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Carpet in an interior. All this is still actual?

the Carpet will never disappear from an interior. Any room will find more cosiness and in an interior there will be no incompleteness if the carpet is placed correctly. Now the carpet is got not to cover a floor - it an interior highlight.

Now to choose a carpet quite difficult as it is necessary to consider many factors: color, drawing, structure, form. Choosing a carpet, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to its density, wear resistance and quality depends on it. If the handiwork, then density is measured by number of lines on 1 sq.m, and in machine carpets - number of points (there have to be about 500 thousand). If it is less of them - density small, and it means that the carpet will serve not for long as to vacuum it and it will be necessary to clean very often.

To consider lines and points - business troublesome therefore it is possible to define quality of a carpet and other ways. It is necessary to turn it on a wrong side and if drawing is completely identical, and pile is attached to a basis, then the carpet is made of natural wool. It is possible to bend edge of a product. If on the place of a bend the basis, then carpet density small is visible - at a qualitative carpet the basis through pile cannot be made out. In east carpet of handwork drawing density is most of all appreciated. It is not enough monophonic sites - the value of a carpet is higher. Even if drawing is asymmetrical or regions are not absolutely flat, it is not necessary to worry: these signs indicate handwork.

Products from natural silk cannot be confused with anything: under different points of view they change color. Silk fibers are considered as the strongest, but demand careful attitude therefore it is the best of all to use them for decoration of walls.

On a floor the carpet from natural wool will be ideally suited. It keeps heat and does not pass moisture. Getting it, it is necessary to take an interest whether there passed this carpet necessary processings: antimould, antistatic, dirt-resistant and anti-molar. Modern carpet products have to be tested on anti-rollers and antizaloma that to them bends and legs of furniture were not terrible. In the first weeks a fiber quantity can get out of a carpet. It is normal - so happens to any product.

Synthetic floor coverings are very short-lived and quickly lose initial appearance. But they attract consumers with relative low cost and abundance of coloring.

The carpet should be bought to a certain room. First of all it is necessary to decide on the sizes. The carpet not necessarily has to cover all floor. Covered can be a certain part in which the children`s corner or a recreation area is placed. The big carpet gives to a room interior completeness, and small places emphasis on certain details. Sometimes it is necessary to present how people in this room will accommodate (on sofas, chairs, chairs) and to get a product of such size that legs of all attendees were on a carpet.

Features of the room need to be considered too. If the room is on sunny side, it is better to buy a carpet of cold shades. For the darkish room only warm shades will fit. The monophonic carpet can favourably emphasize color and a form of furniture and to increase space. It is good if its color coincides with color of a floor, especially if a floor light and without intricate drawings. If the floor of dark color, then is necessary contrast.

To the big room the carpet with large drawing or a geometrical pattern will approach - the space will visually be narrowed. The product with bright drawing on diagonal will perfectly fit into an interior of the small room. Before getting a motley carpet with a bright ornament, it is necessary to be convinced that it will be combined with furniture and color scale of the room.

The carpet has to carry out also and certain functions. To the nursery the covering with short pile and intricate drawing, for example, a plot from the fairy tale will approach. The small bedside rug at the same time will not be superfluous as will separate a dream zone from a zone of games. If the child has an allergy, then it is necessary to stop the choice on an acrylic floor covering. The big carpet with long pile will perfectly fit into an interior of a bedroom. In a drawing room it is necessary to pick up a carpet with short pile and high density. Modern technologies allow to create carpets for kitchen: artificial coverings with water-repellent impregnation. In a bathroom the synthetic, quilted or cotton product with moisture resistant foam rubber at the basis will approach.

Correctly picked up carpet product will introduce to the house even more cosiness and heat.