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How the housewife has a rest?

Rest of the housewife - a thing amusing actually. For the working and studying members of household you in general on infinite holiday. Though when itself worked, quite so holiday also took place. Children of the house, a harvest on a floor in kitchen (a corridor, a balcony - where crept). All want to dress pure, it is desirable to wash and do things in pure sanitary equipment too. Then besides there is a wish (and from what it suddenly?) in time and tasty to eat. And the harvest does not wait, it continuously wants to die, and you do not give it... So holiday of the working mother - that still pleasure. It is less than excuses on inaction, “has to“ more and “through not - ho - chu“.

What changed? Mother lives not at work and in public transport now, and at home. The household became a profession. This rather serious and difficult business. How to be in time how to be inspired what is got hardly (any degree of difficulty and the spent time), and disappears almost right there at you in the eyes - food, clean clothes, an order...? There are simply infinite to a stupor also self-replicating affairs - dust, floors, ware...

Everything is not sad actually. Just I reflex for myself. Probably, professional skills to collect and review information sometimes it is interesting to impose on the reality surrounding you. I miss work. But I do not miss time, spent for everything that after work. You Povspominat, you will sigh a little, you will smile to children and you stamp grow further professionally on new (nearly 4 years) the front of work.

As at any work the toiler needs periodic rest. Of course, having been at home you to yourself define the place and time of a lezhka - an eshka. In sense it is physically necessary to give to a back rest just sometimes. During this time you manage to look (but not to listen) at a piece of the movie or what came across in the TV.

Food for the housewife - in general the separation moment from reality. There is a so-called “mother`s hour“. It when fed all, collected, took away, washed “breakfast“, ran on the apartment after left to get a daily bread in schools and for works. Morning coffee behind the book or the Internet, a resort droplet, a droplet of restaurant, the embodiment of dietary knowledge and a holodilnikova of a podjedalov. And then everything, again at way to win against day planning of homemade food, about, the children`s schedule and all again around.

There is an opportunity to esteem. When I am absolutely sewn up, I prescribe myself as medicine - three pages or are stupid 10 minutes of reading, only normal literature. So on - to a tikhonk I master something big and decent. “Goya“ of Feykhtvanger, for example, will approach. It is possible to read, by the way, not only clever, but also just useful. You look, you will master something brand new, and the family with astonishment and at first cautiously will eat then, and then will ask additives or just will not spend time for any house problem already because mother learned it also itself made.

There is an opportunity to take care of the own life. And it not only masks - gymnastics and To. You one and with the thoughts. If not to fill the main cogitative capacity with something clever and interesting, then the myslevareniye about the events and regularly repeating around quickly enough will bring you to a state, depressing and boring for people around. And mother - the main source of family energy. And for children (plus you and the cleverest also has to know most and, the father did not come yet), and for other part of family. Therefore it is necessary to fill itself with something new and interesting.

not to be aloof (it is possible and to be evaporated over time!), will be very useful besides books there is a communication. But here again - oops. You are one whole day of the house. Well by phone, well with children, well on the Internet. Everything has the pluses and minuses. But it is necessary! Besides switching from a sink - drayka - cooking.

Is not present at the housewife of holiday. To holiday. The main thing to remain to interesting itself. What` s in the wind? A difficult question for the housewife. But solvable.