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Uncertainty in - the reason of defects?

In my opinion, the most great sin - uncertainty in. It, and at all not arrogance as people religious speak, and not laziness as the unknown wise man spoke, can become the reason of any, any sin.

You do not trust? You look: seven mortal sins are known. Let`s go one after another.

1. Arrogance . Obsessed by arrogance considers himself it is better than the others, so? Such position “All Pygmies, and I Am D`Artagnan“. And now we will reflect...

Best of all or worse, more abruptly or not - what business to all this to the person really self-sufficient and confident in the forces? The custom to be measured pi … forgive, advantages - it is rather characteristic of diffident individuals of the human race.

2. Envy . Here even the explanation is not required. It is known that the sure, successful and possessing other delicious qualities strong personalities do not suffer from this defect. And here diffident the poisonous worm of envy to the neighbor often gnaws.

3. Gluttony . Uncertainty in itself leads to this sin not so often as to other, but also it happens. Unless you had not to see the diffident zhirnovaty teenagers jamming the next fiasco on the love front the next chocolate? Or the lady of average years who after long day at hated low-paid work is consoled in the evening at the TV of notorious nyamky with mayaneziky ?

From a gluttony losers suffer more often. And from diffident people most often turn out - yes, they are losers.

4. Fornication . It lust as it is pleasant to whom. Let`s not speak about people with the raised libido or here about those who preferred to earn a living not by a brain, and the body which is is much lower. Let`s tell better about those who samoutverzhatsya, having entered the next line in the list of amorous victories.

The consciousness of that what you are a cool macho, adds weight in own eyes, but only for a while - and our such abrupt outside and uncertain inside the pikaper comes for hunting again.

5. Anger . Happens as on business, and absolutely from scratch. For example, today on my eyes of a brutal look the young man got nasty with the very young shop assistant. With the use of abusive words, the increased tone and other wonderful attributes. It was on business? It is unlikely. Just ego-tripped at the expense of the weak girl.

And the similar self-affirmation is necessary only for diffident people. How they were self-confident and brutal in appearance.

6. Greed . Too can result uncertainty in greed. “The neighbor bought expensive car - and I than worse? It is necessary to earn / steal on it“ - well, it as to whom is pleasant.

And begin to be measured by advantages at us from what? Correctly, from uncertainty in, favourite. More precisely, not really - that and favourite.

7. Despondency . “Ah, I am such unfortunate. Ah, at me nothing will turn out, you should not even try“. If believed in himself, then would take and tried. Also adjusted the life.

Certainly, at sins there is a lot of also other reasons. Only the others - for example, aspiration to pleasure or congenital vanity - will not make your life such nasty as uncertainty in and the forces.