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As well as where to spend the holidays? can jerk on dolmens? chast1

All good afternoon. People generally spend the holiday on a seashore. But often being 2,3dnya understand what bothered!!!!! And then pay attention to excursions, choosing a route generally stop on dolmens. People do not know what is it, is stupid to arrive on them and to look, on to be photographed and leave. It is big nonsense. once as that one guy in the train told me that guides deceive the people. The whole day to creep uphill for the sake of 2 dolmens and one falls. Very much were tired. IT is RIGHT!! at such excursions not enough time of only 10,20 minutes and back is given. Thus the same excursion, but different guides and all have different data“ what is dolmens“!! I heard from them different versions. And that in them there lived gnomes, and they were built by giants, and h. N about what it is graves. actually from where they undertook and for what they are necessary not who does not know. In them energy, knowledge, information contain and they are located in mountains not far from the sea. it and everything that is known by scientists.

If arrived, then work with dolmens ask them to connect to spirit of a certain dolmen. and then on you thank them. And you for will be about fatigue, to appear mood and thirst for life. Therefore if you wish

, then make excursion to yourself. The most known and available route is “revival“ several dolmens and falls there. There people go the devil knows from where, one, for the sake of one minute under falls. on it there is a baptism, many trust in legends - that having bathed the girl becomes pregnant. slightly further behind falls there are “geraklevy bathtubs““ a children`s bathtub“ and “beauty bathtub. all this is in the wood not far from the sea.

Slightly further from it the place is one more falls“ the fairy tale“ it still call “a love bowl“ on problemny there to reach Anostasiyevke last year after a hurricane on demolished all bridges through mountain small rivers. And so in some 40 minutes and you at falls the first bowl, then walking upstairs the second“ a love bowl.“ rising above third “a bowl desire“ bowl depth z meter. Height of falls is 6 m. Further prokhodiv 4,5 bowl an interval to be the man`s dolmen of “courage“ in the same place to be a portal in the past on 200 l. Well, and further to have to creep on the rock, on a wire. There not everyone will go, but at the end of you the award 6 -“ a pleasure bowl“ with a cave waits. all this reminds a stone snake or a dinosaur. Even higher reflect to be a dolmen of“ endurance“ of

Now, beautifully the truth? about it and about another in my following article.

Ya I do not say goodbye, and I speak to new meetings.

yours faithfully Elena.