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thoughts after conversation with the Belarusian sworn brother - the schoolmate of

Ya it is from Chernihiv. Left secondary school No. 3 there in 1958. Then there were 5 graduation classes, in everyone on 40 people. We lived then in the Great Power where dreams still came true. There were not so many higher education institutions as now, but 169 people from 200 arrived and successfully graduated from higher education institutions then were distributed across all Soviet Union - from the Kaliningrad region to Sakhalin. Many there where distributed, got families and did not return already to Chernihiv. When I after working off returned to Chernihiv, there together with me there were only 48 messmates. Then I came to postgraduate study, worked at the enterprise of the Kremlin district consumer union. For transfer of the developments on the West (Yugoslavs and Poles) it was banished to Lviv where I attain the age. Century of the Internet and Skype. In the evenings I communicate with the messmates scattered worldwide. They live in the USA and Canada, Germany, Belgium and Israel, the Czech Republic, Austria and Belarus. Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan and, of course, Russia.

Our school, thanks to the director Dmitry Naumovich Vigrinenko was the best in the city. He was expelled more than once and restored in party, removed and again returned in the principal. It always had own opinion and arrived as considered it necessary. For this reason we were really taken knowledge, but did not cram or shirked. For this reason 85% from our release graduated. By the way, the best pupil of our release, the gold medallist Slava Hrykin did not go to university, though wrote excellent verses, plaid about prose. He became the turner of the highest razryadab and was the only thing from us who in Soviet period earned not standard 100 - 125, and on 600 - 900 rubles because he received from development It already published several books, published the anthology of poets of Chernihivshchyna. It still among nashi-Pervy …

We gather each 5 years for a meeting at school. Came in the beginning from all places of the Soviet Union and when it was spent on drink behind a bottle of “Belovezhskaya“ for three - from around the world. Even from America people arrived. Our school was the best and imparted ability to study all life, and scientific, rather scientific - appreciate everywhere, except present Ukraine …

B 2008 arrived to an anniversary meeting and only 56 people came. Health did not allow to arrive to messmates from foreign countries, Baltic and the Far East any more. Children from Israel and Kazakhstan arrived, arrived from Belarus and the Czech Republic. Chernigovtsev only 8 came. Survived so much. The others were carried away by the cancer which was strongly occupying Chernihiv after Chernobyl.

Remembered school years. Spoke about life, made plans for the future. And here the devil pulled me to retell a joke which read at a forum in “Ukrainian Pravda“. Parshivenky joke about the Belarusian Batske. Ours laughed, and my best friend Vitya Tyndyk from Gomel approached and gave me a slap in the face - “. You - presidents deride the thieves, and do not touch our Batska!“ I repeat, it was in 2008. We were already satiated and maydanut the bored Kuchma. Gorged on Iudshchenko and Yulya`s promises. Completely were disappointed in power and any more waited for nothing from new elections, on when would not appoint them. And here such worship for the President. And a worship in others country, so more sincere.

Now both both Russian pygmies, and bigwigs from the IMF and the American dollaronositel run over Batska. Our press writes about brazen violations of human rights in Belarus and hundreds put in prisons without noticing hundreds of the dead in militia torture chambers of Ukraine and thousands of innocent citizens put in prisons, guilty persons only that they had no money on the investigators extorting bribes, prosecutors and judges. In prisons at us not those who violated the law and those who have no money to pay off from investigators, cooked up charges them others. Rich men - murderers sit not in prisons, and in parliamentary and ministerial chairs …

Recently I contacted Skype Vitya. Bragged of the smart lower jaw which to me free of charge on implants was delivered on the stock of association privately - the practicing stomatologists of Ukraine headed by Miron Ugrin. The first time it envied me. They have a free medicine, but in policlinics of turn and it treats teeth at privatnik. They tear off money, and here quality …

it and does not dream Of implantation of teeth. However, it is quite happy with removable artificial limbs which to it were delivered about 20 years ago by famous Varesa Victor Yartsev`s pupil. They have no Yartsev now. Enticed to England. There earnings are 10 times higher, and it is not enough stomatologists of such level. So Vitya envied me. However, for nothing envied. When you change teeth of the lower jaw, there is a need the same to make also with the top jaw. There Varesa delivered me bridges 33 years ago. Put after I refused its removable artificial limb of the top jaw. Diction changed and it became a shame to give lectures. Here also asked to put stationary artificial limbs … put

With abuse. Said that breaks all canons of science - it is impossible to put the bridge in the absence of 5 teeth in a row. But put. It was in 1988. The bridge costs and now. Would stay to death if not the new lower artificial limb …

Went to the stomatologist who is considered as one of the best in the city. He examined teeth, twisted panoramic rentgensnimok and asked to give him month on searches of the technician who will be able to repeat Varesa. There passed month. I come to it. Sadly speaks, did not find. There are no technicians working with usual artificial limbs. All passed to metal ceramics. It is simpler and easier to work with it, and payment three times higher.

Advised if there are acquaintances in Belarus - to go there. There still work at damask steel with a plastic covering. It can only prepare teeth for prosthetics and make a good mold. For such artificial limbs we have no technicians any more.

And this pushed me on reflections.

