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You choose the video recorder? We think together!

to Which of owners of personal vehicles are not familiar unpleasant feelings which arise after any, let and small road accident (even if other driver is guilty), during communication with representatives of traffic police (even if you broke nothing), which in other ill-fated day meet more, than mushrooms in the wood after a rain?

Or if necessary to prove the case of insurance company which persistently does not wish to fulfill the undertaken obligations. It seems it is also right, but as everything will turn - it is unknown. And you do not wish to secure yourself?

Many drivers cannot present the car without video recorder (BP) as additional, but extremely useful gadget any more. And if you or someone from your acquaintances thinks or already almost decided on this acquisition, so understanding of that why it is necessary, already is. Therefore let`s think.

What has to be the video recorder?

First of all, it has to carry out qualitatively the main function - video filming. And the quality of the shot video - the better is higher. However, and better video will take places on the carrier more.

A separate subject for conversation - a sound recording . If during driving it not and is necessary, then in case of conversation with the traffic police officer is often simply necessary.

For fixing of a situation on the road the chamber has to have wide viewing angle . You should not dismiss also its ability to remove tolerably in the conditions of insufficient illumination .

If BP it is equipped with the accumulator - it has to provide long time of autonomous work if is not present - the adapter for providing with food has to be delivered in a set and to be convenient. The wire ideally has to be fixed, and all design should not disturb the driver and complicate access to elements of management on the central panel.

BP has to have the reliable fastenings providing reliable fixing in the place chosen by the owner.

For an example - game of contrasts!

of Minimum minimorum both in a price question, and in a functionality question - BP on the basis of the Chinese tiny DV MD80 camera. Option pluses: quite quite good quality of video filming, support of memory cards most widespread for today - microSD, the small sizes of the device, a huge number of various fastenings, an opportunity to use a gadget as a web - a chamber, connecting to the computer through pass - USB port, and, of course, low cost.

And now about a fly in the ointment already doubtful quality: with decrease in level of illumination quality of shooting promptly decreases. Not the fact that the fastenings delivered in a set will allow to fix the camera reliably. Devices of such level are usually equipped with the accumulator of small capacity, the adapter for power connection (all through the same pass - USB) should be bought separately.

When the video recorder becomes something big …

Personally for me some kind of revelation. A possibility of record of high-quality video by it (which is hardware coded by the codec H. 264), existence of a wide-angle chamber and convenient fastening - only compliance to the main requirements. But existence of the additional chamber turned back removing a situation on the road through back and lateral glasses (occupying also salon), and also infrared illumination for it - already bonuses.

Besides, Highscreen Black Box is equipped with the built-in GPS - the receiver which constantly conducts monitoring of speed, and G - the sensor (the acceleration sensor) thanks to which in one of the modes record of video joins at sharp braking and turns. The written-down GPS - the receiver the route at synchronization with the computer can be imposed on Google Maps.

Plus at synchronization of Black Box can remember to 100 000 points, whether it be gas station, cafe, the tracking camera, favourite places of people with a striped staff or even dangerous holes on the favourite road. Points can be defined the, and it is possible to choose from the corresponding bases in the Network. At approach to such point of BP will take care of that to warn you by a human voice. At the same time in operating time brings the main information of Highscreen Black Box to the small display at a case end face. Summing up of

the results …

Between the devices given as an example the huge abyss lies. But the purpose - demonstration of a variety of offers - is reached. The wide range of models is presented at the market: from only the little surpassing the Chinese DV chambers, to monsters near whom even Highscreen Black Box seems poor on functionality.

Everyone can choose that to it on an interior and on a purse.

The general requirements are stated, but turn for important but, unfortunately, not such obvious details:

Again about fastening - pay attention whether there is an opportunity to develop BP to remove, for example, conversation with the traffic police officer, without removing it.

Specify whether BP joins automatically at start of the engine or it is necessary to include it most. In the latter case especially important is a convenience of an arrangement of the button of inclusion and governing bodies of a gadget.

If the car can brag of the powerful on-board computer, specify a possibility of their synchronization.

Having listened to councils and having made a right choice, you will relieve yourself of need of search of the answer to silly questions which often arise after purchases, and will be able to use most fully functionality necessary for you, without refusing the necessary options, but also without overpaying for unclaimed by you.

Successful choice!