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Fennel: what it was appreciated before and it is appreciated now?

it was perceived by Europeans during a Middle Ages era as the defender from sorcery, and doctors recommended for strengthening of memory, hair and nails, as well as for treatment of the upset nerves. Wine broth of greens of fennel was appointed by them as carminative and protivoikotny means.

It is considered that in our country it is grown up since the 16th century. Today from more than two tens high-quality variety of domestic fennel the most popular is “Gribovsky“. The reason is that he is a champion on precocity, unpretentiousness, resistance to diseases and force of aroma.

What modern views on usefulness of fennel?

As for cookery then there is a lot of and it is not necessary to speak, - all know that fennel - universal seasoning. Therefore - that it is also used not only fresh, but also dried, salty and frozen. The last option, after fresh, is pleasant to me most of all.

The blossoming fennel is simply irreplaceable at preservation of a significant amount of products. Besides not only as spice, but also as the natural preservative protecting preparation from damage for a long time. V. V. Pokhlebkin advises on dill infusion to cook dough for home-made noodles, having sustained small cut fennel in an amount of water, necessary for a batch, within 2 hours, and then having properly wrung out greens.

Eating fennel, we receive vitamins C (about 100 mg on each 100 g) and groups B, iron, potassium, carotene, valuable oils. Plant:

- improves appetite,

- promotes digestion,

- helps at a meteorizm,

- normalizes a metabolism,

- possesses diuretic action,

- raises a lactation at nursing mothers.

Besides, it is used at:

- hypertensions,

- atherosclerosis,

- heart failure,

- anemia,

- pyelonephritis,

- cystitis,

- a pochechnokamenny illness,

- hemorrhoids,

- pustulous educations on skin,

- inflammatory processes in eyes,

- need of strengthening of a uterus,

- nausea

and even … for disposal of seasickness.

Generally, a miracle - a grass. However, as well as in everything, it is necessary to observe a measure. Still Avicenna called for to being overzealous with use of fennel. And the same Odo from Maine, eulogizing a plant, paid attention that at the unlimited use it harms sight and “locks a seed“. Modern doctors express opinion that pregnant women need to use fennel with care.