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What to pay attention to, choosing medicine?

pass many drugstores into the self-service mode Recently. Reminding supermarkets more and more: catalogs of goods, discount cards, discounts, baskets. And we, giving in to promising commercials of the pharmaceutical companies, we sweep away everything that shines and promises us an absolute recovery at one time. So, let`s study the main tricks in fight for sales.

the Internet to you in the help!

If after the next viewing of the TV you found the solution of the problem, it is worth resorting to the help of the World wide web. First of all find the preparation interesting you and learn its active ingredient. It is also intended to you to help. All the rest is excipients which pursues two aims: to help the best digestion of active ingredient and to give additional organoleptic properties.

Found? It`s cool! Also it is worth paying attention to whether this preparation is medicinal, or it belongs to the category of dietary supplements. It is important! Because dietary supplements do not treat, and are used for prevention. Of course, there are both their supporters, and their opponents. Many doctors observe a neutrality in this question. The main thing to define that it is necessary for you - prevention or medicinal action.

One more feature: the country - the producer. It is time to support the fatherland! Besides “ours“ are more available and less often forge them.

Well, and now it is worth starting search of responses. Read that is written by other consumers. Of course, many pharmaceutical giants order positive responses and well pay for them. But, as practice shows, not to conceal a pricker in a bag! And after everything stated above to you read and educated, it is worth seeing the attending physician, at least by phone.

the Pharmacist - too a profession

to All are necessary to

money, and workers of a drugstore not an exception therefore many of them not just like that advise expensive preparations. Recently, for the sake of interest, I called according to the announcement “Pharmacists and druggists are required“. Also heard that wanted. For excellent work I am expected by delicious percent from sales. Generally, my fears were confirmed. Therefore if offer you an askorbinka “on delivery“ keep in mind - it is a marketing trick. And sometimes the pharmacist deliberately says that your means is absent, but there is an excellent analog. Therefore be not too lazy, attentively see all packs and tubes presented on a show-window. Suddenly the fact that it is necessary for you all - is.

And though medicines are not subject to return and an exchange, be not too lazy to take with yourself the check. Suddenly you became the unfortunate owner of counterfeit production. It, unfortunately, can happen. Nobody is insured from a fake. And in spite of the fact that lack of the check is not the basis for refusal of the seller to recognize a low-quality preparation, thanks to the check it will be easier for you to prove the purchase fact.

the Battlefield

In a drugstore a great lot of tricks, only get accustomed: “we recommend“, “2 at the price 1“ etc. Many means are specially highlighted that we paid attention to them. It should not mislead us.

And the most expensive preparations settle down, as a rule, at the level of eyes. Be not too lazy to look at the lowermost shelf. Also pay attention to preparation capacity (ml, piece) because many bubbles and boxes can have the extended form. Illusion of large volume is as a result created.

Of course, in each drugstore is also small “gratefulness“: it is possible to take absolutely free of charge a sampler of very expensive cream or shampoo. Or to take part in tasting phyto - tea. “Same competent promo - the course!“ - you will think. Of course, but what pleasant. And nobody will force to buy you in this case and will oblige. Just derive pleasure, check a product in operation. And if it is pleasant, then it is possible it and to buy.

And finally one more efficient thought, on it time from my grandmother: than the drugstore is farther from policlinic, especially are acceptable in it the prices.