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Ultrasonography during pregnancy - harm or advantage?

of Tear of joy and this improbable feeling seizing each woman at long-awaited and desired pregnancy are replaced by alarms and fears.

Whether everything is normal with the kid as there takes place process of its growth and development whether there are no deviations... On all these and other questions to us ultrasonic research (ultrasonography) helps to find answers. Ultrasonography gives us pleasure to see the kid till his birth. What this happiness - to see how this little man in you smiles or yawns.

In spite of the fact that the ultrasound was open not much later, than a x-ray beam, began to apply it in large quantities quite recently. However already in short terms this procedure became obligatory in many medical institutions.

The principle of its work is as follows: the image which we see on the monitor, lying in a chair at the doctor, there is no other than the signal reflected from body tissues. The sensor which the doctor installs on a stomach of the pregnant woman publishes sound waves. It is impossible to hear them, of course, but these sound vibrations, being reflected from parts of a body with a different speed, allow us to see the image of the little peanut on the screen.

So, ultrasonography is irreplaceable procedure at identification of such problems as extra-uterine pregnancy, threat of an abortion, deviation in development of the child (fie - fie) and is a lot more what.

Let`s consider the main pluses ultrasonic research.

1. First of all, ultrasonography can confirm pregnancy on early terms.

2. After the sixth week you can recognize the number of the children born by you. (That the triplets did not become suddenly a surprise for the father.)

3. to Define date of conception and, respectively, a term of pregnancy.

4. On early terms to diagnose extra-uterine pregnancy and to avoid operation.

5. an Opportunity to reveal serious illnesses of a fruit, for example a Down syndrome, and to make the correct decision on destiny of pregnancy. It is possible to present as far as it is sick and heavy, but, statistically, interruption of such pregnancy on early terms gives the smaller number of complications, than on later. It is better to make it in time, than to find a serious illness after the birth.

6. ultrasonography can Sometimes turn unwanted pregnancy into desired. Mother who heard a heart beat of the kid can make without hesitation the conscious decision to give rise to new life.

I think, these several points play an important role in obtaining the answer to a question: to do ultrasonography during pregnancy or not. Many doctors receive the negative answer and act blindly. But whatever good was the expert, he cannot reveal and make out all subtleties so important for life of your kid.

But to you it is not necessary and to abuse it, running every week to the doctor on ultrasonography at the slightest indisposition and from nowhere the undertaken fear. Adhere to golden mean.

Speak, ultrasonic research for the child - as beep of the train: he behaves during procedure very uneasily and sometimes turns aside.

Therefore each mother has to find this most golden mean and feel heart that it is correct for the kid and that will do more harm, than advantage. Be guided by the rule: “Safe ultrasonography is so a little as soon as perhaps“.

Be happy and healthy and enjoy the situation!