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What stresses block our charkas?

of Function of charkas show inseparability of health from destiny. Everyone is responsible not only for a condition of these or those bodies, but also concrete aspects of destiny.

Charkas cannot be seen physical sight as these power centers are located in thin bodies of the person, in the multidimensional world, they are not in a physical body.

Charkas depending on the fear nature are surprised:

The VII chakra - belief problems.

VI of a chakr - problems of balance of the world of mind and the world of emotions.

V of a chakr - problems of communication with people.

IV of a chakr - love problems.

III of a chakr - problems of the power.

II of a chakr - sexual problems.

I of a chakr - problems of vital force.

Knowing what charkas at you do not function, you will be able to learn in what the reason of your problems.

we Will consider them, since lower.


Radical, operates bone system, legs, a large intestine. It is located between genitals and an anus (the backbone basis). Physical force, stability. Bears to the person force, confidence, power, tranquility, patience. Is desire to live.

Is responsible for sheaves, cages, a spinal cord, bones, a backbone, teeth, nails, a rectum, urinogenital system, genitals, a thick gut, the basis of a basin and a crotch.

Problems with chakry are shown in a look: weaknesses, slackness, syndrome of chronic fatigue, decrease in a tone, alarm, fear. The person is easily irritated. Becomes quick-tempered, hysterical. Since morning can feel broken or quickly is tired.

Failure in the I chakra conducts to diseases: blood, oporno - the motive device, to obesity, locks, problems with a prostate, alarm, baseless scare, phobias, material instability, greed.

Stresses which can block the I chakra : Sensation of fear. Disbelief in own vital force. Absence of desire to live, a depression. Denial of physical force - to what force, I am clever. Desire to give in to life, to escape. Rage to those who are durable and vigorous.


Sexuality and child-bearing. Family happiness. It is located on 3 - 4 see below a navel. Depends on its work: an inclination to an opposite sex, sexuality, part of creativity, the relation with children, all genital bodies, skill to communicate, vigor, self-sufficiency.

When it in balance, brings feeling of confidence and a creative charge, gives a strong family with healthy children.

“Tied“ a wreath is a weak functioning II and/or IV charkas. Then the marriage and family happiness are almost impossible. What is going on?

Depending on a number of factors (strength of the sorcerer, prescription, abundance of own sins or virtues):

1. The girl what good and beautiful was not, cannot marry at all.

2. Can marry, but will divorce (as a rule, marriage breaks up till 3 years).

3. The marriage - divorce, a marriage - divorce and is a lot of times.

4. Cannot have children, abortions, or children are born the dead. Can have children, but with uglinesses, hereditary diseases (patrimonial damnations) or they will have, sometimes a serious illness, up to death.

5. Marital infidelity, venereal diseases.

6. Disgust for sex or, on the contrary, sexual dissoluteness.

7. All range of sexual perversions, many of which are a serious illness, touching and mental health.

Widespread stresses which block the II chakra : Inability to love an opposite sex. Charge of another for concealment of own mistakes. Sense of guilt and inferiority. Routine sex without love. Disappointments in sexual life. Suppression of own passion, sderzhivaniyesvoy sexuality. Insistence concerning the partner. Denial of the floor. Sense of shame for the partner or. The relation to sex as to vile, immoral occupation. Fear that I not at the level. Rage and desire to hurt another. Does not recognize that sex restores vital force. the III CHAKR`S (MANIPUR)

Storage of the energy necessary for life in this world. Chakra of a solar plexus, or umbilical chakra. Success, will, good luck, wealth, intelligence.

Violations lead to gastrointestinal tract diseases, diabetes, digestion violations, diseases of a liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands, the increased nervousness, mental diseases.

The stresses blocking the III chakra : Rage, dissatisfaction. Greed. It is possible to dominate fear, threat, suspicion, tears. Absence of pleasure in relation to and others. Inferiority complex, denial of the physical requirements (also denial of love and sex). Close interrelation with mother, dependence on other people. Unwillingness to understand and believe in the feelings. Unwillingness to be healthy.


Warm. The most important. At it there are all qualities of the personality. Compassion, mercy.

the interpersonal relations, love, family happiness depend On it. Faulty work leads to bronchial and cardiac asthma, a hypertension or hypotonia, dystonia, heart and pulmonary diseases, problems with hands, skin.

The stresses blocking the IV chakra : Sense of guilt before darling. Do not reciprocate to me. The suppressed love. All interfere with me to live as it is necessary. I am not loved, I am not worthy love. Perhaps suppressed love. All is indifferent for me. The world is cruel who is stronger that and governs.

of the V ChAKRA (VIShUDHA)

Throat. Operates communication, creative activity, self-realization, skill to communicate. Inspiration, luck. Intuition, ability to telepathy.

At work violation charkas suffer tops of lungs, bronchial tubes, a throat, a thyroid gland, a jaw, language, vocal chords, the hormonal exchange, nervous system is broken (sleeplessness, neurosises, tics, stutters).

The widespread stresses blocking the V chakra : Problems in communication with the world. Feeling of helplessness. Inability to lead the private life. Inability to accept what gives life. Misunderstanding of the desires. Charge of others. Belief that all want to me bad. Anybody has to me business. Feeling of isolation. Fear of failures.


of the VI CHAKRA (ADZhNA) of Chakr of “the third eye“

Is responsible

for inspiration, is between eyebrows. Energy, the cornerstone forces: intuition, clairvoyance, fulfillment of desires, identity.

Action on parts of the body: the cerebellum, ears, a nose, the lower part of a brain, nasal bosoms, a face, nervous system, operates the left eye.

The stresses blocking work the VI charkas : Sensitivity. The conflict between the world of feelings and the world of reason. The desire to receive is more. Crash of iridescent plans. Discontent with the appearance. Fear of responsibility. A protest against everything. Instability of feelings. Nothing to do unwillingness.


Chakr Absolyut`s

, Divine (area of a darkness). Through it net space energy arrives. At all children it is open completely. At ordinary people it is open on ¼ part, at more advanced on ½. At healers opens completely.

Perfection, belief in the spiritual opportunities. Is responsible for nervous system, a skull, the right eye and the left department of a brain.

At problems with chakry: headaches, nervousness, nervous and mental disorders, up to full insanity.

The stresses blocking work the VII charkas : Lack of self-confidence and peace of mind. Absence is more whole. Disbelief in the spirituality and in the abilities.

There is a large number of the esoteric directions and the practician. Everyone chooses that to it to liking. It is important to understand that the reasons of all happens to us in ourselves, in the head, thoughts, words, acts. To look for the reasons of diseases and problems in itself.

All world surrounding us consists of energiya, the different density and vibrations. Our vibrations attract to themselves same. The problem, an illness is a shout of a body about the saved-up negative energiya, a sign of failure in thin power. But we can change everything. We can rejoice and be happy!

The part of materials is used from the book “Instruction for Patients“ of Emil Bagirov.