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“The first avenger“: Adolf Hitler and the man in body stockings?

the Sonny, you want to kill nazis? And to thrust to Hitler pineapple on the tomatoes? Well, if doubts into the account of these light ideas did not visit you, safely join the ranks of the Hollywood actors, and you will be able to embody the most courageous dreams.

... After Pearl - Harbora America was forced to enter World War II. Gallant American guys a close formation stretched on collection points for volunteers. It is not lucky only the whippet Steve Rogers at whom in the list of diseases is not present unless a patrimonial fever. But the kid is strong in spirit also the aspiration to get on the front. In this hard hour to it the meeting with the fan of schnapps doctor Erskine, the runaway scientist from a camp of fascists is prepared. By means of serum and the word essential Erskine promises the sickly fellow to turn that into the superman with steel muscles. Steve, by itself, not against transformation. His girls do not love and bothered to receive punches in a gate to it for a long time.

Meanwhile in far Norway the nazi degenerate Johann Schmidt selects at local population a powerful artifact in the form of the shining blue cube - a rubik. Having been unable to estimate a puzzle plan, Schmidt famous to friends under the nickname of “Red Skull“ for characteristic appearance of the leader of red-skinned, orders to the pocket scientist, doctor Zola, to invent the blaster. Now, when in hands of the main follower of occult deviations Hitler there is a weapon from “Star wars“, he is ready to decide destiny of war and mankind together.

While Schmidt, in a burgher manner peculiar to it, methodically produces plants with cheap labor, the newborn superhero Steve Rogers to whom from an easy hand of mass media the nickname “Captain America“ clung, having put on body stockings and a mask, strenuously advertizes pleasures of internal war. It is loved by children, old women and senators, but despise those to whom Steve so wanted to be pleasant - girls and soldiers. The body stockings become covered by bubbles, zvezdno - a striped board - rotten tomatoes, and powerful force stands idle in inaction. Rogers in a depression, nazis - in Europe, and the Red Skull continues to cherish the global aggressive plans.

At this fatal moment the nice agentessa of Peggy persuades Steve to make couple of heroic exploits. Like, will be enough to beat a muzzle to Hitler on a scene, it is time to polish a red ugly face of Schmidt actually. The captain America - a terrible animal therefore a rifle it will not be given, but will sew a new suit and will cast a new board, and also will allow to make team of morons which have nothing to be proud, okromya the origin. Not to be confused in unfamiliar ugly faces, was decided to take on a dangerous task of the Irish, Japanese, Black and Frenchman. The group is completed, mission is clear, and the captain America goes to wet fascists and to save America from expansion of Mercedes and the Bavarian sausages … Nobody waits for

from the screen version of comics of a flight of fancy. If only did not spoil. Clear business, in a genre of the drawn pictures with signatures is the masterpieces and outsiders, and even the Marvel company, having many unambiguously recognizable characters in the asset, is not always successful in this field. America is not lucky the captain with cinema, and appearance of “The first avenger“ could not disprove this fact.

It is asked what fool (without being an employee of Universal studio, I can put a question point-blank) charged the screen version of the cult comic book to the director Joe Johnston, the director of the failure comic book “Rocketeer“ (1991), the favourite of children of babyhood (“Darling I reduced children“ and “Jumanji“), to the author of dreadful melancholy “The Wolfman“ and the weakest movie in the trilogy “Jurassic Park“? Yes, in an asset of Johnston there is a successful psychological drama “October Sky“, but whether it can excuse for a budget cut in 140 million? Dry figures of a box office demonstrate what is not present.

Many abused the recent superheroic picture “Green Lamp“ for childishness and primitivism. Friends, then it is logical to assume that “The first avenger“ should be shown on sessions in maternity hospitals. Because below a level on age just does not exist.

To the shame, I am not familiar with the literary original which, by the way, for the first time was issued in March, 1941. I will tell in confidence, I at all never held the comic book in hand. Neither it, nor any another. But I suspect that the character recognized according to corporation of entertainments of IGN as the sixth in the list of superheroes of all times deserves the best relation. The hero, whose adventures were sold out in circulation in more than two hundred million copies in 75 countries of the world, would be disappointed by with what negligence treated him in the movie “First Avenger“.

The tape as though breaks up to two unequal parts. The first, telling about the good guy Steve Rogers before he turned into the glossy Captain America, is quite watchable and is even amusing. Separate thanks to experts in the visual effects which sewed to the pumped-over Chris Evans a body of the chicken who died a natural death. His character is so artless and shy that all other heroes incessantly exercise the sense of humour concerning the fellow`s constitution. And, has to tell, some jokes are even successful. Especially those that proceed from lips of the colonel Phillips performed by Tommy Lee Jones.

And then Rogers becomes a heap of muscles, and together with this transformation the self-irony and style disappears from a picture, giving way to the crackling cardboard, star wars, muffled shooter games in the wood, the Latin American sufferings and tons of wildly inappropriate pathos with which all this bacchanalia is filled in from above, like ice cream with jam.

Thirty years ago Johnston received the Oscar for creation of visual effects to Spielberg`s masterpiece “In search of the lost ark“. Since then not only a lot of water, but also ninety percent of talent of the director flowed away. Battle scenes of “The first avenger“ would make cash desk in some fighter with Steven Seagal`s participation, but it is about the full summer blockbuster! Special effects - continuous disappointment and frankly smell slightly of inept digital processing.

Verdict: good actors dance under a pipe of an uncertain dudochnik. Professionals Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving fully work the fees, as well as magnificent Stanley Tucci who will be remembered to the viewer in an image of the scientist - the immigrant. Chris “Soldat, ne znayushchy slov lyubvi“ Evans completely repeated the image from an unsuccessful dilogy “The fantastic four“ and by right deserved those rotten tomatoes which in it soldiers of active armed forces threw. Under the same plinth we will push also Hailey Etvell which in addition suffered from the Russian dubbing-in (thanks we will tell Anastasia Nesterenko by whose voice it is possible to declare stations in the subway, but in any way not to sound cinema).

As a result we hold a half-dead product and innocently restrained superhero whose destiny will finally be decided in 2012 when in the battlefield there is a national team of superheroes of Marvel under the leadership of Joss Whedon. The speech about the blockbuster “Avengers“ uniting in itself several characters of the Universe of Marvel where, besides the Captain of America, also enter Iron Man, Torahs and Hulk.