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How to save the purse in way? The vacationer about a hot time...

the Sun are high over the horizon long ago, sense of smell foully catches aromas of brochettes on coals, in imaginations the landscape - the turquoise sea and gold dust is drawn, and all of you are still chained in fetters of the heated asphalt and concrete. And here long-awaited holiday, the vacation spot it is chosen, tickets are bought, it was necessary only to reach the destination.

Summer - a time of holidays, a hot time not only for vacationers and their carriers, and also a generous time for shady characters that strive to profit instant production at the expense of tourists. How regrettably to learn that the means which are saved up within long and intense working year disappeared as if a mirage (and turned away only for one minute!) .

If you go towards resort areas, so you in a purse by all means will have a round sum, the people watching you at stations with small criminal bents so think. And them there, believe, it is a lot of! During holidays the number of thefts in public transport considerably increases at the expense of a carelessness and negligence of tourists.

How to secure itself against a posyaganiye of thieves during travel? And how in case of theft not to remain aground?

If you are going to take in the road the necessary sum cash, when collecting things break this sum into slightly small and spread out banknotes to various places of your baggage. The most important, in urgent cases to remember all hiding places! At the same time, in case of theft to remain though you will manage with some part of money. If there is a possibility of withdrawal of funds in the place of your rest via ATMs, it is possible to take in the road a plastic card, but at its hit in hands of the thief, or loss in turmoil, you automatically remain out-of-pocket. Therefore the best option will be - to take some part of money with itself cash, having cunning stuffed it on the baggage, and also not to forget to take a bank plastic card. You store documents and money in different pockets.

In public places try not to draw attention to yourself, flaunting for show with expensive means of communication in hands. Expensive things, electronics - fine temptation, and first of all - the tag allocating you as the victim from crowd of tourists.

Try not to recalculate large notes in full view of masses that too is temptation for pickpockets.

do not leave baggage unguarded, and also do not leave it, even for a minute, on “care“ to strangers. Left-luggage offices which exist at all stations perfectly will be suitable for safety of things.

If you travel the railroad, the baggage needs to be hidden in runduk - the place for its storage under a seat of the lower shelf in cars a compartment or a reserved seat. It will be more difficult to reach to the thief there, and, respectively, things will be more whole.

In way do not drink alcoholic drinks with strangers. The new pleasant, decent, interesting acquaintance can quite be the banal thief who only and strives to clean your pockets when you fall in Morpheus`s embraces.

Travelling in public transport, try to hold in the field of vision man purses and ladies` bags, especially when you hold a hand-rail in the hammered inside of the bus, tram or minibus. In a crush you will hardly manage to feel that the hand of the thief got into your bag.

Having noted these councils, you will be able to avoid the unpleasant moments connected with thefts of the saved-up means which are intended for good rest, but not for a profit of malefactors. Good luck and pleasant holiday!