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How to lighten itself mood?

our mood can change several times a day. We that laugh and rejoice, we cry and we lower hands Of course, it is useful to long sometimes. But it should not turn into a habit. How to bridle the mood and always to be in shape?

Psychologists consider that the smile can lighten mood . In spite of the fact that at heart cats scrape, tighten tips of lips up. The curative effect will not keep itself waiting long. If it is rather difficult to smile with a great effort to you or you do not want to make the wrong impression, smiling without cause, then watch ridiculous videos or pictures on the Internet, read jokes or amusing vital stories. Believe, your mood will surely change!

By the way, it is known that gloomy people have angiospasms of various bodies, there is various pain, and diseases proceed more slowly. The recipe from an indisposition - a smile. The benevolent look excites the centers of positive emotions, putting you in good spirits. The smile helps to keep high working capacity and helps to improve the relations, lightening mood and to the people surrounding you.

One of ways to improve mood is your memoirs . Revive that time when you were happy in memory. Watch video or photos of that time, touch cards or gifts. When you convince yourself that in your life was so much good, turn the look into the future. What there waits for you? Of course, sea of new pleasure, success and new victories!

Can lighten mood of change in life . For a start you can arrange houses shift or clear-out. This excellent depression medicine! By the way, the ancient Chinese doctrine Hair dryer - Shui says that in the objects surrounding us, things, living beings energy which can be favorable or destructive is covered. Shift of things, cleaning, airing of rooms allow to expel negative energy from the house. Therefore do it at least once in a month.

It is also possible to achieve improvement of mood, having changed the habitual route before work or house. Perhaps, you will see something new or pay attention to some beautiful buildings, parks etc. If it does not help - replace the image, broaden horizons, learn something new or find for yourself a new hobby.

One more antidepressant - a holiday! Organize yourself a celebration. And it is not obligatory to date it for any date. Just hold this event among a week when you were tired and you want to have a rest. Gather for picnic with friends or a family, buy cake or give romantic party for darling, find time for yourself and procedures of beauty.

Perfectly physical activity lightens mood . You can descend in a gym, run about or play sports of the house. Re-stick wall-paper, beat shelves, help friends who do apartment renovation. A remarkable way to improve the mood - dances! Turn on the favourite music and be given to a rhythm. It is possible to arrange incendiary dances in the company of friends, for example, having gone to night club.

To force you smile can of game with pets . It is known that our little friends are able to lighten mood to the owners. It is rather simple to stroke the cat or to leave frisbee to the doggie - and you will be in a tone! If you have no pet, then go to a dolphinarium or a zoo or just feed a homeless animal. The mood from communication with dumb animals will surely be lightened.

Practically shopping helps to lighten all women and some men mood ! You walk on shops and buy to yourself some knickknack. You can buy gifts to friends, having lightened mood not only yourself, but also close people.

Eventually do favorite thing . For example, watch series, idle, read the book, indulge yourself with cake or a chocolate, dream. Remember that a secret of excellent mood - your confidence in the happy future!

So make plans, realize them and move forward!