sea“, “I will hand over cheap“ and other. Practically all locals lease housing, and walking personally, you will be able to pick up to yourself that option which will not be imposed by someone, and it will be pleasant personally to you, at the same time having saved considerably in means since if you are pleasant to the hostess, then also will concede to you in the price. Believe, decent and adequate people are everywhere, just they can not always be found at once.

Main - do not provoke the first owners of housing to deception. Personally witnessed such episode last year. Known resort settlement. Bus station. Of the bus went out the woman with the little girl and a heap of things - and looks around. Looked after the grandmother who inspired her trust approached and quietly so speaks:

- you will not prompt where here it is possible to remove housing cheap? Absolutely cheap - that is not more expensive 50 in day, - then, having made a pause, added: - It is no more than 50 dollars in day.

the Grandmother took the woman by hand at once and pulled along:

- Oh, the woman as you not to help me! And the girl at you beautiful, and such beauty, such clear head! What I, the grandma old, will not help good people? You will live at me, I will take only for you, and for the girl I will be nothing. - And with such admonitions of their visor to themselves while at it at that time there lived people on 50 hryvnias with the person.

Therefore does not need to be approved unambiguously that deceivers all around - many people provoke others to deception, and many use it!

Here, in general, it is main and highlights which practically all vacationers face, coming to rest to the Crimea.

further you can also live more economically if you have a purpose not to overpay for goods and services. For example:

and) all know that the prices during a season in resorts are overstated any goods by 2 - 3 times, and even more. But you do not think that locals will overpay such sums? Of course - no! Therefore products and other necessary things should be bought in the large not spontaneous markets, supermarkets and little shops far away from the sea;

) you want to visit interesting excursions, but the prices seem unreal? Right: you should pay work of the guide, expensive transport, services of intermediaries and other. If your purpose - just to take a walk - to look, then there is a sense independently to reach destinations, without being limited by time. It can take a little more time, but at the same time will be much cheaper, and you will be able to go not together with crowd to 30 - 40 people where everything is painted constantly, but also to see much more. Especially as locals are practically always ready to tell something and to prompt.

in) be vigilant in places of a mass congestion of people: not all come to have a rest - some citizens of criminal specialties come to the resort “to profit“ - therefore especially watch material values and jewelry

of) it is necessary to be careful when strangers offer you some unnecessary things and services: for example, to be photographed for memory with the monkey or pigeons. It can turn out that you - ayayay what you inaccurate, ayayay! - broke to a pigeon a pad or soiled a wing, and this pigeon of superrare wild park breed and that you should pay hundred dollars on his treatment right now, differently you are waited by serious troubles. It is modern classics of a bubble scheme if you look - even you will find video the hidden cameras in free access in a network.

d) many vacationers like to use on vacation wine and fruit - vegetables of local production. Here too it is necessary to be careful. For example, the Crimean peaches can be absolutely not Crimean upon, and “fresh grape wine of this year“ - the bourgeois from powders and alcohol. To understand about what the speech - look at how the Crimean vineyards in summertime look, and it will set you thinking - from where it undertook fresh vinogradnoe wine of “this year“ which is offered in large quantities not only in the markets, but also in many houses practically on each street. Also the dirty trick can be if you buy the real Crimean medical, real Crimean onions and all other present Crimean including the “air of the Crimea“

preserved in tin packings e) paid beaches - it is also illegal, but alas - hardly you will be able to prove something to someone. Therefore it is necessary either to pay, or to depart far away where begin free

yo, z, and - to - l - m - N.

Actually this list can be continued indefinitely as along with classical types of deception methods and methods of “divorce“ are updated and improved. Therefore the only general and most right council which can help you - it be VIGILANT, and then you in any situation will be able not to give in to emotions and it is reasonable to orient in any situation.

We wish you excellent travel and bright impressions!