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What to begin with? The first steps as the freelancer!!! To begin

C of what? The first steps as the freelancer. So, you decided to become a freelancer and the first question which emerges at once and what actually to do to me? What to begin with? Let the answer will seem to you a little banal, but it is worth beginning with itself. Think what you are able to do what services you can offer the customer.

Perhaps, you already have some necessary knowledge to get to work already today. If you know any foreign language, then it will be rather easy to find to itself work. Visit any exchange of freelancers or the specialized exchange of translators, there enough orders for the translation of various materials.

Perhaps, you are able to write good articles, then welcome to the exchange of texts, here it is easily possible to sell a small article for ten - twelve dollars. At the exchanges of freelancers for themselves programmers, web - designers, masters in creation of the websites or in work with graphics rather easily will be able to find orders.

It is in passing possible to try to realize also small own project. For example, if you are able to do the websites, then it is possible to work in two directions at once: to look for orders at the exchanges of freelancers and at the same time at the moments of the compelled idle time to do the website to try to earn from a contextual advertizing, sale of references or placement of banners.

Though can happen and so that you are able nothing, then you should pass rather long and in certain cases boring process of training. But anyway it is worth deciding on the direction of your activity as soon as possible. It is rather difficult, but there are no impracticable tasks. Think what work you like to perform in real life, try to make the short list of what you are able to do, perhaps, some of your abilities will be useful to you and in the field of remote earnings.

By the way, small retreat! One my acquaintance on a question: What it most of all likes to do? answered that most of all he likes to put money in own purse. If you belong to such type of people, then it is better for you to try to find to yourself other occupation. Freelance most likely not for you. There is quickly also no easily earned money.

We will continue.

And if absolutely nothing comes to mind, then

In this place of article would be very successful to place the partner program of some little shop selling literature on remote earnings, or a reference on a certain website (naturally paid), offering the training courses, to tell as to you this book or the website will help to promise you, generally, gold mountains. But I will not do it, and I will explain why.

First, the phenomenon rather young with the specific features nobody it till today`s moment seriously studied freelance in Russia therefore you will not find the academic literature on freelance anywhere. Everything that is now offered in the market, it or attempt to share experience of the Russian freelancers with an experience, or the translation of some foreign editions, for example, of the American. But we live not in the USA, and our realities strongly differ from the American realities and to read books which main part of contents tells about how it is good to work at home or describes the certain misters who earned millions after reading of this excellent book, to me excuse not interestingly.

The option with the description of experience of the skilled Russian freelancer is represented of course more interesting. There is more reality. But all - experience of each specific person a thing especially individual, and at all not the fact that the councils offered in such materials will do you good.

The second important point about which many for some reason forget when they look for work does not matter what, usual or remote. It consists in the following! Misters who are looking for work you unless forgot that work - this such time forwarding for which pay you money, to YOU, but NOT YOU. Never forget about this principle, at least not to fall a victim of swindlers.

In the third who told you that the materials offered you will contain all secrets of distant work. Believe me, it will not be, and you know why. Any least secret, either a find or unexpected opening is of considerable commercial interest to her owner, and he will use it itself, without telling about it to whom not at any price. It is its pot of gold which is bringing in it the considerable income, and everything that you are offered to buy, it is easily possible to find free of charge in open access. It is asked why to pay money for what can be taken free of charge

Well and the last moment. The most valuable experience - it is that which is received from own experience. You cannot be sure up to the end of something, will not check it independently yet. Look for and analyze information independently. Let on it slightly more time will leave, and you make enough unnecessary mistakes, but probability that you will find the pot of gold known only to you, considerably raises. Only in this case you will become the true professional of the business.

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