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Whether arrival of the second youth can provoke the birth of the grandson?

With the birth of the grandson seemed to me that at the spouse the breast became more magnificent, and I raised an erection. Generally, I felt incomparably more young and is ready to feats and achievements, and can even to records. Even externally I became more attractive and began to look after myself more attentively, rendering the raised signs of attention to a female. What is it? Second youth? Sure! And the woman in 45 - a berry again, and than the man is worse?

To look? Certainly. But also it is necessary to live so that you were never called the old man.

Appearance it not only heredity, natural gift, way of life, but also reflection of your soul. However many tried to change it by means of any ways and means, little from this will leave good if the person is ugly soul, has nasty character, it is angry and cruel. Undoubtedly, living adequately, making kind acts and thinking properly, the person enriches not only the inner world and surrounding, but also it becomes externally much more attractive, and irrespective of age though with it it is connected, there is a process of an otpechatyvaniye on appearance, both positive lines, and negative. From positive, nobody will want to get rid, and here negative, first of all, age, but not only in it the reason.

Do not try to keep youth unnatural means. It will not help, it is self-deception and not the most important. Many even look much better with age, than were in youth. And there is also no secret in it any at all. Among young people there are much more old men, than among people of mature and old age who managed to keep, first of all, courage, optimism, health, feeling of the real humour, a sports view, elegance, symmetry and youthful enthusiasm. What you will not tell about representatives of the present younger generation spending the most part of time at the computers, in clubs, on parties or sitting crowds in parks on the benches which are incessantly smoking, and until recently sucking beer from cans and bottles. They are most subject to stresses, psychological overloads, inferiority complexes and disappointment in life, owing to the fact that to society just to spit on their problems.

Present that, at last, invented means of eternal youth or at least slowing down aging process. And whether the mankind will be able reasonably to use it? At an initial stage that will be available only to the richest people from the world of show - business and to film actors as this problem is most actual for them for professional reasons. However they will fully not be able to compete with truly young, talented, full of strength and energy, and also with slightly other outlook representatives of new generation. Everything is good in its season. Every time gives rise the stars and admirers of their talent who grow old together and empathize each other about the lost youth.

For the majority health and a demand at any age is more significant. To care for it it is necessary to begin with the childhood if, of course, you want to enjoy life and to be glad to grandsons, to be for them necessary and interesting. But in youth very few people think of it.

But we will come back to a youth elixir. As any invention or medicine, an elixir will have side effects, first of all psychological character. Human society can not cope, with a temptation to rejuvenate, by all means. It is not known yet whether will fall in love achieved result or will begin to hate. And when such opportunity will appear at the majority what then can occur? From what age to begin to resort to similar means and how it can work on different people? It will not turn out so what society will be stratified on those who it will want also opponents and what then, parents will begin to look not more senior than the children, and grandmothers and grandfathers at overdose will become similar to the grandsons? It is, of course, the imagination. If it was succeeded to slow down process of aging for several years, so to say, on ten - fifteen, but it can achieve, without resorting to any artificial preparations.

Fresh air, active lifestyle, positive emotions, communication with adherents, refusal of addictions, ability to leave from stresses, a variety of hobbies, healthy food for environmentally friendly products, ability to count the forces and opportunities, ability not to make the wrong choice of friends, specialty. When collecting mushrooms and berries, we will not put in a basket poisonous, i.e. necessary knowledge, and on the scale of creation of the personality and the relations, acquisition of knowledge, skills and the specialty corresponding to subjective features and objective requirements of society - quality education is required.

Now there is no ideology of creation of ideal society for which it would be possible to seek. Against infinite discussions about a doomsday, cataclysms, crises and impossibility to accurately formulate mission of mankind, it is senseless to speak about a youth elixir. In universal scale we already are the eternal babies who are not knowing and not understanding the majority of what happens to us what reasonably aspires to without having got into even big abyss. If to ask each modern person and what he made in life good, the majority will brag only of personal achievements or acquisitions. Whether will be much such which made for others more, than for themselves, at the same time I do not mean the closest relatives for the sake of whom, anyway, the limit of all efforts and expectations is limited.

Generally, so, if you want to keep or prolong youth, remain cheerful, positive, communicate with young people more often, you treat them with understanding. For this purpose at us children and grandsons that together with them we anew could pass the course of life, in cares, caress, love and experiences, games and competitions are also born. Remembering itself at their age, we become involuntarily younger, so is even happier.

Article is written by me under the impression connected with the birth of the grandson. Though I still am relatively young, such addition in family did not give me feeling at all that became the grandfather, on the contrary, from this point I on years twenty looked younger, do not trust? In vain. Just there was a wish to live hundred more years and if it is very strong to want it, then it will turn out. It is only enough to present that you gave birth not to the grandson, but the son. It is also the best means for preservation of youth. And you as consider?

I in the grandson even learn the lines, sometimes it seems to me that it I was born and just I take a detached view of myself.