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Tincture, it is smooth and lakovo glaring blue, in combination with a root of onyx gave unexpected yellowish outflow. Having measured a necessary portion of white powder on thin and graceful scales, the alchemist took a silver rake and poured the calculated dose into a tolstopuzy flask where added solution of the vitriol which flashed malachite greens then added initial solution. Mix immediately played zolotisto as if admiring itself; and thin tongues of flame expected already, dancing, sweet and nice work. The white smoke shrouded sloisto laboratory. The alchemist sneezed, having removed points, wiped eyes, and, confident in the next failure, began to be tidied up not hastily.

With thick volume an armpit, posverkivy bezopravny ochyochka, came downstairs he is an acquaintance very much, - when suddenly became a rough ladder from a rough stone, deafened by a tarakhtenye of the unknown unit - that, growling, a fyrcha, posverkivy a round tsiklopy eye rushed by, and the horseman on it turned back for an instant with astonishment. Iron dragon? - the alchemist thought, - it is right, went too far with an alpha - a beta of a kranavius It went down the street, shipped in calculations, and the figures flashing in a brain did not allow to see the changed city landscapes.

- Well and a scarecrow! - suddenly he heard; a vice of formulas in his consciousness was unclenched, and as if coming up from a reservoir of mental works, he saw a flock of young people, one of whom pointed a finger at it - the court alchemist prince Rudolph but in what they are dressed - these young people! - what for the tight trousers from rough, bluish fabric besides cut on a lap? What for wild loose overalls? And they are these guys - let out a smoke, taking out thin, white sticks from a mouth Horror the screw rolled

in an exact and thin brain of the alchemist; the imperious, shaggy hand twisted it deeper and more deeply in is gray - amber flesh of a brain, - when the scientist uvidat houses: the smooth, very tall houses playing and glaring continuous glass, going to the sky staknuty with clouds - and by him who learned chasms flew, roaring, iron carts: the carts covered, fast, without the horses harnessed in them. And instead of a habitual stone blocks under legs there was a gray smooth surface of the street - the street covered with unknown, firm, flat structure...

an onyx Root at this moment was dismissed a fancy chimera, turning into the prince of Peace of substances, being poured by new properties, a bryzzha golden stars of laughter