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“Well, you hipput, a club?“ N. I. Salunina`s talent. Part 1

Lives in St. Petersburg the surprising woman, Salunina Nadezhda Ivanovna, well-known to the senior generation of Petersburgers - the amateur performer, the student of song contests “Memory of heart“ and “Salute of the Victory“. She was born in 1929 in a family of teachers, in the village of Lyubino, in the Tver region. And after the Great Patriotic War, having come to study to the Leningrad normal school No. 3, forever connected the life with the city on Neva.

For the first time I saw and heard this woman with a guitar in 2003, anniversary for the city. It came to us to a meeting in Rest house of pensioners of Nevsky district where within an hour sang the songs - verses. There were both sad, and ridiculous, and lyrical. The author and manner of performance very much were pleasant, there was a wish to write down and re-read its verses. But it turned out that Nadezhda Ivanovna has nothing printed, all only in hand-written option. In few months, in Palace of culture of “Leningrad Soviet“ I heard original bard songs of Nadezhda Salunina again! The public accepted it with delight. Very much laughed at the song “Store money in bank!“ . Years those were strongly “thieves`“, it is a lot of elderly people, and not only, lost purses from dexterous pickpockets. This song:

Missed somehow - there is no purse,

A in a bag - a hole. Cut out, means. to preserve

As a purse for certain,

I do not sleep nights - I solve a problem.

“Store money in bank!“, I read

I koshelechek in bank lowered,

A to bank in a bag. So quietly I

Across St. Petersburg strutted about!

I repaired, however, a bag more than once,

But a purse stored bank honestly.

Here for a minute somehow distracted

a hole Again … And the jar disappeared.

Well, thieves` mafia, keep!

More than once and at me you will cry. with

I Will arrange you such life,

of Missile defense koshelechek at once will forget.

From spokes knitting I, having thought,

For a jar a chain armor made

I, koshelechek in bank having lowered,

In a chain armor to bank screwed on a bag.

Nobody would unscrew it for ever,

But was chattered somehow I with the girlfriend,

I someone right there a handbag grabbed with

With the screw, money, a can and a chain armor.

Now the idea new is necessary.

I of purses, and money is very a pity.

Let thieves` mafia is strong,

But and me is not for nothing given sharpness.
I was ashamed to approach

After a concert Nadezhda Ivanovna, it was surrounded by many people probably of friends and good acquaintances. Then vainly tried to find something about Nadezhda Ivanovna in the Internet, in bookstores her verses were not too. Last winter in Tina Hellvig`s article about club of the Leningrad blockade survivors “Hope“ of October 25, 2010 saw Nadezhda Salunina`s photo. As I was delighted! Contacted Tina, she told that she was in club by the invitation of the old acquaintance. Promised to give its coordinates in St. Petersburg that it was possible to contact also N. I. Salunina.

When I returned to St. Petersburg in the spring, phoned by phone to the blockade survivor Valentina Aleksandrovna, Nadezhda Salunina`s girlfriend - the poet - the bard. Not at once there was an opportunity to meet - they were busy, I. May holidays in St. Petersburg are always rich with different events, concerts, meetings on which they invite blockade survivors, veterans and in general witnesses of that Great war so it is quite explainable. But here I go to welcome my guests to the subway - agreed to meet in a house situation.

The subway already have a modest elderly lady with the covered guitar on a shoulder - recognize her at once though did not see nearly 8 years. This is Nadezhda Ivanovna. Conversation was struck up at once as though we are familiar hundred years! And when in about 10 minutes there arrived Valentina Aleksandrovna, we already were just as girlfriends. Though between us 10 years of a difference, but all of us are people of one country, one generation and outlook!

Over a cup of tea with pies slowly there was a conversation. And then Nadezhda Ivanovna sang to us the new bard songs. She says that she does not consider herself as the poetess, separately verses do not develop in the head but only together with music - as at all bards. In recent years to Nadezhda Ivanovna admirers of her verses - songs helped to print out twice small collections which in a trice dispersed on friends and acquaintances. But to publish in officially typographical way a small volume of verses - now hardly perhaps without possessing the solid capital and improbable penetrative ability. The author does not possess either that, or another. To me Nadezhda Ivanovna could leave the single copy of the collection for three days, and I reprinted something, scanned something for myself. Among its verses is devoted to veterans, blockade survivors, St. Petersburg, friends, and just life situations:

I will present you songs today,

Where words is so transparent are simple

I from any censorship are free.

In these songs and byl, and dreams.

As I am able I will accustom to drinking gradually

About winds of peace days, about war.

About friends, about everyday roads -

About everything that is so expensive to me.

Nadezhda Ivanovna is very often invited to meetings not only veterans of war and blockade, but in educational institutions, in rest houses, everywhere she is a welcome guest. Its songs repeatedly sounded on the St. Petersburg radio and television. Nadezhda Ivanovna has no music education, but always her verses are connected with music. In school days Nadia was called “a birdie - the canary“, in the Leningrad normal school No. 3 - “a musical snuffbox“, in Teacher`s college of Herzen - “the musical moment“. At work in kindergarten - “the girl with a guitar“. And on its pension began to call “the grandmother - bardessy“. But as if did not call - it is impossible to present Nadezhda Ivanovna without guitar and a song. In 2003 for active participation in numerous charity events and actions, for a long-term contribution to the organization of leisure of Petersburgers, for work with youth on patriotic education Nadezhda Salunina was awarded with the medal “In Memory 300 - the Anniversaries of St. Petersburg“.

In heading I took out a line from its satirical poem “Hippy old woman“ . I will bring him completely:

There was a spring, the bird cherry blossomed

I Solved - I will go - I will take a walk.

A that was not worse than everyone, the Dress the best I put on


Put on a meningitka “a la the Hedgehog“

With a relief and bewitching facade,

A to a meningitka a skirt the sun - a flare

With the attracting and worrying back.

And a blouse where a shot sleeve “gun“,

Yes the boot carelessly took,

Yes a ridikyulchik - the satellite of old years

B is mute not a stiver, but in is mute also our force.

And that legs were good

I that there was a pokhodochka as it should be,

I on Lakisha`s stopper,

A to them Put on kapron colourless with a black heel.

I go on park and eyes shine,

I admire in pools reflection,

I me passersby look

With delight and, perhaps, with respect.

But from crowd of unkempt guys

Was heard: “Hippy old woman! -

I shouted, - row here rather,

You as well as we, to see, you hipput, a club?“

“To whom told? “ - I of

say Not me it, I think in hope.

“To you, of course, a club, we tell.

A that you hipput, is visible on clothes“.

Not for themselves, we are humiliated by all,

But for my dress became so offensive!

In a dress it I in all beauty

faced the most Sistine.

“Hippy! - I answer them, - But here pieces of paper I stop into a ballot box,

I hippovat

by rules my

I Prefer grandly and culturally!“

we laugh Now - that the destiny creates!

I if calls me my girlfriend,

She not “hi“ speaks now,

A speaks: “Well that? You Hipput, a club?“
I very much want to share

with you, readers “Shkolyzhizni. ru“, that good mood which is installed by Nadezhda Salunina`s verses. If the woman 82 - x can joke, write and sing years so verses, so we are strong, and any troubles to us at all. Throughout, in the second part, I will provide some more bard texts this remarkable “grandmothers - bardessa“.