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To state to understand?

“to Understand“ and “state“ - concepts, as we know, different, and to remind of it somehow even it is banal. But, we want that or we do not want, it is necessary to recognize that to remember banalities too sometimes happens it is useful. First of all because the reasonable, but become familiar in information race moments, become invisible over time. Therefore it is necessary to admit that when ascertaining in recent weeks and days of unknown flow in an information field of clerical promotion, in the developing situation it is difficult to reach understanding of its sense.

The address, for example, of the member of church fund and the bishop - the business executive from the Moscow patriarchy to the government of Moscow for the help in information promotion of campaign for building of the Moscow districts by hundreds of modular temples can only be stated. The church official addressed the secular partners supposedly to help to present replenishment of assets of ROC with the land plots and real estate with some especially good cause in which all are, allegedly, interested. But to understand what the church representative counts on, accenting that government journalists will help to make the project “transparent for society“, it is absolutely impossible. And even in case to assume that the clerical resorted to subtle irony and under “transparency for society“ could mean just invisibility.

“Adequacy“, generally, in most cases prompts elementary judiciousness which it became fashionable to call a word today to certain people and even the organizations that when they “are caught by a hand“ in the course of doubtful acts, it is necessary to stop at least. Therefore and in this situation when everything to new and new hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens daily becomes more and more clear technology next klerikalno - official adventure, it would be useful to domestic “source of spirituality“ to follow an example at least of Catholic politicians. These much more skilled, and therefore successful rivals of “the third Rome“, in similar situations inflate cheeks and plunge into thoughtful silence, expecting until “resolves itself“. Let it also do not bring full and final success, but at least allows to tighten time which suffers, however, only till a time.

Of course, it is possible to assume that the aggressive “clerical dukhovitost“ does not promote education of special endurance, but before that under its pressure even the self-preservation instinct disappeared at all, until recently business did not reach. Therefore such call of fire on itself moreover and in such obvious occasion as commercial campaign which today at all very famous, remains absolutely unclear.

However, only if not to strain the imagination and not to try to explain this or any other of a number unclear with the ardor of clerical initiatives, something well absolutely non-standard. For example, the fact that in the ROC dug round the “enemies of Orthodoxy“ who got there in general confusion who do everything that this organization was finally compromised. Decompose, so to speak, from within. To look for signs of credibility or absurdity in such assumption at the same time it is perfect to anything. The speech not so much about mythical “enemies“ how many are unknown whose, but very effective efforts of results. And in concreteness and evidence of these results of doubts cannot be because they as any other, up to the abnormal phenomena, let and are not clear, but are stated.

Well who does not know that mythologized in Soviet period as “a spiritual treasury“ the corporation has an opportunity under the law * today (!) to become at any time, as well as in pre-Pertine times, one of the largest land owners? To whom it is not conducted that the structure separated from the secular state by some “miracle“ takes part ** in activity … legislature? Who will tear a shirt to breasts, proving that the church does not address falsifications and forgery to appropriate ***, for example, medieval castles in “a diocesan ancestral lands“ of her current head - the Kaliningrad region? Similar examples unseemly for not that the religious, but also secular organization of impudence in affairs of “this prince of Peace“ can bring in areas of compulsory school and higher secular education, science, culture, defense, domestic and foreign trade. And also in spheres of compliance to the current legislation and the standard morals.

Alas, but by efforts of these internal “enemies“, the last rather authoritative institution of the Post-Soviet state so was considerably devaluated, as “God the rascal marks a saying“ to apply to this version “new Russians“ though to the place, but it is somehow awkward. What there “God“ when under new repartition of property the whole state with its people, traditions and culture got?

When ahead, God forbid, “the fertile parody“ to Voynovich`s anti-Utopia “Moscow 2042“ …