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““ and Lepyoshkin, or we fit Well, the country?

All country sit in “Schoolmates“. And all emigration too. Firefighters sit between the fires, and sometimes instead of, militiamen hang, doctors, bankers with security guards, housewives and, certainly, middle managers. To them - that God ordered - the computer on a table, the chief at a business meeting, the deputy chief at work, but too in “Schoolmates“, school love looks for …

All on the website, all is universal, and not only people - deputies come across! One Vanya Lepyoshkin does not sit there. He is imprisoned, houses on a sofa and without any computer. But once - he just stayed at home, not in prison - presented him the computer. Well as presented - gave. Well, did not even give, and he asked. Well did not ask - took also all. Doors should be locked, not in the village you live.

And so - there was at it a computer, and Vanya “Schoolmates“ came at once into these, on friends - school looked at girlfriends. Very much was upset, very much. What there photos! However, at all for some reason identical.

Women at first on a photo with the child, then in a bathing suit at the sea if the figure allows. If a figure already not really, then against the mansion and on a belt, but a mansion entirely, all six floors. Then the photo at the computer is it at work, a photo with champagne - at a corporate party, and the last - “I in Spain last year“. They last year for some reason all in Spain were. And on a background surely some macho looms - a hint on a holiday romance. Though we in any market have more such machoes, than in all Spain.

At men of the photo almost same, only surroundings of a pothouse. An umbrella, under an umbrella the little table all filled with beer - “I in France“. Other umbrella, other little table and beer another - “I in Italy“. The third umbrella, the third little table with beer - “It I in Amsterdam“, and so on all geography. Plus - it is obligatory! - a photo driving expensive car and hunting - fishing against the jeep.

Lepyoshkin in frantion - italiya, certainly, was not, about Amsterdam and did not hear even, was not fond of fishing, and hunted only at night and only for the purpose of a profit of money on to drink - to have a snack. And it never had a camera, usually militiamen photographed it. The car, however, was, but inexpensive and not really it. And Lepyoshkin did not drink beer at all, he more vodka struck also moonshine.

But mood somehow it is necessary to lift, and Vanya remembered about the friend, they sat together. That on the computer and dollars did, both certificates everyones, and stocks of “Norilsk Nickel“, and once transferred money of some bank for itself and went to Kemerovo to have a rest, thought, it is far and there will not find. It in Kemerovo was also not looked for, it directly in a dining-car was taken, in kilometer from Moscow. Lepyoshkin also called this friend. The friend listened to a problem, told that this business of two minutes, but any drinks are necessary. Lepyoshkin took any drinks and left.

Next day, having arrived home and having overcome a hangover, Lepyoshkin it is proud opened the page in “Schoolmates“. He did not remember what for photos they made yesterday therefore already the first threw it in shock.

It stood on it between Putin and Medvedev, and the signature said: “I acquaint Vladimir Vladimirovich with Dmitry Anatolyevich“. Signatures under other photos, as well as photos, were a match for the first: “I lend to Abramovich“, “I learn to sing Alla Borisovna“, “I show to Bill Gates how to work at the computer“, “I explain to Guus Hiddink football rules“, “I expel from Naomi Campbell and Jenifer Lopez`s bed“, “I buy ten eggs of Faberge“, “Elton John and Boris Moiseyev sing to me a lullaby“ … Lepyoshkin decided to remove this photo just in case, he heard something bad about these Dzhonov - Borisov. But the following photo very much was pleasant to it. On it it it is proud jumped on a white horse on the steppe, in a papakha and a felt cloak, with a lash in a hand, and the Ukrainian army coward ran away from it, the fleet departured and the aircraft departed. The photo simply was signed: “I return the Crimea to Russia“.

Lepyoshkin did not watch the remained photos any more, and quickly thumbed through. On them he fed from Valuyev`s hands, started in Gagarin`s space, drove away Salieri from Mozart and extinguished Joan of Arc. The latest picture was taken, probably, when any drinks already came to an end. Happy Lepyoshkin left maternity hospital under a hand with Virgin Mary. At doors of maternity hospital they were waited by a white limousine. In hands Lepyoshkin had a parcel with the child. Meeting were kneeling, without daring to raise an eye. From Lepyoshkin some unearthly shine proceeded. Not far Klitschko`s brothers beat Judas in advance. The driver of a limousine repented. Well, Vanya Lepyoshkin was satisfied.

Letters to Vanya began to come at once and in large quantities. The honors pupil who tore away Vanya on final suggested to meet and correct urgently this error, other girls just sent the photos and numbers not only phones, at the same time every third wanted to give birth from it to the child, and every second already had it and, certainly, from Vanya. Men asked as a loan and called in a bath, and somebody Kuzmichyov to Vanya dreamed to sell lot of mopeds cheap. In the city of Syktyvkar called the new street it, Vanya Lepyoshkin, a name, it was necessary only to fell trees, put asphalt there and to build houses. In some village opened Vanin a bust, invited to opening and asked a little money for celebrations. The women`s volleyball team from Tomilin suggested to buy it all entirely together with a grid and balls, but without maniac - the trainer …

was letters Much, much, and the last the message from Abramovich came. He was interested where when and how many he borrowed from mister Lepyoshkin and as to repay it a debt. Mister Lepyoshkin sweated and, without delaying, began to write the answer. At first he wrote that Abramovich borrowed from it in March, from an entrance to a supermarket on 3 - y to Parkovaya Street. Having re-read, Vanya decided that it is unpresentable and remade a supermarket in savings bank, and March in September. It turned out better. About the sum Vanya solved at once - 100 dollars. But hands foully shivered after yesterday`s and as a result of zero it turned out slightly more … Abramovich`s people brought

In an hour to Vanya the diplomat with money. The sun, of course, at the same time did not fall to the ground and heaven and earth was not moved. Lepyoshkin when, having seen off guests, the diplomat opened fell and turned over. There was a lot of money that Vanina mathematical abilities did not allow to count them.

Large sums are learned and disciplined. Vanya Lepyoshkin became the successful businessman over time. He married the honors pupil who is once tore away it bought a six-storied mansion near which the women`s team from Tomilin all day long plays volleyball, and sent Naomi Campbell`s invitation. He in general tried to build the life according to photos of “Schoolmates“ though not everything, of course, passed smoothly.

The arrived Naomi, for example, was the elderly drinking Black woman and nearly destroyed to Vanin a family; Bill Gates on letters, even with smilies, did not answer; Alla Borisovna answered, but exclusively a mat; Putin got acquainted with Medvedev long ago and without Vanya, and Joan of Arc with Mozart and Salieri so was not alive at all that very much surprised Vanya.

Soon he was disappointed in “Schoolmates“ and ceased to come there. What to do there - that, on ugly faces these opposite to look? Vanya the website created - “Odnokamerniki. ru“. The website became very popular at once, life on it began to boil, especially in Lefortovo and Butyrka groups. One Khodorkovsky 1455 pieces, and it only from one zone were registered!

Everything was correctly calculated by the businessman Vanya Lepyoshkin. In what country we live? Today you at the office in “Schoolmates“ sit - communicate, and tomorrow tax incidentally came, took offense at something and … “Vladimir Prison, a north …“.