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“22 bullets: Immortal“. Croissants in ketchup?

Once upon a time there was a Godfather. French such, naturally big-nosed and imposing, loving mother, the juvenile son and a trip to a sunny day behind products. However the Godfather`s position - a dangerous profession. To you not at a table of a piece of paper to touch it, here it is necessary to think strategically and to estimate the fragile life on 10 steps forward. And our hero, we will call him Charles of Mateja, something relaxed. Therefore, without having managed to read a morning paper and to unpack a carton of milk, got exactly 22 bullets which spoiled to it a jacket, purchases and life in general.

Being a gentle person, Mateja all forgave to the unknown enemies. Well did not kill, eventually. Business, you understand, nothing personal. But unknown impudent fellows do not calm down in any way, being obviously going to finish with them the begun bloodshed. After attempt at Charles kill his best friend and the helper Karim. It is impossible to live in such intolerable conditions of raunchy gangster war, by default. Therefore Mateja takes away a family to the secluded place, and itself decides to revenge offenders cruelly.

He will slowly revenge and with taste, punishing eight shooters in turn. That suffered thoroughly, regretted deeds and other. However, when it becomes clear that behind impudent acts and untied the old friend of Mateja Tony Zakkiya stands weather violence, Charles understands that he will not be able to pull the trigger just like that. Previously he needs to state in a face to the enemy all the hatred and misunderstanding. Zakkiya is not sentimental at all, and bonds of long friendship are appreciated no more, than by a spittle on a pavement. Who will win this deadly fight - the kind mafioso of Mateja who decided to leave bloody business or his cruel accomplice Zakkiya who has nothing to lose for a long time, except the migraine?.

Richard Berry`s tape “22 bullets: Immortal“ - one that after viewing leave dual impression. On the one hand, it seems, all cinema aspects on the places, and with another - as though to you spat for a collar, previously having promised a trip at the sea. That is on the course of the movie of the viewer persistently pursues feeling that authors somewhere bungle, and somewhere have just a rest, but in general the movie is not scattered, does not fade in melancholy and even manages to state a celebration of symbolical good over the exaggerated evil.

Strongly me dear Alex Exler in the review mixed Berry`s hand-made article with the substance known in the people as guano, but in this case obviously hurried. More precisely, I am inclined to believe that Alex stayed during viewing in not the best mood, and therefore preferred not to try to discover rare gleams in a picture, and to mix both bad, and good in uniform gray weight. However, we will be honest with ourselves, it is a little light spots in the movie, but nevertheless we will try to pull out them in this world.

Probably, participation in Jean Reno`s tape can become the only reason of the addressing this opus for those who in principle not especially transfer modern French cinema. However, Reno in the homeland became for a long time someone like Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Like, Jean is absent - there is no movie. Therefore it is pushed everywhere - both on business, and without it. Reno is a pure image of present French cinema for all other world. Jean adopted on himself this responsibility from Alain Delon`s shoulders, and in many respects repeats pantophagy and illegibility of the colleague from actor`s shop. “Immortal“ - a typical example of the fact that Reno for quite some time now ceased to read scenarios, subwearable agents. What, in turn, steadily affects image of the actor, but to he, most likely, could already not care less.

The main problem of the movie of Berry is improbability. Yassen a stub that, remove Coppola “Godfather“ now, it would be showered with rotten tomatoes for secondariness and banality too, but so left that someone manages to reap the fruits, and to someone - to beg scraps. Berry begs with feeling, properly, giving cardboard stamps for exclusive pearls, than causes rejection and partially rejection.

It is willingly believed that so large cone of mafia can directly be shot down with ease on the underground parking. The similar episode from Coppola`s masterpiece where Brando only left of the car to buy fruit is besides remembered. But everything that followed after attempt, differently as the soap opera you will not call. Ah, the cool gangster was deeply moved and did not begin to heat in cement of the traitor who issued the malicious plan of his bosom friend. While villains kartinno drink champagne and celebrate a victory, our hero is forced to grieve at a tomb of the faithful companion. And then inevitably to turn into the lonely Avenger waiting the victims in the most unexpected places.

The police chief surely quotes classics, and main polisvumen is eager for payment for innocently murdered husband and makes sour Smirnoff in the evenings, and often without leaving limits of the official car. Glavgad is furious and unscrupulous, does not feel sorry for either women, or children, and his helpers look like a small group of loonies, but not the experienced mafiosi honoring the code and elementary norms of communication more. In Berry`s tape all aspects of the criminal world are brought to extremes, turning the thriller about revenge into buffoonery with comic book elements. However, why to offend comics? Just in buffoonery.

Strangely enough, at all the absurd, a picture not boring because to the viewer everything is interestingly, than history will end. Interest, however, purely sports because all invention initially assumes that the bomb in the same funnel does not fall also to the main character who survived after 22 twice - x bullets, the death is not terrible any more. And here creators laid up for the viewer the most terrible - an ending in style of show of Benny Hill. With obligatory comments of the main character off-screen on how it is heavy to it to live, but he will try. And absolutely muffled meeting of two irreconcilable opponents.

And it could turn out not so absurdly. Especially, considering that Mateja`s prototype was the real Marseilles gangster Jacques Imber whose of life it was possible to gather more realistic details, but not to flog a gag and to fence a paling from hackneyed stamps. Alas, Berry which top of a film career are alteration of “Bore“ and the uneven criminal comedy “Unlucky“ with Depardieu and the same Reno, did not manage to dispose of material, having turned potentially powerful gangster drama into circus with tired clowns. And, despite more - less successful action and views of rural France, “Immortal“ the name does not justify at all, being forgotten at once after viewing.