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Astrology and Church. What is splashed out with muddy water?

Christian church including orthodox, never trifled of astrology. Moreover, astrological knowledge is a key to the correct understanding of sacred texts of Christianity.

The astral symbolics is used everywhere at registration of Orthodox churches: come into any church and look attentively at frescos, icons. Astrology was well known (and now know, not everywhere, but know to some extent) by many ecclesiastics of orthodox church.

And church holidays pay off according to a lunar calendar. For example, Easter - the first Sunday after the first spring full moon. So why officially the church is negative to astrology?

Yes just for this reason: astrology is a sacral key to comprehension of many sacraments. In hands of the person of the profane person who is not clarified it becomes the tool which powers of darkness can place at service easily. Premature knowledge of the unprepared person can tempt, seduce. Instead of spiritual development of people can fall into illusion and increase human sufferings.

The policy of church is well clear, in certain conditions it can be even justified. Thus, the church decided to protect laymen and priests from additional temptations.

The situation with astrology reminds the myth of how people were given divine fire. The kidnapped person at inhabitants of heaven (Prometheus, Perun) brought fire to people warmly, made them stronger, gave an impetus to progress. At the same time unreasonable use of fire became the reason of many misfortunes and disasters. Despite danger of use of fire, now, thank God, comes to nobody to mind to forbid its use.

In the kind, knowing hands true astrology (not boulevard, widespread in the “yellow“ press) can become a ray of light. In bad hands it can bring many troubles. How to be? The church decided that the divine child is better to splash out with muddy water, than to put unreasonable people at such risk. The church considers that Christians - laymen are not ready to this gift, gift of space knowledge so far.

There is nothing more reliably, than to address the primary source. In the Gospel of Matthew it is told about three magicians who learned about Christ Redeemer`s birth on stars. Their names: Caspar, Balthasar and Melkhior. They found the baby Jesus and brought him gifts: gold, incense and Smyrna. After their visit Iosif and Maria ran to Egypt already next day!

There is no doubt that these three astrologers, knowing Jesus`s destiny, knowing about threat of his life, warned Iosif - the carpenter and supplied it with gold, having specified that it is possible to escape in Egypt. This simple in fact and history, considerable on the consequences, shows a lightful role of magicians - astrologers and disproves idea of astrology as about devilish science.

Astrology as a scientific way of knowledge of the world cannot be forbidden because it is impossible to forbid the person to think, turn the look into infinite open spaces of the sky.

And, finally. In the Word of the Pastor broadcast the patriarch Kirill (then he was still a metropolitan) answered the question “What do you think of Astrology?“. He said that the church condemns “guessing on stars“, and here knowledge of influence of Space on all live, knowledge of cycles and rhythms is important and necessary.

And I, in turn, always remember the parting words of the father told me: “Do not give excessive hope to people, think and force to think others“.

Astrology - the God`s tool in hands of the thinking, reasonable person, and you should not depreciate it. As to you it is not necessary and to exaggerate its opportunities.