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Discipline - it is good or bad? All of us heard

about discipline. Also heard, perhaps, the most different things. One people (generally military, and some teachers at school) say that it is necessary and has to be strict. Others (psychologists, drug dealers, criminals and other) say that it is not necessary and the person can perfectly do without it. Well, I suggest to look at what is it and why it is necessary.

For a start let`s be defined - what is discipline? Perhaps, someone already imagined the sergeant who swears at soldiers and inspires in them that “they here nobody“, and he is God-almighty. Others perhaps remembered one of the teachers at school who constantly caused in school of parents, put the two for behavior and swore if someone did not sit quietly at its lessons.

And, looking at such here pictures, many will tell that the discipline destroys the personality that it is an invention of sadists and it something awful that needs urgently to be cleaned from society.

If it is honest, then I understand these people. Not because “once I thought also“. I am convinced also now that cavils to children at schools and suppression of soldiers in army need to be burned out red-hot iron! But the truth is in what described above has no RELATION TO DISCIPLINE! My word upon it! It just suppression in which not the most useful members of our society are engaged.

The real discipline is necessary.

On this subject I like the statement of one of very famous and recognized around the world person. The founder of thousands of successful organizations and the developer of administrative technology which is introduced in thousands of the companies worldwide today (including multi-billion corporations) L. Ron Hubbard told the following about discipline:

“In the absence of discipline all group comes to demolition. It was already repeatedly noted that crash of group begins with absence or loss of discipline in it.“

the Key moment here in WHAT is discipline. As we already found out, what happens in armed forces of our country and in education, has no relation to discipline. I suggest to consult behind the answer the explanatory dictionary of Russian. Here what is written about discipline there: “Submission, obligatory for all members of any collective, to an established order, rules“.

What it could mean? When you agree with members of the family about any rules, and then control their observance - it is discipline. For example: in your family there is a rule which sounds approximately as “not to be rude to seniors“. You hear that someone from children shouts at the grandfather and calls him “the old fool“. Certainly, you approach the child, and say to him that it cannot be done!

Notice - you do not shout “Smyrna!“ also you do not say to it that it is stupid as a stub and it is incapable nothing to acquire or that it is a shame of all mankind (it would be just suppression). You say to it that it cannot be done. Of course, if he repeats it, then you apply to him more strict measures, but their severity (as a rule) increases gradually.

And so if you look at our definition, then you will see that it belongs to discipline! It is sure, you will be able to find many examples of how it can be applied. For this purpose it is enough to take any rule which is known to you - beginning from traffic regulations and finishing with the law forbidding to one person to deprive lives of other person.

And here that interestingly - in definition is not told that these rules are followed because in bushes the traffic police officer hides or because for their violation you will be beheaded. These rules are followed only because members of group observe them! They wrote them or agreed with them.

If you pay attention to various organizations and compare them, then you will notice that the better in group rules which in it exist are followed, the better this group exists and survives. And on the contrary - the group, the worse it a state and quality of life of its participants is less disciplined.

I could give an example of comparison of the Soviet VAZ (The Volga automobile plant) and the Toyota companies, but I will not become. In - the first: I can be accused of lack of patriotism... but the most terrible - someone can think that on today`s AvtoVAZ the situation is better, than it was in the USSR. Unfortunately it not so. But I think, you cannot compare several such organizations.

Imagine for a second society in which people do not break the law, rules of politeness, the traffic regulation, are not late for work and do not sit in “schoolmates“, at that time when they have to serve clients. And at the same time they do it according to the own decision. That day when this picture becomes real, we will not be needs militia, prosecutor`s office, FSB and all this army of people in shoulder straps (whom we feed on our taxes).

However even if to leave taxes and shoulder straps, such picture is pleasant to me!

And to you?