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What so irritates women in men?

If irritate men in women such factors how a constant control, calls, tears, excessive garrulity and everyone “mus - pus“, what is not pleasant to women in men?

For what behavior of the woman wait from the stronger sex? And what irritating factors are available in men? Now we will list:

1. Indecent behavior

you are familiar to

recently, you began a torrid love affair. And here the man begins to be enough you for different “female delights“, and does it in public places and does not hesitate even of presence of your parents or friends. And you the modest girl also consider such frank manifestation of intimate feelings offensive.

2. Excessive frankness

It can begin to tell

to the friends and parents about any your female features and sometimes releases unflattering remarks in your address. And you exclaim mentally (and sometimes and aloud): “What the hell you tell it to them?“

A happen still very “autobiographical“ men, they like to impart the life experience with the companions and often tell them everything about the former girlfriends with intimate details. It is unclear, why they need it? Perhaps for satisfaction of own vanity?

If we, women, began to list merits and demerits of all the former lovers too, it would be unpleasant to man to listen to this music precisely.

3. Friendship with being

your man left the first love a few years ago, but for some reason continues to be on friendly terms with it. And not just to be on friendly terms, and it is ready to participate in her life: to listen to its complaints, to help it with difficult life situations. “Still! We are not foreign people!“ - he declares.

“And I then to you who?“ - blows up in reply to his new girlfriend. On the other hand, too strains men when women leave the former men as friends of the family. Perhaps, it is better to leave the past in the past and to live only in the present the relations?


All women subconsciously look for lightness of intentions in the man of the husband and the father of future children, it is an instinct, and it is silly and dangerous to expostulate them on it. Therefore many ladies are irritated by indistinctness of men, their unavailability to the serious relations, to creation of a family and education of children.

Men, if you did not ripen for such resolute acts, then do not take for a ride to the blessed - you will be healthier. Otherwise to you will take out a brain at full scale: to try to change you and to teach correct (from the point of view of the woman) to vital values.

5. Detoboyazn

the Man`s fear of small children can be in the woman only surprising. For it everything is all right things. And for the man children are such small monsters to which it is not absolutely clear how it is correctly necessary to belong. And he tries to withdraw from educational process at a stage of formation of a germ of the child.

6. Sexual egoism

In other words, inability, unwillingness and inability to satisfy the beloved in a bed, to help it to reach peak of sexual pleasure. One of the reasons for which women do not love morning sex on weekdays is an impossibility of a female organism to be excited quickly after a long dream, to relax and to completely be given to feelings.

Still! The female brain is occupied with uncountable cares in the mornings: “It is necessary to rise! Already?! It is necessary to make a breakfast, to iron shirt to the husband, to bring together the child in school, and I have nothing to put on again today …“

Well and what can be sex in such tension? Even if she also agrees not to offend the man, then feels from it “sprint running“ unsatisfied and broken at the beginning of day.

And the man seldom thinks that for the woman it is also necessary to reach an orgasm during sex, as well as to the man to eyakulirovat. From - for defective sexual life many scandals and quarrels begin, it leads to various diseases.

If the man waits“ the woman and will help it to reach the maximum emotional explosion in sex, then after such night the woman is ready to forgive a lot of things.

7. To Skryazhnichestvo

was told Once by Mayakovsky: “You know, everyone pays for the woman. Nothing if so far Instead of chic of the Parisian dresses I Dress you in a tobacco smoke?“

Yes, women are very wasteful: they have a full case of clothes, footwear, cosmetics, costume jewelry, perfumery, and to them all is not enough. No, women not insatiable beings who want more and more just in them sense of beauty is very strongly developed.

We do not like to wear worn clothes, we want to look always fashionable and fresh. Yes, to dress the woman - it is difficult for other man.

Sincerely offends many women when their partner cannot or does not want to buy them something, some in this case are capable even suit a hysterics in public. Therefore it is worth or agreeing accurately with the beloved when and that you will buy or give her, or to find more modest companion of life.

8. “Mother“ - perception

In spite of the fact that at women the maternal instinct is very developed, they do not like “to serve“ the infantile men not capable of. Therefore if in the beginning many women also agree to undertake all economy, then over time all of them equally begin to be indignant and reproach men with laziness and unwillingness something to do on the house.

Therefore be not surprised, men if on your head the hail of reproaches pours from time to time on the fact that the carpet is not shaken out, the nail in the right place is not beaten, knives are not ground … by

Still us, women, the pose of a bigger yellow-beaked baby bird who waits hungry for “wet nurse“ from work in the evening irritates instead of getting from the refrigerator a saucepan with soup or to weld to itself pelmeni.

It is possible to add to all above-mentioned still the factors irritating women:

- criticism of appearance;

- inability to estimate culinary masterpieces;

- comparison with other women, including with the close relatives;

- allocation of too small share of your time by it and attention;

- unwillingness to have a heart-to-heart talk;

- inability to estimate a rich inner world and depths of sincere nature.

In a word, dear men, I only warned you about “dangers“ which can threaten you.

It is possible to look for, of course, all life the ideal woman, here it is only necessary to live often all - with real people, and any fairy tales!