I understand that our power is not the power, but concourse of greedy jerks, only and thinking how to fill the pocket the. And at such power in the country there are doctors who are carrying out actions of free implantation without receiving on it kopeks of the state money. At own expense everything is done. I watched the account and an implantation card. Ugrin laid out 21 555 hryvnias! Most of all there are implants and a ceramic-metal artificial limb. On the one hand devotees are the stomatologists spending own money for return of a smile to veterans, and on the other hand “progress“ in prosthetics when instead of usual, cheap, bridges put very expensive ceramic-metal. Besides metal ceramics demands bigger turning of tooth and is not applicable at absence in a tooth alignment of in a row 3 and more teeth! 33 years ago the fixed artificial limb delivered to me Varesa. Now nobody is able to do it. Progress in stomatology same as progress in our life …

to receive and razokrast the next tranche of the IMF, our parliamentary livestock adopted the tax code which threw out hundreds of thousands working for uproshchenets on the street. And then they were finished the new pension legislation and finally finished the new housing code. To pension to these, thrown out from work not to live. Besides and the housing which is standing up for one hundred thousands at them can select for a mythical debt in ten thousand now. And nobody renders of utilities to us, and money tears off. Most of all leaves on payment of heat. But we receive heat from combined heat and power plant where hot water is utilized after developed electricity. So not gas is spent for providing heat to us, and the electric power (which we already wholly paid) on pumping of this hot water from combined heat and power plant to us. At the same time to us repeat that heathighways did not repair half a century that Heatpower, providing us with heat and ZhEKs - bankrupts. Also there is a question - depreciation expenses (funds for maintenance, that is repair) which we always regularly pay enter all tariffs. So why nobody repaired 20 years anything? And in general, if to count, then annually ZHEKAM we pay the milliard sums, at the same time about any repairs of houses of Zhekami did not even hear. Where these billions left? How, receiving our milliard payments which anything are not doing ZhEKs became bankrupts?

I lifted this problem in Skype - conversation with Vitya. He so understood nothing. Yes, they have the strongest crisis now. Gasoline, the food, heat rose in price. Began to pay for a communal flat a little more. But he did not feel it. On how many expenditure increased at it, on also the pension as much increased. My expenditure increased by 200 - 300 hryvnias, and pension for 4 hryvnias! At the same time the power brags of the fact that having suspended the disorder of the industry which occurred at the previous power it could raise a standard of living of the population significantly. What population? Parliamentary livestock? Ministerial bureaucrats of the highest rank? The selling judges and prosecutors both who were so receiving transcendental salaries and using privileges on a communal flat?

Personally deputies took away the surcharge provided by the Law from me to “Children of war“, and it is about 2000 gr. year and, having taken everyone on 70 000 gr. financial support and a vacation pay, left on rest to America. But I know now that pension at me 1185 hryvnias. Before I did not know how many I receive, monthly the bank removes from my card 460 - 620 hryvnias of payment to ZhEK (I have a three-room apartment and in it the sons who are working in Kiev and not having an opportunity there to be registered are registered). At what what it is services, I do not know. Three years ago I filed a lawsuit against ZhEK with the requirement to sign with me the contract for service with the indication of those services which are provided really. The claim got to the judge of Sykhovsky district court Nadezhda Kraynik who before it rejected my claim to the Pension fund which added to me in 2004 scientific pension in 94 hryvnias the 20th cop! (the minimalka at that time was 167 hryvnias). You think, she forced ZhEK to sign the contract with me? How so. She filed a lawsuit against me for the insult of her honor and dignity of the judge expressed that I made this photo by consideration of my claim by it... radikal. ru/i149/1107/4b/def6e0ea124f. jpg.

In Belarus crisis. At us, the power repeats that it in Ukraine ended. Why my friend during crisis in Belarus lives better, and, above all, I living in Ukraine which won crisis am surer in tomorrow, than?

Here the prime minister repeats that bread will not rise in price in the price. A month ago the brick of Carpathian gray bread cost 3. 60 UAH, and today 4. 75 gr. So what is cost by words of the prime minister? Also it is not necessary to refer to a gas rise in price from - for enslaving the gas contract of Tymoshenko. Since Kuchma my friend the director of the Heatcenter Alexander Ekimovskikh tries to introduce in production the cheap nozzles on the gas torches saving 30% of gas. Was on reception at all prime ministers - from Yanukovych to Azarov. All promised support. Only promised and promise. And application of its torches could also prevent a rise in price of products and other goods by which production gas is spent!

Reforms have to lift economy, increase labor productivity. And in practice. Grain began to go in for animal husbandry, to grow up unprofitable. We already buy sugar from Belarus which had once only 4 sugar plants on 194 sakhzavod of Ukraine! My Chernihiv relatives on days off, and pensioners and on weekdays, go behind products to the next Belarusian Gomel. There sausages and molokoprodukta from natural meat and milk about which our plants already forgot.

Both at us, and in Belarus identical elections without the choice. But them, Batska damned by our authorities, with his dictatorial manners, works for the people and for whom our power works?

Belarus stiffened in the development. Remained an island of the Soviet power in the world of a profit. We carry out reforms. At us in parliament and the government entirely doctors and candidates of science. We have a progress. But to what will lead such progress?

To. so-called Vladimir Sirotenko (Verbitsky)

In that Life, in that Country - the leading expert in area of a waste-free selzozpererabotka. In this is the pensioner - not consumer.

I have 15 copyright certificates of the USSR on the invention and more than 500 articles on agricultural processing. Published the books in the USA: “Unfamiliar Taras Shevchenko and his sworn brothers - aristocrats“ ID 10409859 ISBN 978 - 1 - 4475 - 6293 - 1 “Are forgotten names“ by ID 10642137 ISBN 978 - 1 - 4477 - 0682 - 3 “Legendary drinks of our ancestors“ (about legendary the poet Victor Zabile and a compounding of his 1000 drinks, here gorilkas to kvass) ID 100994125 ISBN 978 - 1 - 4475 - 3074 - 9. In Russia “Living creatures for your farmstead“ of UDK631. 22. 015:636. 084

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