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East fairy tale... About a senyorazha?

(to Read still with east accent .)

- - e, sadykey, came again! The boy, the boy, that you such unruly - that, and? Well Salam Beshi, sit down. In many knowledge many grieves, so one wise man told - yes. Your case? Mushkele Kabeer, fie, a big problem, that is, for you it?

Oh, again samosa brought! That samosa! From the tandoor, on fruit branches, mmmm

Well sit down on a carpet, in tenyochek a plane tree move, and that solar activity your head will get, you will not be need more fairy tales of the old akyn.

So to tell - that? Remind. Senyorazh? That, the word it was pleasant, huh? And - and - and, sense and what stands behind it?. - - e, but you are not afraid? Because in this life this knowledge brought nobody to good. I? And what I? I am an old akyn, I have nothing. Today I in this aul of the fairy tale tell, in another tomorrow, the day after tomorrow in the third - go, find roll - the field in the desert, and having found - understand whether that is a prickle which your bum pricked or not

Well do not pull, give some tea, with a thyme still - I do not drink another, samosa break, move a hookah to the center, the fairy tale slyushay.

Davny - long ago, in old - age-old times there lived one Bai. However, then he Bai was not yet, and was a jeweler. That is professionally worked with gold, silver and kamenye everyones. Also notice, the boy - well worked. People to it went who should melt a gold coin into a chain to whom overseas bright to insert a stone into a pendent - always at it is in the house a piece flat cake and koumiss was. Besides money at this jeweler it was always possible to borrow, not free of charge, of course, but always and regularly.

And times then were restless, and iron the door is not enough with thick walls from a stone the house - very few people could afford. Here to this jeweler the people also stretched, take supposedly gold - silver on preservation. You have deep cellars, walls thick, lattices in a hand Nukera all this is protected. And we for such important service as preservation of everything of the tang acquired by us back-breaking toil, you will pay. Depositary now it is called. Yes, write down one more clever the word.

And here time went, in depositary, cellars that is, a lot of gold, not belonging to the jeweler, and being at it, so to speak, on responsible storage accumulated already. And here he noticed exactly two things, and having noticed them, compared among themselves and as compared - here he has that all affairs uphill and rushed! Began to receive megaprofit and such that almost all visible world could buy up soon and individually dispose of it. Soon - soon shahs - padishahs and other whom the power it would be possible to call then to it began to go, tried to be on friendly terms with it the necessary person - yes, protection racket, fie you, to offer protection against illegal actions of the third parties. Also this jeweler, and his warehouse receipts began already the banker to be called, respectively, banknotes, that is the notes of bank or bank notes confirming that on the face value designated on this beautiful a piece of paper, the corresponding coin or an ingot lies in cellars of bank. You only do not confuse a banknote to the note and the treasury note - it is from other fairy tales, though something similar.

What such supervision are he made, ask? And everything is very simple, so simple, as then, and now it to very few people could come to mind: the shaitan - a bullock cart, bicycle called, and that is many times more difficult.

The first: the people prefer to pay off among themselves its warehouse receipts, but not to run every time to it for next a coin that on the market to carry it.

And the second: never happens that all at the same time addressed it for, so to speak, receiving money in nature - for gold - silver a coin that is.

And what, you ask? Vakh, boy! Truly at this Bai everything will be good always even if having heard told, you obvious piece refuse to understand! - - e, you upset me, the boy, oh upset Yes matter that having realized it this wise, but greedy Bai understood that it is possible to create the warehouse receipts more, than at it stored is money actually and to start them in a turn, making purchases or lending. That is, look, the glyupy boy: there is nothing, this Bai takes a piece of paper, draws on it the astrakhan fur - marakul and the house on it buys. It is already his house, you understand? And in a turn, in economy that is, money as the cost equivalent did not increase because what increased, washed away and reduced filling of the previous money.

And it is still worse when he not just buys the house, and here such here false in fact money lends to someone. It not just like that gives, and under the loan percent which is truly thought up by the Shaitan to spite of Allah and directly forbidden by all religions of the world! Somehow now it is not accepted to remember only it because churchmen play these games Well, we distracted, better then we will return to this subject, and that will get confused completely, the boy.

- - e, you about tea absolutely forgot? And about a hookah? Vakh, even samosa already cold! Eh the boy, is impossible so: itself was fond, so would think of the old akyn. Call the owner of this remarkable shady mataam, let coal will bring also boiled water in a copper teapot.

And so, we will return to senyorazha . As you already know, it is a difference between prime cost of money and their face value. And if face value - gold a tanga, and prime cost - piece of paper with an ink scribble, then what profit on this senyorazh arises? About!

Also notice, for this enormous profit it is not necessary to be at war, it is not necessary many - to work hard, it is not necessary cunning to think out everyone piece: you take and yourself by the multibillionaire for an hour you do of nothing. It is natural that to hold it in hands, it is necessary cunning - cunning and clever - clever to be, and strong, but silly, the nominal power, that is, itself to make under control. And how to make? Of course, through money! As on credit ask - it is necessary to give, do not ask - to offer and insist, to it everyones took to think out expenses and in the other ways - gave a wheel, but it is more to stimulate.

It was very useful for this purpose with one, and with many Bai friendship to drive and among themselves them as a glyupy jackal, to pit. Because the biggest - a big expense for what power? - - e, on the rounded eyes I see what understood, the boy, it is correct - war. In the war, financing this empty money both parties, it is a lot of - many billions can be earned, and it is not important at all what of the parties will win - pay both. And the fact that Bai level it is less on military orders and from the war as action is earned, it is not important any more - remains, let collect.

What? Millions of the dead? Vakh, the boy what silly piece told! Yes who at such affairs of rams considers? As everything will end, the debit to the credit will be compared, grandmas will line and give birth rate in all ways to stimulate, population, so to speak, to restore.

You think, all this? No, the boy, with a pillow got up early and home started to hurry. Still more interestingly These Bai` greed reached such limit that they refused security of money in general, that is completely! Now, also I ask to notice, absolutely lawfully, they should not have in the cellars though how many - nibud gold, and the profit on a senyorazh began to correspond to face value practically! And notice, in economies of the modern states cash, that is printed, money is only in 5 percent of use, other 95 percent are clearing settlements. That is the profit on a senyorazh on this money is absolutely equal to face value! Vakh, what profitable business: how many zero on the keyboard the shaitan - machines, the computer is called, cracked - so much and earned!

What you sit? Now you can go, think home how so it could turn out that 97 percent of all material benefits of this planet belong to only 3 percent of its population. What? Not, not I considered. The statistics - is such clever the word. You can write down on the road.