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And you know how it is correct to set hair?

Modern methods of laying allow to give to hair practically any form. But, however many was in the world of hairdresses, any of them can be carried to one of four types: forward, to the return, concentrated or atsentralny.

Classification of hairdresses

hair from temporal and occipital areas stack

In hairdresses of forward type on parietal area in the direction of the person. If hair are rather long to cover a cinciput, then such hairdress is quite effective.

If hair from forward part of the head and temples are combed back, call such hairdress a hairdress of the return type. As in such hairdresses length of hair can be various, and it is not necessary to monitor carefully laying, this type of hairdresses is applied most often.

Unlike a hairdress of forward type in the concentrated hairdress hair comb not forward, and up, to the top. The hairdress of this kind can be executed, only if nape hair have sufficient length.

Atsentralnye, or as they are called still, the falling hairdresses, are very popular in view of their simplicity too. In what direction hair grow in this hairdress, in volume and comb them. In a hairdress of this kind hair can be any length, except a bang. Otherwise she will just cover the face.

Types of laying

can Finish a hairdress in various ways. There are several ways of hair dressing:

cold laying by fingers by means of a hairbrush and laying with the help hair curlers;

air laying by means of a brush and the hair dryer;

hot laying by nippers;

the combined laying in various ways.

Cold hair dressing by a hairbrush and fingers

Undoubtedly, is the most ancient way of laying. It does not injure hair. But allows to change width and depth of waves randomly.

Hair dressing with the help Laying with the help hair curlers recommend hair curlers to

when hair quickly absorb moisture and quickly dry, and also if they are pliable.

The hair set with the help hair curlers keep a form much longer, than when using the hair dryer.

Hair dressing by a brush and a hairdrier

Thanks to drying of hair a hairdrier, roots of hair become straight, and hair can be set a brush in the desirable directions. The hairdress remains several days.

If when drying hair to direct a current of air from the hair dryer at first from below up, and then from top to down, then hair will become more magnificent.

After washing of the head set slightly dried up hair in the usual hairdress. It will allow to facilitate significantly their laying next day.

Laying by nippers

Professional hairdressers often use heated nippers for work with hair. Thanks to nippers they can apply corrugated drawing on locks of hair or level hair.

However frequent use of hot laying can do to hair harm.

A thermal wave

the Permanent wave, or a thermal wave, it is possible to do, only if there is a special equipment allowing to maintain the exact temperature of heating of hair.

Depending on a source of temperature distinguish two ways of a thermal wave: steam and electric.

The backcombing

Is two more operations which can be referred to ways of hair dressing - a backcombing and a tupirovaniye. Both that, and another operations is the beating of hair in a lock which is carried out by means of a hairbrush. Only at a backcombing hair are densely shaken up both with internal, and with external the parties of a lock while at a tupirovaniye - only from the inside.

The main ways of hair dressing are that. Now, knowing them, you can create to yourself a desirable hairdress. Good luck!