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Fear? or not.

Human fear this very strong weapon which ruins destinies, love and hearts. Because of the fears the person cannot normally live, he needs constantly to look back that to protect that and to protect. Because of fears, freedom of the person is limited several times, freedom of thought, a freedom of choice disappears. Ourselves imprison ourselves in fetters, we revel in pain that ourselves cannot receive the desirable because just to us it is terrible. We cannot take this decisive step - it is terrible to us to be refused, but why we are afraid of the word NO? Probably because behind the word “no“ pain which will be no more than a couple of days hides, but behind it there will be freedom! There will be nothing except you and some memoirs. Each refusal brings closer us to positive result. There cannot be in life huge happiness, without huge pain - everything has to be balanced. The person is not created initially for happiness and pleasure, not created without fears.

Sometimes you think but why? Why all so? But answer yourself, it would be interesting to you to live if everything was so easy? You would learn to appreciate all that you have if it is easy? Whether what was received at the price of huge efforts was necessary for you, having passed through a long and difficult way, there would be it necessary if lies about your legs? We constantly deceive, but not others, and ourselves. We try to escape from each other and from ourselves, we try to prove that we are strong and proud, but all this not so.

People in the majority are identical and feelings at them are similar: sick with everything equally, we equally rejoice, and equally we cry. Distinguishes us ways of repayment of pain and expression of pleasure. We take great pain not to give a sign that is sick when we die of it; we say that we do not love when we fall asleep with another, but in dreams we see that only. And having woken up, we say a name of darling and as bitterly we regret when, having seen in the morning, in the bed not of that. And we live all the life with unloved, thinking only of that only thing. And in a bathtub when water loudly rustles, we cry with melancholy, blaming ourselves.

Really nobody never thought, that that whom we love, does not worry and does not think the same? He is a person too. Well what difference who will take the first step? Love that one. But as a result we miss chance, we are afraid to try, we are afraid to leave a familiar spot. We like to live in the fears, pain, bitterness, and tears in a bathtub becomes ritual at night. We like fears and pain, it is pleasant to torture itself, it is pleasant to ruin destinies and lives, and never we will use chance which will provide life...

of People is unique in the fear. When to it happiness comes, he pushes away him in all ways, is fenced off, says what is unnecessary. Again is afraid to believe, is afraid to leave the pain of loneliness or the last offense once caused with someone which lies on an altar of soul and to which a constant sacrifice for love and happiness is made. And then, it is surprised having woken up in the morning, years we will tell in 35, we understand that we lived the most part of life without love, and we begin to look for. But to find, what was, then, ten years ago, any more will never leave. And then we begin to cherish one more pain. Pain of aimlessly lived years, and on an altar of this pain we bring already the life entirely. Even now we cannot get rid of fear and go further, begin to look for, and now still it is possible to find the piece of happiness. Yes, start up not such big, but nevertheless happiness. But is not present. We will live the life with the unloved person, constantly being late at work it is as little as possible to be with the person of which we do not love; we bring up the child from him, and we calm ourselves that all and has to be, everything takes its course and that all live so. But at the end of life we will blame ourselves that was not curtailed once on that road which as it seemed, will have no end, and it leads nowhere. Let`s blame ourselves that were afraid and just did not risk, but on an altar of pain will be to put any more not what. She ate everything, even fears, and we will live the rest of the days in absolute indifference to everything. In secret hoping that can this morning we will not wake up.

our imaginary pride leads us to aimlessly past life once, and our fears to life without love and happiness, without freedom and pleasure...