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The purpose and role of morality


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Morality need

and Morality sends to

energy of the person in the right direction, keeping him from wild and low acts.

p Without moral occupation - life is empty.

and Morality - the terrible weapon in fight against defects.

and Morality - the field of reconciliation of various requirements.

and the Immoral person cannot be happy.

and the Immoral person is not capable to love nobly.

and - reaches For highly moral person all live.

and the Immoral person - cannot be standing.

and the Purpose of morality - to define the person in such framework of behavior at which he will be able to construct the happiness, without having prevented to make it another.

p Silly not to observe moral laws - only they conduct to the real happiness.

and the Immoral person is spiritually lonely always - and in old age to it the absolute loneliness comes.

and the Main law of morality - not to do the evil.

and Highly moral person - is beautiful.

and the Immoral person - an animal.


pv the Immoral person, as well as society in general - are not viable.

pv Height of morality of the person - is more important than height of his intelligence.

of C Immorality - nonsense of soul.

p the person Respecting himself has to treat constantly the moral illnesses.

and Is highly moral that - who and in the wood does not make one without -

of moral acts.

and About morality, without having of it a clear idea - say much, and of the main thing, its execution - very few people think.

and Mother of morality - a shower, the father - mind.

and Morality is more soul, than reason.

and Laws of morality - are only recommendatory.

and the Law - the brother of morality.

and Morality - the main basis of the legislation.

z the Nature does not know what is morality - it only demands from the person of the maximum reproduction.

with In a modern civilization of the morality of one of the most difficult tasks which created institute for the person is combination of secret natural satisfaction of need for a sexual variety and to creation of a normal family.

p the Highly moral person - does not strive for luxury.

and Once reason stand gaping, and conscience to doze off - as the animal expelled by them comes back to the person.

p It is possible not to be anybody - but it is necessary to be the person.

and the bad person should be considered as the patient. From that

only a difference that an illness at it moral.

p the Person spending spare cash for the person cannot be

highly moral.

and is Rather moral that person at whom is svo -

of baud to make immoral acts.

and in the absence of the moral purposes - other purposes lose meaning.

and the Warm attitude from - for benefits - an immorality sign.

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