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Pedophilia. To treat or castrate?

The other day read opinion of the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation Zurab Kekelidze on compulsory castration of pedophiles in mass media. Doctor Kekelidze considers that chemical castration can be applied when the pedophile of it wants. He considers also that pedophiles should be treated and at education of children and teenagers not to be afraid to say that if they have pedofilsky bents, it is necessary to see a doctor.

When most of people consider that the pedophilia is only dissoluteness, the statement of the chief psychiatrist that the pedophilia as an illness is treated, is very important sign for mass media in order that not only to brand this phenomenon and to speak about it only due to the need of toughening of punishments. The opinion of the expert that pedophilia, first of all, - an illness with which it is difficult to cope to the pedophile is important. And, as any illness, pedophilia has to be treated. And as socially dangerous pedophilia has to be treated with observance of special rules and requirements.

However very few people think of whether there are experts ready to treat them. And where the pedophile can find information on an opportunity to overcome the criminal passion? And how to organize scheduled maintenance inclined to pedophilia could ask voluntarily for the help experts to recover? And whether there are experts who in prisons and colonies would be engaged in rehabilitation of pedophiles who already committed a crime?

Today not only pedophiles are afraid to reveal before experts about the problem, but also psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, psychiatrists are afraid to deal with such contingent. Asked many psychotherapists a question of that more than once, they would cure pedophilia. Often the answer was positive: “Yes, it is possible, but which of pedophiles will come voluntarily to be treated? And in general, it is dangerous why to us this excess headache that we, lack patients?“

As number of victims of actions of pedophiles grows (on the account of each pedophile tens, and even hundreds of victims), the problem becomes more and more socially sharp. All society, the state because only retaliatory bodies are not able to solve this problem with our imperfect laws today has to attend to it. The laws considering modern realities, possibilities of prevention and treatment of pedophilia are necessary. Laws, not only providing severe punishment for committed a crime, but also for refused modern methods of treatment. It is time to define legislatively need of creation of system of postprison control and supervision over those who were condemned for pedophilia.

The harsh realities of life are that, unfortunately, the pedophilia is not treated by punishment, even the most severe. In this regard the problem of pedophilia cannot but become, except legal and retaliatory, a problem of the organization of medical and psychological assistance on a new legal basis. If the pedophilia is result of mental disorders, then such patient for safety of society has to be in psychiatric hospitals for life. If the pedophile is mentally healthy in everything, except uncontrollable sexual desire to children, then he has to receive necessary psychotherapeutic and drug treatment at the most modern level.

For society it is important to create necessary conditions for identification inclined to pedophilia and treatments of pedophilia that the patient could quietly, without fear of publicity to address experts: to psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, psychiatrists. It is better to create all conditions for preventive treatment of those who are inclined to uncontrollable by will to sexual desire to children, than to wait until they for years secretly corrupt and cripple lives of tens and hundreds of children. - over the country it is not easier than criminals for thousands of the victims of pedophiles that sometime, perhaps, will be punished - and whether will be? - their tyrants and razvratitel.