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Lighting and space. How to make an interior live?

of the Tsar are done by servants, the situation in the room is done by a skillful, original arrangement of lamps and chandeliers, the lighting decision.

Ceiling chandeliers and lamps instead of the direct use already carry out very long ago a decor - function and in most cases adapt to features of the modern house, to style of existence of its inhabitants and considerably change daily occurrence.

There is an opinion that the lamp - only a light source. At everything thus ceiling chandeliers of unusual design steadily become object of mass interest.

Therefore, process of the choice of chandeliers and floor lamps needs to give part of time and to put assiduity. Table lamps with the useful regulator of light mostly bear two loadings in the house: in twilight desk lamps are important for work at a table, and are present in the afternoon as a bright subject of a decor of an interior.

The floor floor lamp at which it is easy to change brightness of a luminescence of lamps, height and an inclination of the lamp shade is ideally suited for a zone of a relax. Such floor lamp can correct an image of a small bedroom, in particular, to lift a ceiling or to make a remote wall visually closer. Decorative interior ceiling lamps and a sconce own not only a nontrivial look, but also an opportunity to influence mood and health of their happy owners.

A modern orientation in the world of decorative light are the ceiling chandeliers and lamps which are an art - objects. The fancy floor lamp or a chandelier become the memorable design objects.

Undoubtedly, the general lighting is necessary, but in premises presence and ceiling lamps which not only give lighting in the house is desirable, but also are ornament in an interior.

Trivial desk lamps were succeeded by desktop illuminants of original forms (roundish lamps, lamps made of cloth). With a similar light source it is possible to look through the newspaper, but as a matter of fact the table lamp represents rather a subject for dressing of the room, a decorative element in the cumulative lighting scheme.

As before, in fashion a retro and style find fault with the wall lamps and chandeliers from crystal made in Italy in classical - flew. In a drawing room lapidary forms from multi-color glass in a situation color faultlessly will approach. Lamps - cocoons where the light element is hidden behind thin textiles are very popular. The accessories used in their production enormously evolved now. So, for lamp shades of ceiling lamps use qualitative materials which, despite the seeming ease, will serve not one decade.

One more popular bias today - eclecticism. Mix of unlike styles is not forbidden, and is welcomed. Existence in a modern interior of a suspended chandelier and a sconce in retro style will bring a highlight in a situation of the apartment or giving.

Curious results can achieve use of multi-color light. Similar light provides types of color registration unlike at each other, defining the general tonality of an interior. Theatrical effects, variety of colors divide borders of the room and transform all main shades and half tone, sometimes enormously.

Mounting colorful decisions in the general structure of space, it is possible when takes in head, to create delightful structures. To reorganize, for example, at will monastery of the teenager into a functional workplace, a bright dancing or the weakening bedroom.

Efficiency of lighting is directly not connected with quantity of chandeliers and sconce in the room. At everything at the same time the more light sources, the is more considerable than opportunities to note important components of the dwelling and to give to the house originality.

That originality of lines of the room was more considerably felt, at the dwelling by all means there have to be as strongly lit, and dark zones. The optimal solution - to combine light sources of various appointment and caliber (a chandelier, desk lamps, a sconce, floor lamps).

Will not be superfluous at all if to place light sources at different height, at different distance from a floor. The small floor lamp lighting an unusual carpet will draw attention to it, and illumination of a book shelf will give designs of a subtlety and grace.

When designing lighting of the room it is important to apply light of three types. First of all - a qualitative not diffused light for work and economic affairs. Desktop illuminants and lamps in the form of cut-in points can give this option.

Lamps of the directed action, lamps for bookcases and illumination for works of art help to note the necessary objects in a house interior.

Suspended and wall lamps, a sconce and chandeliers give the flowing background light, strengthen the general degree of illumination in the room.

However how to undertake creation of light architecture of an interior? First decide what this room is intended for (to write at a table, to play music, work to the seventh sweat for the personal computer, to prepare, to sleep, receive guests etc.) also pick up positions for the directed light sources. For example, install the floor lamp at the adored chair for reading books and newspapers.

Then install the different lamps concentrating attention on important objects of an interior - and you will create a certain spirit in the room. Now the figurine in a niche emphasized with illumination undoubtedly will bring a peculiar effect. Lower contrast, having brought a chandelier or the ceiling lamp of equal lighting lighting all interior.

The ceiling lamp with the opaque or beige textile lamp shade can play a similar role. And, at last, to a lamp poperemeshchayta on space also get accustomed as the general essence changes.

Rapid emergence of new devices of lighting allowed to make light in the house the uncommon tool of the designer. By means of light it is possible to express planimetric accent of the room now and to differentiate it on functional zones.

Light does an interior to more live and helps owners to live in own house most comfortably.