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Only for women! Why it is impossible to make sour cabbage in critical days? Somehow to data - long ago, in times mine of nice youth, washing

more skilled in everyday affairs elder sister told me that during monthly it is impossible to go to church.

And recently, being already quite adult woman, I learned what these days also cabbage cannot be made sour.

It became interesting to me and that else cannot be done in critical days and what it is connected with. Having rummaged around on Internet open spaces, I found the huge list of what is not recommended to be done these most ill-fated days.

The part of these bans is directly connected with Christian religion: it is impossible to go to church and to a cemetery, it is impossible to drink holy water, it is impossible to accept a participle. In general, a lot of things is impossible up to that it is impossible to remove dust icons and to fill oil in icon lamps.

Well, with church more and more - it is less clear. The church always considered the woman as a being sinful, and these days it allegedly in general became dirty and could profane the presence the Temple. Up to that the candle lit by such woman before images will burn not for God, and exactly the opposite - for a devil.

However, I always from shares of healthy scepticism treated church troubles.

And I will look - I that tell about it national traditions. In them - that the woman was never considered dirty, on the contrary - there was a cult of the woman in labor and the whole rituals directed to increases of fertility and the Woman and Earth.

Looked … It appears, it is impossible to bleach the house, the bread furnace, to weave and spin, sow, put, to weed, gather vegetables - fruit …

Cannot make sour cabbage, to salt cucumbers and fat, to do pottery …

Cannot ride, approach the house under construction, to look at newborns …

Cannot wash in a bath or the river together with other women, it is impossible to go to a sit-round gathering … still the whole heap “is impossible“ for

I. Everything to list just articles will not be enough. It just some disgrace! Well not leprous we! Why we have to jump aside from all? Or why all have to jump aside from us?

What happens to the woman these days? I am not going to describe physiology. It is quite in detail considered in the school textbook “Anatomy“, I will not speak also about the friend, the phenomenon which is quite bedraggled by glossy magazines, so-called PMS.

I want to look at all this on the other hand.

What happens to the woman? The female organism is cleared of not impregnated ovum. But not only she leaves a female organism. There is all superfluous, including the negative energy which is also allegedly saved up in a month. That`s it it is a splash of this energy - and our ancestors were afraid.

However, the word “energy“ in a lexicon of our ancestors was not. This term which came to us with various esoteric doctrines, ancient Slavs successfully replaced with the word “force“. Remember: will power, strength of mind, power of thought, word force …

And so, in critical days a certain force (all right, we will speak become more habitual - energy), a certain energy leaves the woman. As this time of clarification, turns out, as this energy is all power dirt.

But we from physics know that energy cannot disappear in anywhere. And here just your cabbage!

It is necessary to you that all this power dirt was absorbed in your cabbage? Cabbage, it in general vegetable very interesting - it in itself very quickly all absorbs: water, pesticides, well and power dirt … Here therefore the cabbage fermented (salted) during monthly becomes soft, tasteless.

The same with all the rest. Banks with the cucumbers which are rolled up for the winter blow up, the made ware fights, the weaved cloth is torn etc.

Therefore our wise ancestors and all forbade the woman to do these days that is connected with production of a new product: to weave, spin, build and even to cook food for builders.

And what then can be done ? Listen to yourself. The organism itself will answer this question.

Admit to yourself honestly that you want to do at this moment. Also be not surprised to the received answer. Or rather, received answers can be two (or all variety of answers can be reduced to two): not to do nothing is absolute or to clean the apartment (house).

Both answers easily speak: there is no wish to do anything. There is a huge loss of vital energy.

If you want to do nothing - do not do. I remember, in the childhood read one book about expedition to Africa. I do not remember the book any more, such moment was remembered: the African women approached white people and took an interest whether their woman is the goddess. Those, naturally were surprised - from what you took? Answer: you at us are already several months, and your women never left in a special hut where women of their tribe spend the critical days.

It exists in religions and cults of many people. These are days for rest, contemplation, meditations, reflections about itself and about the world (by the way, maybe, thanks to these days we think of meaning of life more often, than men?) .

Well, and second case. When there is a wish to clean, throw out, be exempted everything from any stuff around. And such desires visit even the worst hostesses and sluggards. Pulls to get into the most “bear“ corners of the dwelling and to liquidate all superfluous. Anything strange and here not. There is a clarification of an organism, and at the same time there is a wish to clear also surrounding space.

So, be cleared, clean, have a rest, meditate, only do not make sour cabbage!