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School and diseases of children. Let`s pay attention to furniture?

are just unknown to Most of parents that scolioses and violations of a bearing receive continuation of development at schools.

At all schools now the room system of training - in each subject is a specialized class in which children with 5 on 11 class are engaged, and today such programs of training are applied already from the 2nd class.

In all offices tables and chairs of one size. Any of parents can descend in school and look in what conditions children study.

If the child of small growth sits on a chair, high for it, then it has a sleep (blood circulation violation) in inguinal area. Result - violation of genital function.

If the child of high growth sits at a small school desk, then it develops scoliosis, violation of a bearing and consequence in this regard for other bodies.

If the table has no inclination and it does not correspond to growth of the child, then sight violations develop - to a half of graduates of schools have similar diseases.

All so-called adjustable furniture demands for adjustment of participation of workers with the special tool that does not allow to adjust it in a break between lessons when the group of children of one age is replaced in an office by group another.

Such situation today at all schools of Russia. The furniture which the child on the growth in seconds could adjust exists. But who should organize its installation in schools: to officials, businessmen? And why, when and so according to the income everything suits all.

Of course, it does not suit the parents grieving about health of the child. But parents do not have enough courage to advocate the interests of children at administration, to give to courts on indemnification to health.

And it is the only way to pay attention of officials to a problem. When claims become mass, bureaucratic machinery will twirl, and at schools there will be a furniture which will create necessary conditions for the healthy growth of children. For now in deliveries of furniture for schools nobody can do anything with an official lobby. A question only in when citizens of Russia cease to be afraid of chiefs?

Today the prices of furniture from the western producers which the teacher, and on the furniture which is let out according to licenses in Russia, very high can adjust on growth of the child. Actually very heavy for most of parents and local budgets.

There is also a furniture which the child in a break between lessons or even at the beginning of a lesson, comparable at the prices with those usual tables and chairs which are delivered in schools today can adjust. The problem is that this furniture in Russia is created by the Russian inventor. So, officials and businessmen are not interested that it was available for sale and was delivered in educational institutions. Though such inaction of officials from education in fact can be qualified as a crime against life and health (Hl. 16, St. 125 criminal codes of Russian Federation).

If parents of sick children do not begin to appeal to courts, will continue to cripple children in large quantities at schools as it and occurs nowadays.