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How to be a sociopath? Rules of a survival

If you are a sociopath and the misanthrope, then it is the best of all to resort to experience of the mathematician Perelman - to go to some deaf town and to be engaged in a subsistence economy. The city apartment at the same time can be leased, and to receive money the translation in the nearest post office. However not all sociopaths manage to find a quiet corner far from a civilization. How to survive, without leaving the house? These councils can be useful to

not only to misanthropes - singles, but also to the students writing the diploma for bed patients, to germifob (the people who are afraid of microbes), and also to all who in a severe frost do not want to leave home limits.

1. Unfortunately or fortunately, we already passed into that stage of the public relations when it is possible to minimize any contact with society. However, before plunging into the bunker, get good the Internet - provider. It is difficult to give some concrete advice here. Everyone chooses for himself that it has more to liking - a wire dedicated line or mobile egg 4G.

2. First of all it is worth thinking of the natural needs, namely - of livelihood. If you the sociopath, then are simply obliged to get used to order goods on the Network. As well as in a case about any Internet - purchase, it is necessary to check contents of the brought basket, expiration dates and a condition of all goods at once. And if you have claims to the delivered products, you always have the right to refuse them.

3. It is possible to order clothes according to catalogs too. The Internet - shops are at many fashion brands, and it is possible to look for an exclusive on eBay or Molotok. ru.

4. Regular trainings will help to get into the brought clothes. Fully it is quite difficult to be engaged in the average Russian apartment, however still nobody cancelled exercise bikes and racetracks. At occupations on a path from 200 to 800 kcal/hour are burned. At the same time the inclination of a running cloth increases energy consumption by 75 - 250%. The exercise bike and regular trainings will help to get rid from 300 to 700 kcal/hour. And it is possible to walk and breathe fresh air and on a balcony.

5. To pay the Internet, to buy food, clothes and exercise machines, money is necessary. It is good if you have an excess apartment in Moscow which can be leased. Otherwise it is necessary to master one of the professions allowing to earn without leaving the house. Recently workers on freelance are very demanded: designers, copywriters, programmers, content - managers, moderators and translators. It is easy to find information on vacancies and orders for freelance. ru, free - lance. ru and webfreelance. ru. At good load the freelance brings up to 40 thousand a month.

Besides, it is possible to monetize own hobby. In such games as Lineage, Warhammer Online and World Of Warcraft, trade in the pumped-over accounts and game objects (an armor, amulets, artifacts) prospers long ago. Fans online - games claim that it is possible to earn from MMORPG from several honeycombs to several thousand dollars.

Eventually, it is possible to be engaged in production of handmade - accessories and to sell them on “Facebook“, “VKontakte“ and on any other blog - the platform. The benefit, everything raskhodnik it is always possible to order on the Network...