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How to force the Opera browser to work quicker at start?

the Web - the Opera browser in recent years by right got sympathies of many Russian the Internet - users.

So fast display a web - pages, and also the numerous convenient necessary functionality, unfortunately, so still is also not mastered properly by other his “fellows“.

For July, 2011, according to the Internet - statistics (to average value of number of occurrences of this browser on seven largest mail services. ru), its share “on a web - the market“ makes 22,4%.

Users with solid “experience“ remember still times when the browser was paid, remember versions 8 and 9 which already became free. It was valid time of deserved delights, thanks to the successful interface of the browser and high speed of its work.

But, unfortunately, the Opera 11 version which appeared in 2011 caused many complaints from outside even the most loyal admirers. Without going into technical details, nevertheless we will wish to developers to correct all defects over time and not to allow them in the subsequent updates.

We will stop, nevertheless, at one of them - it precisely is present at Opera 11. 10. The matter is that in file system of any browser there is so-called “cache“ where the web - the page with all files and components relating to it is loaded. It allows to open, for example, later this a web - the page without connection to the Internet.

At everyone a web - the browser the “file ideology“ of placement of a cache in space of all file system on a disk. Opera places it (Windows XP) here: C: / Documents and Settings/Imyapolzovatelya/Local Settings/Application Data/Opera/Opera/cache.

Folders - catalogs like B_ZZZZ (B - a letter, C - figure) grow as mushrooms after a rain, - in them are placed loaded a web - pages. Even for the small period of time (for example, week) their number can reach 100-150 and more. In total number of components in these folders can make several tens of thousands. It, probably, also is one of the main of factors of “braking“ of the browser at its start.

At the same time it should be noted that in earlier versions of the browser for such cache the unique folder was selected all, and in it perfectly were located all a web - pages with all their components. However for Opera 11 developers went for some reason on other way, and a cache now - here such “distributed“.

Yes, of course, there is an opportunity to clear a browser cache here (this opportunity essentially is present at each browser): “- General settings - Expanded - History - to Clear tools“.

But as it appears, only components in these folders are removed at the same time, folders remain on the place. And their subsequent removal considerably reduces time of “start“ of the browser which in the most “started“ cases even on high-performance computers can make 7-8 seconds or even more.

Unacceptably, agree? So, way: delete time - another in a week at the idle browser all these - already empty - folders after “Cleaning“.

And your darling of Opera every time almost instantly will “swell up“.

It is possible to make it in two ways: through “Conductor“ or by means of any the file - the manager established on your computer (for example, very popular Far Manager).