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You want to be beautiful? And what for?

Here will become I the beauty harmonous yes long-legged...

I will meet the prince charming. He will fall in love with me at first sight. We will get married. And I exist the happiest woman. I will give birth to it a heap of children (or at first one, and there we will look). And we will live long and happily. to

such thoughts Are familiar to you?

Why beauty is necessary for most of women as the main condition of success finally? Really beauty - pledge of happy family life? And somebody reflected what occurs after a marriage?

Perhaps you want to glance on weekdays the beautiful woman and to consider closer her problems?

From the diary

Monday . Again houses scandal. The husband is jealous of the neighbor. Well, I cannot prove that I did not even look in its party. Neighbors already whisper behind the back. And one “dobrozhelatelnitsa“ managed to whisper on an ear that I am a traitress. I never changed and I will not be! I love the husband. Again Tuesday does not trust … to

. Well though in a burqa put on, and the chief will fix the eyes all the same from top to bottom. Even on meter I will not approach it. Also it is not necessary to call me on the dacha reports to discuss. I am married!

Wednesday. Again colleagues - women envy, looking at my new suit. Well, I am not guilty that at them the figure does not allow to carry same. Why to me from - for it to spoil life? I to them do not spoil it. Expressly ignore, even “hello“ do not want to tell. Well, and God with you.

Thursday . Again the boor on the street stuck. Give a phone number, and that I will not lag behind. And though militia call. Well, from where they undertake on my head?

Friday. Tooth ached just awfully. Went to the stomatologist. Oh, has also been through a lot! Whole an hour and a half held, a reptile. In cut of a blouse all could not see enough. Just there was a wish to rise and leave. But he all - sealed up tooth. Though on that thanks.

Saturday. Thought, I will have a rest. Aha. To friends of the husband went to the next birthday. Wives as agreed: on me furious views are thrown, the men are protected from me, as from leprosy. Mine got drunk again, it was necessary to drag home on itself.

Sunday. At the husband a hangover. I have almost nervous breakdown. When to me allow to have a rest? I am not iron. I do not want constantly from all to be protected and to send all. I want to live just quietly.

... As you can see, problems are even at beautiful women. And appearance not only does not solve many of them, but also aggravates.

And all of us should solve constantly problems internal and interpersonal. And appearance plays practically the last role here.

Be you though the most beautiful though the most ordinary appearance, the main thing - as you feel as you present as you communicate with people.

Whether it is so important to be the beauty? Perhaps the truth is told by a proverb: “Beauty is not happiness“? In the personal relations internal beauty is appreciated much more expensively, than external.

Whether costs all the efforts to direct to the embodiment of the Hollywood standards in own image? Much more usefully, having read a two-three of useful books, to get rid of excess complexes, to develop actively the personality and grow professionally.

You look, there and the reflection in a mirror will be pleasant much more. And it will become soon simpler and easier to live when inside harmony and self-confidence sets in.