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Music in a bathroom - music in a toilet of

Music in a bathroom - music in a toilet

Music in a bathroom - music in a toilet Influence of music on mental health of the person was noted since the most ancient times and was applied by people in the most various purposes. Everywhere musical influence was used in religious practices worldwide and in different religions and cults. Today music got into many spheres of our life. Today music appeared also in a bathroom. Use of music in a bathroom gains popularity. More and more in bathrooms after repair appear musical pass systems. It is, however, pleasant to accept a bathroom under ocean sounds, or to relax in your house a jacuzzi under sounds of classical music which forces you to forget about all problems which collected for the long working day. Influence of sounds (music) on mentality of the person long ago scientifically fact in evidence. It is easy to be convinced of it, having included the favourite performer in your player. Influence of music depends also on tastes and musical preference of the listener: these are melodies which are pleasant to you, they well influence normalization of arterial pressure while the music which is not pleasant to you will cause a boomerang effect. And than music is quieter, than it is more easily perceived by an organism. Does not love sharp high-frequency sounds of TsNS. Let`s sort as music influences an organism: • when listening compositions there is a certain evolution in the central nervous system; • the perception of quiet melodious composition makes the calming impact; • vigorous music with rather accurate rhythm with a moderate loudness gives the toning (loading) effect; • major music of fast speed increases pulse that leads to increase in a tone of muscles; • when you listen to music, there is a normalization of brain blood circulation; • music is capable to influence the level of some hormones in an organism (can increase the content of endorphin); • under the influence of music there is a change of the general mobility and coordination of an organism; • the interesting fact that music changes perception of time; • also corresponding melodies and compositions can improve memory and learning ability. If your natural rhythms of an organism coincide with musical, then the similar emotional effect will amplify. That is if the person is at heart quiet and relaxed, then listening of the same music on a rhythm will make him with “iron nerves“ and vice versa if the person is emotional and listens to heavy metal - it will become more aggressive. So to listen? So, religious music - calms and brings a pacification. The Gregorian choruses and bell-ringings concern to her. Ceremonial Buddhist melodies will be suitable for fans of culture of the East. Classical music is most widespread. Under its influence pressure and work of heart is normalized, increases immunity, disturbing states leave. Bach`s compositions are universal while Beethoven`s music is suitable for disposal of melancholy, stresses and apathy more. In turn Tchaikovsky`s music has a strong emotional charge and is capable to be a power source. But, according to researches, Mozart`s music is recognized as the best. Works of this composer are recommended at a headache, a stress, and for effective digestion of any material, and all compositions of this composer are effective. Its best work in this plan - “The sonata for two pianos“ (to - a major), and also the Hundred forty first symphony (re - a major). As for the jazz and the blues, they are capable to normalize mood and to increase sociability. And here many African melodies intensify physiological processes, regulating their rhythm. Has similar effect also a point, and other rhythmical Latin American motives and melodies of a flamenco. And here the list of works which can help at certain states. Sounds of a flute, piano, violin perfectly will be suitable for removal of the general emotional pressure. Waltzes (for example, Strauss). Bach “The Italian concert“, Beethoven “Symphony 6“, Brahms “Lullaby“, Haydn “Symphony“. Vivaldi`s works, Debussy “Light of the moon“, Schubert “Ave Maria“. Also ethnic compositions approach. For improvement of the general mood works of Carmen Meringue, part 3, Mozart, Handel “Minuet“ are recommended. Folk and children`s music is suitable for decrease in uneasiness and uncertainty. Strauss “Waltzes“, Rubenstein of “Melody“, Chopin “Mazourka“, “Preludes“. For a raising of a tone, vigor, strengthening of activity use marches. Tchaikovsky “The sixth symphony“, part 3, Sheet “Hungarian Rhapsody“ 2, Beethoven “Edmonde`s Overture“, At migraine, headaches listen to Mozart “Don Juan“, “Symphony No. 40“, Sheet “Hungarian Rhapsody“ 1, Gershwin “The American in Paris“, Khachaturian “the Suite the Masquerade“. Over time you have to feel that the muzykoterapiya is really effective for you, it is desirable to find “the“ melodies - perhaps, little-known, but rendering the necessary effect on you. And still, from modern performers positive influence of melodies of B. Adams, T. Turner, Eagles groups, Paul Mauriat`s orchestra is noted. A certain music can quite be a background for the work demanding the increased concentration, only it has to sound quietly, is hardly heard for you. Good luck.