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“Well, you hipput, a club?“ N. I. Salunina`s talent. Part 2

For certain was necessary to write each of us autobiographies, but here autobiographies in verses to me did not meet before acquaintance to Nadezhda Ivanovna Salunina. She told about herself in the song, to the guitar. And whether it is possible to tell better? I will provide her story:

I was born with a guitar under hands

that was born Under a lucky star, that in clothes,

Ina happy, that others on fear …

A to me were told: “Nadenka, Nadezhda,

You was born with a guitar in hands“.

Told it, maybe, too loudly,

But I when I thumb through my life, That I see

how the three-year-old little girl

I Scratch on strings and I sing.

I rehashed still to school,

That was sung by the people and all my family,

From the most sad songs to cheerful,

Jingling a guitar, I dashingly sang:

“Conduct you in fight, Budenny, it is more courageous than us, part with

I, storing darlings, rye,

That we will live more cheerful tomorrow,

A who burned down - that will not set fire“ to

the childhood from songs to the guitar Flew,

But suddenly as - as if burst a string,

Or an evil bullet the song tore off …

there is no more childhood - war burst.

Not therefore I adult became at once,

That I had to erase on wounded,

But because the brother the guitar

Became me now as equal to trust.

I sang songs again, but others,

About fiery terrible years,

As the truth, there were songs those Saints,

Such will never put

Salute of the Victory sharply to me any more reminded

Who will sing with me who is not present,

to me filled heart with the Pressing grief,

A was to heart of only 15 years.

Also I have since then a reputation for the leader

On anniversaries, weddings, on a feast,

On celebrations, in campaigns and halts,

In a frost and snow, both during a rain and during a heat.

And among those who in gold and country houses,

I dressed up in down, and even What

ashes I feel happy,

That was born with a guitar in hands!

This surprising poetess possesses ability to joke on herself, with humour to treat various situations. So, the subject of “the hippy old woman“ received continuation in the poem “Club and a crutch“ . Here it:

At Neva I stood once,

As always admired Neva.

the Voice suddenly behind the back of an uslykhal:

“To you incidentally is not boring for one?“

Ya answered - “Is not present, I do not miss,

Is remarkable if one.

I Will stand, I will keep silent, I will dream,

A the company is not necessary to me“.

“You are not right, the madam, very much!

my Principle, certainly, other -

is more interesting to Admire Neva, by the way, of

, having embraced me“.

Indignant, I turned, That it to lecture

for a liberty,

But plunged into such kind look,

That could only whisper:

“I am dressed not on fashion any more, we will consider

Yes of an illness and age,

of Izovut me “club“ in the people“. He told

: “And me - “crutch“!

The argument was fine and necessary,

We as children laughed then.

Since then began our friendship,

I I hope, already forever!

It became far more interesting to me to live,

we Will take a walk, at cinema we will turn,

Yes we will listen to new songs,

A happens, and we will sing ours.

Let to me term was counted by a cuckoo,

But I hurry to Neva if a calm,

I Hear again: “Hi, lovely “club“! I Answer

: “hi, my “crutch“!

Among lyrical works I very much liked the poem to “Pushkin“ , it conformable to my thoughts:

I happened to read many lines,

Where mind, soul, talent and inspiration,

But will not be compared to anything by me those moments,

When is read Pushkina again.

I to you hurry, the poet my dear, When shower in confusion and alarm,

Or at the crossroads the vital road

Where I do not know

to cast the lots.

I from - for you strive for perfection,

to me your books, Pushkin as lessons.

I I heart understood your lines:

“Over fiction I will shed tears“.

As your council was useful it:

Even if if life deceives,

Reconcile - and day of fun, trust, will come! there is no

of Unynyyu in place life, so!

I hurry to remind again:

When we in people the best would see

I more often than Pushkin with you read,

would be lighter than soul at us.

During our meeting with Nadezhda Ivanovna I suggested it to help to make a page on the website “Verses. ru“ and to publish there at least part of poems. She has no computer, is not able to use it, but agreed that if I publish thus its works, then it will be pleasant to it. Can be over time and she will master modern equipment. A page on the website “Verses. ru“ the national server of modern poetry I for it made, having placed more than 20 poems there. And now you can visit this page, esteem and leave comments - reviews. So far there is not a lot of visitors, but reviews of verses positive.

About a lyric “Here and the fall came“ one of readers of the website “Verses. ru“ wrote that it finely also asks on music.

Here and the fall came, the Summer garden turned yellow.

I again under laws of the nature

Quietly leaves fly, quietly leaves fly

So fly our fall years.

So there is to St. Petersburg an autumn dress,

As is beautiful it in a crimson dye autumn!

Quietly leaves fly, quietly leaves fly,

Coinciding with my mood.

The gold leaf fall will be replaced by rains soon,

Washing roads and roofs.

is let Nobody know that waits ahead.

Will be what is traced from above.

But we will not long that will come to us rains

I in raincoats it is necessary to put on.

we will live As always and to love and be on friendly terms, we Will trust

- the spring will return to us!

And the author always sings the verses, it is a pity that she does not write down a note, and it is impossible to publish them.

In a word, fans of poetry, glance on Nadezhda Ivanovna`s page, I think that that the little that I managed to publish, will be pleasant, will force and to be glad and pogrustit. I will bring one more into end sadly - the satirical poem “Adam and Eve“ :

The Gulf of Finland dozes and fountains are silent,

of Prinakryvshis a wing of the white night.

On Marlinskaya Avenue only two do not sleep -

Tam Adam is quietly whispered with Eve.

“So many different centuries disappeared as a smoke.

What to us is not slept in the white night?

will pass three centuries Soon as here we stand.

Eve how to you it is cost now?“

“Badly, dear Adam, we are not necessary at all, In vain we cost

probably with you.

to People other problems are important now,

A not we with the beauty.

Stubs to me will outline in the fountain,

to legs to me will paste pieces of paper,

Or it will write - I redden, Adam,

Or drink as at the front, from a flask!

Somehow near me here the party passed. young all so smoked

of the Maiden!

Smoked. I as the Black woman was,

Hardly - hardly shampoo washed.

And words speak … You forgive me, God, did not hear

From creation of Earth.

Here one said to me such monologue -

Nearly failed I from a pedestal.

“I agree. And me too unbearable,

I will not remember that so offended. Obayanye`s

man`s, Sex appeal called my beauty


Eve, songs sincere are not sung now,

A cut all

I tape recorders on all - that the coil rattle and shout,

Speak, even crows die.

Eve, know, I love you more and stronger,

People appreciate love so hardly.

Is difficult to stand now. Suffer, I ask. We in war saw

more abruptly.

Good-bye, Eve, ascends a dawn.

people will return Soon to fountains.

Well, let`s stand. Can nevertheless not for nothing

On Marlinskaya we are Eve with Adam.

In conclusion there is a wish to tell once again thanks to “the magician and the wizard“ to the Internet thanks to which it is possible to get acquainted with creativity of talented people who do not manage to publish the works in the traditional way, on paper.