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Where there lives female happiness?

Happiness. What is happiness?

it is unambiguous to b to answer

difficult because for each person, regardless of a sort of occupation, education, the status, religion and skin color, concept of happiness variously.

What for one is the highest degree of pleasure for another is absolutely indifferent. What plunges some into euphoria does not exert any impact on others. But one precisely: all people on the earth - both men, and women - felt feeling of flight of soul repeatedly.

What is the female happiness? Some mistakenly think that for the woman happiness consists in three things: husband and family, children, self-realization. But everything looks a little differently, than it seems at first sight.

In general, idea of happiness is directly connected with age. For the small child happiness is mother. Soon happiness of the child are toys which are of special interest at that time. The late attention of the child is drawn by books, communication with schoolmates that forces out subsequently even communication with mother.

Then again the concept of happiness for the personality changes, it begins to be associated with the diploma, career, independence. Eventually happiness is transformed to all new and new forms.

The time comes - and happiness seems in the person of the soulmate and children. Everything is good, but whether women feel happy, having the husband, children, work? Unfortunately, not all and not always.

What is not enough for women? the Strange paradox is observed in modern society: the woman is not burdened with huge difficulties of life as once, modern women have the same rights, as men, they are not oppressed, in comparison with women of the past. In fact, in present society of the woman achieved all women of the last centuries dreamed of.

However the modern woman continues to feel discontent, dissatisfaction, vulnerability and uncertainty in herself. The matter is that all three components (the husband, children, work) involve responsibility, problems, and also the sea of chagrin is frequent. Then whether in this happiness? It turns out that happiness is not connected with the benefits surrounding the woman. The woman needs something bigger.

When we can observe the happy woman? In most cases the woman is happy, her eyes shine from within during those moments when her intimate dreams are executed. Execution of dream is an instant when internal thoughts and energy enter in unison. The achieved dream is the embodiment of happiness.

It turns out, everything that surrounds the woman, are components of her world that, of course, cause her pleasure, but true happiness is something other than the external benefits.

Happiness is a condition of harmony of the person with the outside world. Happiness is a state on which it is necessary to be able to be adjusted.

The negative can be found in everything, this process is quite simple. And here attempts to find a positive do not everything, this difficult occupation. On it the desire and ability is necessary.

Happiness is an ability to derive pleasure here and now from what you see have, feel. Female happiness lives in the woman.

So, each woman to choose most - whether to be her happy or to remain unfortunate.