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Who is guilty of change?

As often people ask themselves a question: “Why men and women change?“ Also do not find the answer in it the vital issue long ago. At everyone the point of view. My opinion such is that if people made bold to love each other, (and for this purpose and it is necessary to be the responsible and courageous person), then they have to be united not only sex, children and life, but also common problems. You should not divide problems on “your“ and “my“ at all.

Should not fill in a hysterics on that, “that it wants sex on three times a day, and I want to promote on a career ladder“.

finally lead Different problems to the different purposes.

“It looks for satisfactions from your girlfriend, and you still read the book “how to grow rich?“ without noticing what around occurs“.

are always guilty Of change two, always. Always you remember it.

A can people at all do not want to notice “others problems“. It is simpler to think that it a heartless animal who except sex does not think of anything, than to reflect, and finally to understand that he just wants proximity with you, not only physical, but also spiritual. Of course, it is much simpler to run away from problems, than to solve them, for this purpose it is not obligatory to have the grade in run at all. whether

But unless you want to regret for love which did not live up to marriage, a close-knit family, disobedient children and a gray hair? I think what is not present … to all wants the unique love for the rest of life, all dream about Eternal. But finally among familiar couples there will hardly be people whom really the inexperienced youth wants to be proud and cite them as an example.

Ourselves grew love at ourselves in heart, (believe, any angels with arrows here and), and we are obliged to look after her. Quite often to water it, not with dirt, but clear water at all, in time to do baits and to reap a crop. Only knowing that it is necessary for it in concrete time, the love will be stronger and stronger every year, it will not be broken by barriers and unnecessary circumstances, they will make it stronger. And that know that it is necessary for it, it is necessary to be able to reveal the first signals until they developed into the real problems, and if it occurred, then it is important to discuss them, to listen to each other and to propose solutions. Even if the opinion of your partner absolutely seems to you idiotic, find forces not simply to listen, but also to hear. Yes, it will be difficult, it is necessary to change some lines of the character, to refuse the principles and many other things. Love it also joint victims. Learn to endow yourself, and will endow then for the sake of you.

“And already it helps it to add the annual report, and she does small playful breaks in this difficult and madly vain life“. forget

I at last that changes of men are put by the nature. We for a long time not monkeys and if in our society the idea of “the harmonious relations without changes“ settled, so let`s try to adhere to it.