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Live - dancing!

That can be finer, than perfect possession of the body, wonderful music and the inspiration creating a set of positive emotions.

From all the hobbies existing nowadays dances - perhaps, the most perfect occupation minutes of rest. And really: You develop the body, learn to move gracefully, get acquainted with the best dancing styles; and the main thing - you open for yourself new fine reality which will eclipse both your monotonous everyday life, and minor daily problems.

the Set of the directions of dance is available to studying now. On what you stop? the Jazz - a modernist style

If you are uncommon ru/grandtanec_napravlenia

and are eager to express the relation to the world surrounding you by means of the movement …

If your soul wants to fill the heard music with the movement, plasticity, beauty …

If you consider that the main thing in dance - possession of the body …

If you dream to learn to move the same as actors of sensational musicals on the Broadway or valued the whole world of ballets of M. Bejart …

your elements - the jazz - a modernist style!

Unusual beauty the dancing direction shakes it by the sincerity and the seeming simplicity.

the Main complexity in the jazz - a modernist style - and is equal also the most interesting in its development - consists that it in many respects resists to laws of classical choreography, at the same time being its logical continuation!

BUT it at all not denial, and just option! Violating rules of terrestrial gravitation that is possible only in the jazz - a modernist style, we comprehend laws of classical dance. Not without reason the most great ballerinas of the world did not shun to do original turns in this style - we will remember Maya Plisetskaya!

Roots of this direction should be looked for in dancing culture Afro-Americans. The improvisation put in the nature Afro-the jazz, receives in the jazz - a modernist style the logical continuation and reaches a certain round of historical development.

the Clearness of lines, completeness of movements which are not denying at the same time smoothness of an overflowing of poses from one in another. Fancifulness and somewhat “cosmism“ of choreographic decisions reflect a musical plan - after music, the body sensitively repeats its whimsical drawing!

in dance is paid to search of balance and use of a body for creation of a form in space much attention.

The major feature the jazz - dance - improvisation. It helps the dancer to reflect those changes which happen in world around (esthetic and social). Distinctive features the jazz - dance are also sensuality, emotionality. The soul in the jazz - dance lives together with a body, in one rhythm, a spirit...

Blues jazz - the slow, sensual and emotional dance executed under blues music. In the blues - the jazz dance the loneliness, grief, melancholy, suffering, anger and pleasure, also as well as love, passion - any experiences out of all range of human feelings and emotions can be expressed. An expression - very important factor in the jazz - dance. Music is expressed through the drama grandiose movements.

The modern jazz - dance offers unlimited opportunities, demanding from performers of creativity and identity. Someone wants to have a good time, someone seeks to give mysterious, incomprehensible vital peripetias, the third are carried away by the pure movement, composition, a rhythm....

The jazz - a modernist style

the Jazz - a modernist style - a basis of variety dance. The modernist style originates in classical choreography, all attention in is mute - on search of balance and use of a body for creation of a form in space.

The jazz - dance Africans and Afro-Americans are considered as creators. Improvisation is put in the nature Afro-the jazz by means of which the person expresses the emotions and mood. The movements are accurate, finished. The body sensitively repeats whimsical drawing of music! The emphasis of a step is placed not on pushing away as in ballet jumps - on the contrary, the impulse of the movement is directed to the earth.

The blues - the jazz dance - more plastic version of the jazz keeping an accurate rhythm. Bright feature of jazz dance - independence of parts of a body from each other at which they move everyone on the trajectory. Parts of a body are prepared so that can move not only separately, but also is opposite.

Today`s jazz - dance is rigid rhythms, an emotional pressure, even some aggression. At it there are elements hip - a hopa, a break, a rap, funk. Dancing figures combine the difficult transfers of hands and the intricate movements of a body which are keeping within an intensive rhythm of music. The broken movements, asymmetric figures, effective throws on a floor - dance depends on music and the imagination of the choreographer.

History the jazz - the dance

Jazz Dance appeared Africa. The African culture gradually connected to the European tradition. Especially intensively occurred at the beginning of the 20th century. People uvlyokatsya such musically - the dancing directions as reg, a Charleston. The jazz affected many spheres of the modern art. The African interior of the jazz especially came to light in popular music and dance, thoroughly transformed by the American show - business, at the beginning of the century. Professional studying of the jazz, bases the jazz - dance began in 40 - e. Outstanding actors of this generation were Jacques to Kolya (Jack Cole), Katharine Dankham (Katherine DUNHAM), Pearl Primus (Pearl PRIMUS).

Jack Cole which got an education a modernist style - the dancer, developed jazz styles, emphasized isolation of the equipment which is strictly based on black and oriental dancing traditions. Katharine Dankham and Pearl Primus included black original ethnic subjects in the choreography. They inspired and stimulated development black American a modernist style - dancers in 40kh for

Names of the performers working with Kolya, Dankham, Primus, we see among those dancers and choreographers who achieved outstanding results. This is Mat Mettoks (Matt Mattox), Gwen Verdon (Gwen Verdon), Carol Hayney, George and Effil Martin, BAZ Miller, Talli Britti (Talley BEATTY)...

After the II world war active approach of the jazz to the European continent began. The particular interest to the jazz - to dance was warmed up by numerous musical movies, the grandiose success of “Vestsaydsky history“ (Westside story) became top of similar public interest. The jazz - dance of America achieved impressive progress - the dancing troupe of Alvin Ailey acquainted the audience with wealth Afro-the American traditions and with those highest results which they achieved, having organically united the ballet, the jazz and ethnic dance.

The movements the jazz - dance goes through use of various material forward: ethnic dance, ballet, step, and also street styles. The modern jazz - dance destroys borders between them, connecting together all styles, forms, the directions.