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The child is a holiday which is with you so far?

Each parent want that his child was the happiest. And many think that if the child becomes a doctor, the lawyer or someone else, then he will be happy.

Alas. The child will be happy only when he becomes himself - will be able to realize the mission and to carry out a vital task.

There is an opinion that children`s souls before being embodied, choose to themselves a family, parents on a karma. Look through destiny and know through what lessons they will pass. But at the birth forget.

Parents give to the child life. Teach much.

But also children teach us too! To what? To rejoice to simple things: to the sun, rainbow, flowers, singing of birds. Which of us did not want to become a child again: the innocent understanding all that happens around, to not littered consciousness, inquisitive and direct.

Look in the child`s eyes - they are such bottomless! Pure and innocent. Gradually eyes grow dull, depth disappears. Society does the part.

It is necessary to understand that the child is the same person, as well as adults, just he has no life experience yet. He also thinks, feels and reacts to life situations. But the most important - at it is own character, even when it hardly reaches a table at which you sit.

Parents forbid the child to shout, run and jump - because something can break, the clothes will be soiled or will become wet - and by that destroy restlessness and spontaneity. They are constantly pursued by fear - suddenly something happens to the child, suddenly he will be wounded or will become a cripple. This fear, negative thoughts create negative thought forms. They only also wait to be realized. So let`s think better about good, let positive thought forms be realized!

Perhaps, “10 precepts for parents“ (author Janusz Korchak) will help you to find a key to heart of your kid.

1. Do not wait that your child will be such as you, or such as you want. Help it to become not you, but yourself.

2. Do not demand from the child of a payment for everything that you for him made. You gave it life how he can thank you? It will give life to another, that is to the third … And it is the irreversible law of grace.

3. Do not vent the offenses that in old age there is no bitter bread on the child. Because that you will seed, will ascend.

4. Do not treat its problems haughtily. Life is given everyone, and be sure, to it it is heavy not less, than you, and can be more as it has no experience yet.

5. Do not humiliate!

6. Do not forget that the most important meetings of the person are his meetings with children. Pay more attention to them - we can never know whom we meet in the child.

7. Not much yourself if you cannot make something for the child. Much if you can - but you do not do. Remember, for the child it is made insufficiently if everything is not made.

8. The child is not the tyrant who takes control of all your life. Only fruit of flesh and blood. It is that precious bowl which life gave you on storage and for development tvorcheskogoognya. It is the liberated love of mother and father at which not “our“, ““ child, but the soul given them on storage will grow.

9. Be able to love foreign child. Never do to the stranger that would not like that did to yours.

10. Love the child any - even not talented, not successful, adult. Communicating with it, rejoice because the child is a holiday which is with you so far.

It is necessary to allow the child to make mistakes. It is inevitable. All are mistaken, from this there is an experience. The main thing - to learn lessons and to try not to make the same mistake twice.

It is important to rejoice that the kid lives life whatever it was (though it and does not mean to neglect everything). To consider his opinion, not to impose, and to advise, explain consequences and to allow to make the choice most. To be with it frank, not to lie (better sometimes to keep silent). Then he will grow up the personality adapted to modern life.

Children are very bright and quickly study. When they are respected and speak as with adults, they listen.

It, apparently, is so simple...