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How to construct the Russian bath?

It is known that the Russian bath is very useful to health. It is proved that at a temperature of 70 - 90 degrees body temperature reaches 40 - 45 degrees, and temperature of internals rises approximately to 38 - 40 degrees. Such conditions are favorable for prevention, the prevention and treatment of many diseases: rheumatism, adjournment of salts, diseases warmly - vascular and nervous system, the top airways, many skin diseases, and even (information for women) cellulitis, and so on.

To use all these privileges and it is good to take a steam bath in the Russian bath, it is necessary to construct to start it and as to make it, I will try to tell.

the Choice of the place

the Bath can be delivered to

as the certain building, and as an extension to the house or to equip in the house. If you choose the certain building, then the bath should be warmed well. If it is in the house, then only the sweating room, of course, if you live in this house is exposed to warming. The separate bath has one important advantage, at the fire your safety increases several times. Earlier in villages the bath was always tried to be built far away from a log hut, in view of big fire danger.

Planning of the bath

the simplest option of a bath is a sweating room and a waiting room. The full option consists of a sweating room, a mylna, a waiting room and the platform. The platform serves for an obstacle of penetration into a bath of cold air, it usually is at once behind a door of an entrance to a bath. The platform is followed by a waiting room, the area makes it 4 - 6 sq.m, in this part of a bath, as a rule, there has to be a window. The waiting room will serve not only the place for an undressing, but also the vacation spot after parks. In a waiting room it is necessary to establish couple of benches and, of course, a table - what Russian does not like to drink after a bath a mug - another of kvass or what is stronger than.

Mylnya has to be 4 - 7 sq.m in size. It serves for washing, and in it there have to be all accessories. Obligatory presence of a bench about two meters long on which it will be possible to lie down.

The area of a sweating room makes about 8 - 9 sq.m, and the form has to be more or less square, such form promotes uniform distribution of steam on all room. The door in a sweating room has to be with a high threshold and not really high, it is necessary for smaller loss of heat. In a corner near a door, put the furnace - Kamenka, along an opposite, blank wall, establish a bench and shelves for parks. Height of a sweating room should not be high. It is known that the more the room, the more will be required to time for heating. Height of a sweating room pays off so. Distance from stones on the furnace has to make 1 m, distance from a ceiling to stones approximately the same 1,2 - 1,3 m. Height from a regiment to a ceiling has to be same, taking into account that it was possible to take a steam bath sitting. Thus, sweating room height - is not lower than 2 - 2,4 meters.

At an internal covering of a bath it is not necessary to use coniferous breeds of wood, otherwise you will with great difficulty be washed from pitch which will be surely emitted at high temperature. Usually use an aspen, a birch or a linden which when filling a sweating room the ferry allocate a tremendous smell.

ventilation Installation

Ventilation in a bath plays an important role. It promotes receipt and hashing of fresh air that accelerates warming up of a bath, otherwise at bad ventilation the furnace, generally heats air around itself. The entrance opening needs to be made behind the furnace that influences warming up of cold air at receipt. The second opening becomes on other, opposite wall, approximately at the height of 1 m from a floor. The third opening becomes under a ceiling.

The last two openings have to connect one air shaft which is brought to an attic. Exhaust outlets should be established in opposite corners of the room, it is also necessary to establish on them lattices with gates for air supply adjustment. Good ventilation will help to heat a bath much quicker.

Internal finishing of a bath

At internal finishing of a bath do not coat boards at all or it is delicious as at temperature increase they allocate a large amount of toxic substances. Wood can be covered with drying oil or wood stain. Metal parts need to be built in in wood not to burn at the moment parks, it is the best of all to use brass or bronze as they are less subject to a rust.

Lighting can be made ceiling, built in or hinged as it will be pleasant to whom, but you remember that conducting has to be waterproof, the main enemy of an electrical wiring is a moisture and dampness. A bench and shelves it is necessary to process a plane and to oshkurit not to wound hands or other parts of a body.

And finally it would be desirable to tell: before a bath be never fond of alcoholic drinks. The bath, as well as a reservoir, does not love alcoholic intoxication. The Russian bath is a certain ritual as a tea ceremony in China. You should not neglect it rules, otherwise it is possible to pay very strongly. As they say, “a sound mind in a sound body“.