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Tablets or herbs to treat kids?

If before parents rise a question, than to treat the child - tablets or herbs, then, as a rule, parents give preference to folk remedies, but not chemical preparations.

During many millennia of a grass were the only available means to which resorted for treatment of various diseases. Their chemical composition suits a human body more, than synthetic preparations. Besides, the nature is rich with substances which are capable to treat the most various diseases. Broths and infusions of herbs use, both for prevention, and for treatment of acute respiratory diseases, at a metabolic disorder, psychoneurological frustration, diseases of digestive organs. But at treatment of children it is necessary to consider all contraindications and indications.

Attention: grass! Before starting treatment of the child herbs, consultation of the doctor - the phytotherapist or the pediatrician is necessary for

. Only the expert will be able to choose for him a “useful“ plant or collecting, to appoint the corresponding dosage and to specify the time frame necessary for treatment. It is necessary to remember that not all herbs equally are suitable for treatment of adults and children. So, for example, a St. John`s Wort, a Labrador tea, a tansy, a ginseng, eleuterokokk and a gold root experts do not recommend to apply at treatment of children. Besides, the effect of treatment by herbs comes not at once after their application. There have to pass about four weeks that action of medicinal herbs became notable.

What phyto - means are considered safe for children if to follow all rules of application?

To herbs which are capable to struggle with cough is carried: an anise seed, marjoram flowers, mother - and - the stepmother, a guelder-rose.

such plants as a hawthorn, a melissa, a pustyrnik and a valeryana can Calm the child.

Doctors pay attention that application of a valerian can cause the return action - excessive excitement. In that case it is necessary just to refuse it.

to Resist to bacteria and inflammatory processes in an organism of the child can: raspberry, a camomile, a plantain, an eucalyptus, a sage and bark of an oak (for a mouth).

will help “to be recharged“ by vitamins: cranberry, cowberry, currant, mountain ash and bilberry.

All diseases to win against

Scientists came to a conclusion that to children, without being afraid of negative consequences, it is possible to give a nettle as styptic and gastric means.

as febrifugal and a sudorific are good linden inflorescences.

At allergic rash needs to use a train. In broth of this medical grass it is necessary to bathe children. Infusion of a train it is possible to give to drink to the child.

possesses Expectorant action fennel. Also it is capable to help the kid at the increased gas generation.

apply a thyme To treatment of bronchopulmonary system. It has the calming effect and is used as antiseptics.

of Too emotional children in a warm season is recommended to put to bed on the pillows filled by hop. Pain from stings of a gadfly, mosquitoes or a bee passes if to rub the damaged place a plumelet of green onions.

It is necessary to know phytorules

to treat herbs, it is very important to calculate a dosage correctly. Only the doctor - the phytotherapist or the pediatrician can make it.

it is necessary to Apply broths and infusions of herbs courses 2 - 3 times a year. Each course has duration from twenty one days to two and a half months. Between courses breaks lasting not less than two weeks are necessary.

Treatment by herbs at exacerbations of chronic diseases proceeds during the entire period of an illness and three weeks after disappearance of all its symptoms.

Is important prevention of diseases. Considering specific features of an organism of the child, it is necessary to give infusions of herbs beforehand. For example, the broths of herbs which are picked up by the expert need to be given to children - allergic persons before the veseena - summer blossoming of those plants to which their organism reacts.

If to the child was not executed three years, then prepare only one, two or three-component collecting.

needs to know herbs which application are contraindicated to children. Treat them: a poisonous and strong efedra, a henbane, an autumn crocus, fruits of a mordovnik, a dope, a barberry, chistotet, a chilibukha. It is necessary to show care, applying the plants capable to cause an allergy. Be attentive when you give to the child wild strawberry, mint, a marjoram.

Surely pay attention to an expiration date of medicinal collecting. Stalks, fruits and leaves can be stored for two years. Roots and bark does not lose curative properties within three years.

For storage of herbs are necessary special places. In them it has to be dry and temperature should not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. Put herbs in fabric or paper bags. Store far away from products with strong smells.

All these points are important. They need to be observed to achieve desirable result in treatment. Be attentive and healthy!