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The Colorado beetle of

Use of toxic chemicals in the presence of other less harmful methods, on small sites - a shame and weakness of the person.

Highly moral, philanthropic people avoid use of toxic chemicals on the allotment at a possibility of different ways not to endanger that who works at the next sites.

A lot of things is not studied by the person yet and it is unknown use of toxic chemicals is so life-threatening.

the Mechanical way of fight against the Colorado beetle at the correct and his reasonable carrying out - is quite simple and easy.

at the correct carrying out a mechanical way of fight - the number of the Colorado beetle decreases Every year.

the Colorado beetle after shoots and before maturing of potatoes remains, as a rule, on the old land plot and migrates on the next sites only at full eating of a forage on the.

is Enough two days that the Colorado beetle significantly damaged potatoes plantation.

Survey of potatoes at any method of fight is necessary daily.

At a mechanical way everything is survey and fight against the Colorado beetle twice a day is desirable. it is better for

to carry out Survey and fight against the Colorado beetle in the morning with occurrence of heat and in the evening before sunset.

of the Bug should be looked for first of all on leaves and on the Earth`s surface at a stalk.

At gathering of a bug should consider that more often on a bush it is not one and existence of a yaytsekladka is more probable on it and nearby bushes. Yaytsekladk`s

is possible not only on potatoes, but also on weeds therefore it is expedient to combat weeds on this zone of the land plot more effectively. to Yaytsekladk the bug tries to postpone

on younger bushes and leaves of potatoes that does more preferable its early landings.

For fight against the yaytsekladka demanding more careful survey of a bush is expedient to break potatoes plantation approximately into five equal parts and to examine in day on one of them.

In cold spring at early landings of potatoes a bug leaves the earth when sheet weight is already rough - that considerably improves conditions of fight against it.

After the termination of frosts when there come only frosts and the earth does not manage to freeze through potatoes it is possible to put safely, the earth heats it, and in case of death of leaves due to reproduction by tubers in which a lot of food he with ease throws out all new escapes.

of the Larva appeared from passed at surveys a yaytsekladok it is necessary to manage to delete to their spread.

In several years of fight when the bug becomes less and in successful years a phase of fight against a yaytsekladka is possible without special losses and at all to pass.

the Mechanical way of fight against the Colorado beetle allows to make protection of each bush separately at any time of the vegetative period of potatoes that allows to keep up to 95% of sheet weight.

, as a rule, carry out Chemical processing of potatoes from the Colorado beetle when it is demanded by the majority of bushes and the considerable part of sheet weight is already struck.

during preparation for chemical processing of potatoes from the Colorado beetle even if it is estimated for hours - occurs considerable loss of sheet weight.

due to increase of productivity of potatoes at a mechanical way of fight against the Colorado beetle can reduce his acreage that saves the earth and reduces service and costs of cleaning.

Chemical processing of potatoes from the Colorado beetle unlike a mechanical method do not allow to apply the ripening potatoes already suitable for food within several days after processing.

Avoidance of chemical processings allows to breed the insect destroying larvae and eggs of the Colorado beetle and they on the land plot become more and more every year.

is not desirable to touch eggs, larvae and the most Colorado beetle with skin of hands and other parts of a body.

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the Book and draft copies can be read on the author`s website