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Breath - as bridge footings or how wings of a butterfly?

Prague Is beautiful at all seasons of the year! Strikes with widely stretched Vltava and majestic bridges through it! To bridges this not one century, and they still truly serve Czechs and attract tourists from around the world.

The basic voice - like bridges, does not know were tired, allows quietly, without tension to work to vocal chords and it is correct to distribute breath.

The breath connected with a sound call fonatsionny, and it differs from breath during silence. When we are silent, our breaths and exhalations are equal on duration and when we speak or we sing, the breath is much shorter than an exhalation.

This breath allows us to say long phrases, without choking, and we have to concentrate attention on it.

I want to acquaint you with exercises of respiratory gymnastics which not only are used for voice training on a support, but also serve as fine prevention and even treatment of various diseases.

The author of this unique gymnastics is the remarkable woman Aleksandra Strelnikova. She was a singer, but lost a voice. She so wanted to return it that it was necessary to create special gymnastics and to become the doctor. Aleksandra Nikolaevna recovered a voice and health not only herself.

By its technique the breath is taken through a nose - extremely active noisy, sharp and short as cotton in palms. It becomes along with the movements. We exhale through a mouth - absolutely passively.

All breaths - the movements of strelnikovsky gymnastics become in a temporitma of a ceremonial step - 12 times on 8 breaths - movements. I suggest to master 4 of them:

1. “Turns by the head“;

2. “Embrace shoulders“;

3. “Cat“;

4. “Pump“.

Exercise “Turns by the head“ .

Turn the head to the right - make a noisy, short breath a nose on the right side. Then turn the head to the left - “sniff“ on the left side. In the middle not to stop the head, not to strain a neck, not to pull a breath!

Exercise “Embrace shoulders“ .

of the Hand are bent in elbows and lifted on the level of shoulders. Throw hands towards each other to the full, as if embracing themselves for shoulders. And along with each “embrace“ sharply “sniff“. Hands at the time of “embrace“ go in parallel each other (but not a cross - crosswise) not to change them at all (at the same time all the same what hand from above - right or left); widely in the parties not to part and not to strain.

Exercise “Cat“ .

of the Leg needs to be put slightly already width of shoulders (a foot of legs in exercise should not come off a floor). Make slight, elastic squat and at the same time turn of a trunk to the right - a sharp, short breath. Then the same squat with turn to the left and too a short, noisy breath a nose. By hands do the hvatatelny movements at the level of a belt on the right and at the left. The back is absolutely direct, turn - only in a waist. Exhalations occur between breaths.

Exercise “Pump“ .

Make easy bow (hands to reach for a floor, but not to concern it) and at the same time - a noisy and short breath a nose. “It is necessary to pump up the tire“ easily, low do not bow, bow in a belt suffices.

Remember that it is necessary to concentrate on a breath. Try, but... without fanaticism, master all this gradually. Do not do it in an emaciated state, from a powerful stream of air in an organism at some can “zaplyasat before eyes asterisks“.

The main thing - to master the principle of a noisy short breath and not to raise shoulders. At the same time edges have to be moved apart as wings of a butterfly. Having seized this type of breath, you will forget about a nesmykaniye of vocal chords (about loss of a voice). I recommend couple more of exercises on fixing of basic breath.

Exercise “Aroma of a flower“ . Imagine

that in hands at you a flower with delicate aroma, and, wishing to inhale this delightful smell is deeper, you take a short, noisy breath a nose.

Stop! Pay attention to how your edges revealed in the parties as wings of a butterfly. Detain them in this situation, and we will exhale as if we have in a mouth a straw for cocktail, that is through a small opening and will try to drag out process of an exhalation as long as possible.

Repeat exercise not less than 8 times for one independent occupation and about yourself consider how many seconds hold on. 25-30 sec. are a good result, but … it is very important that this exhalation was uniform. For this purpose we add

Exercise “Candle“ .

Bring to a mouth a narrow strip of paper (width of 1,5-2 cm, and 7-10 long) and blow on it as though it is a candle. Your task - “to put a candle flame“ and to hold it in such situation. At the same time again - we consider about ourselves and we achieve the necessary result. Repeat how many it is necessary.

If at a noisy, short breath (be not afraid that a breath noisy - it is necessary for training, then learn and silently) your lungs gather a lot of air, and you easily hold it by means of a diaphragm - it is fine. It means that you already own basic breath. I congratulate!

The following stage - scoring of an exhalation. Such sound extraction is also called basic.

In order that to master this process quickly, having avoided mistakes as you guess, there are special receptions and exercises too.