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How to get rid of memories of the man? 5 steps of

We, women, people extremely trustful. Under the influence of artful love we pay the attention on various, so to say, artiodactyl, than these... artiodactyl impudently also use.

For some reason the men breaking to us heart are compared to goats. I consider that it is discrimination against poor animals. They are not goats. They are spiders.

And what, not so unless? At first spin around us a web from the intrigues, and then, having artfully enticed and having used the victim, leave it painfully to be parched with thirst and asthma. You like to be a fateful fly? If is not present, then time to work came.

Once I thought that everything is good in its season, and, periodically getting to such web, over and over again stepped on the same rake. Having filled the 100-th cone, understood - nothing in life will change until you do not make for yourself the decision. Very simple and concrete, one or the other: yes or no? You are ready to continue this fight for illusive happiness? You see in yourself forces for this bloody fight? And that the most important, it is worth it?

If the most part of your answers “yes“, then you is what to aspire to. Your ruthless spider exhausted your unfortunate soul not enough, and “boiling point“ did not roll yet. Fight, and finally you will reach something. Or to that what you aspire to, or to that limit when to answer “yes“ it will not be imagined by possible any more.

If you honestly answered these questions “no“, then I congratulate - in your life one of the most difficult stages begins. It only seems that it is simpler to forget. In practice it turns out that it is not simpler. It is more difficult. It is painful and painful. Is often far more painful and more painful, than to love. It is operation which becomes without anesthesia. But at its successful carrying out after the rehabilitation period recovery will follow.

There are five simple steps which will bring closer you to a goal.

Step of I. Get rid of memoirs

First that needs to be made, having decided to forget the person, it to allow to leave to memoirs. It is impossible at once to forbid consciousness to think, especially if it did it throughout a long time about “day of X“. Be just closed in the room, turn on a gentle music and remember. Remember everything that was: good, bad, painful, pleasant. You want to cry - cry, with tears there is a grief. Just promise that it will be your last tears from - for this person.

Step of II. Change life

the Next morning will become not in the simple morning. It will become the first morning of your new life. You will get up a bit earlier and will throw out everything that reminds you of “object of a zabyvaniye“. Erase all SMS, remove its contacts from social networks, clean far away from eyes its gifts.

It does not mean that any more you will never communicate with it. It means that for a certain period it is better for you not to see anything that could cause memoirs of which the day before you so carefully got rid. Do this day all not so , as usual. If for breakfast drank tea - drink coffee. If went to work by the subway, take the car. If arrived on time always - be late. Change the habitual course of time, and it will help you to build new life.

Step of III. Achieve dream

For certain you have a dream. Perhaps, you since the childhood dreamed to become a ballerina? Wanted to sing? Dreamed to draw, but considered that you have no abilities? It is a high time to achieve this dream! Presently in any branch there are amateur courses for adults. Make what there was a wish long ago for. It will carry away you, will take time, will force to forget about unnecessary thoughts.

Step of IV. The Fatal flaw in your situation is as much as possible acquaintances

- to become reserved. Communicate with people, strike up as much as possible new acquaintances including among an opposite sex. Agree, it does not oblige to anything you. However that truth that “the wedge is beaten out by a wedge“, nobody cancelled. What will be communication, that a high probability more that that “wedge“ soon will appear. And you can even not notice how it will occur.

Step of V. Accept a situation

After you do all these simple steps, you, of course, will not be able absolutely to get off mind of the person who hurt to you. But it will allow you to look at all event other eyes and to accept a situation. To accept as is, and, having said goodbye to the past, to step safely in the future.

It, of course, will not be cloudless. But also the pleasant moments in it will be not less, than in this ill-fated past.

Besides, perhaps, exactly there you are waited by that person thanks to whom you will be able to look at the today`s tears and experiences with a smile.