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A little more on awakening … or as the wall of “cocoon“ breaks.

In the world, the different people, in various cultures have several approximately equivalent ways on, so-called, to “dissecting of a wall of a cocoon“ (further in article we will apply for brevity one word - “wall“). Under “dissecting“ retracting all that costs between the person and truth means (God, Atman, Life …). “Wall“, it no other than his fears, judgments, views, etc. In a word - egoism, that is the personality as a product of his mind. But this dissecting - as if to “the last point“, surely is preceded by internal maturing of the person (his internal way) - its readiness and all its organism to receive it.

Though such lomaniye of a wall can occur and itself if the person is ready to it. In the history full of examples of enlightenments of people who did not know at all about any wall and that it is necessary to destroy something there - they just were ready to it. And it could provoke anything, it could occur, as well as anywhere: stumbled on the street, took a steam bath in a bath, examined a butterfly or the burning fire in a fireplace...

But, despite a set of such examples, these cases nevertheless are rare.

Most of other people that such maturing - approach to “the last point“, happened, requires the mentor - the practician the expert with good experience.


appears information about awakened and more and more Recently clarified which did this way to “the last point“ with the help of spiritual books and various experiments with themselves. But such experience can be useful to not everyone. All people different, the nature at each person the. Such occupation can be not just unsuccessful waste of time, but very risky.

All know that the dangerous, connected with risk professions are studied not according to books, and it is obligatory near the person who is well knowing it put. As an example, take at least swimming … it is possible to study of course according to the book, but it is interfaced. And if we want quicker to learn to swim moreover and it is beautiful (and not just not to sink), then the trainer is necessary surely. ***

All the phrase is well-known

: “The pupil would be ready...“. At unconscious option of development, realization of options of continuation of this phrase, is possible only at an independent set of this readiness. At conscious option, the professional also helps to develop this readiness for dissecting of a wall. Naturally, in the presence at the pupil of HUGE and ONLY desire of it to reach. I will emphasize - not just most important of the whole list of desires, and the only thing. Only it is not necessary to confuse desire of FREEDOM, to egoistical desires of game in society.

All technical aspects in this process are secondary. And, it is even logical. In usual life the same: if I not really like to play a violin, then a good violinist to me not to be.

*** That is for dissecting is required to

two main conditions:

1 - oye: this all-consuming, only desire of the pupil “to break a wall“, at his ABSOLUTE trust to the teacher (to the mentor, the guru … - the essence does not change).

2 - oye: existence by a number of the teacher in a body (it is very desirable!; much more simply) which can transfer it a condition qualitatively of other VISION of the world.

As soon as the pupil completely revealed and is ready to accept, transfer of a state also happens. Change of the person in date of transmission of this state is also called the beginning of an enlightenment, awakening, realization, the spiritual birth, etc. in various cultures.

These described conditions belong to 1 - y to an awakening phase. About 2 - y, 3 - y and 4 - y to a phase conversation will be separate, there are essential differences.

The mentor`s task, using the most various ways, to prepare all organism of the pupil for retracting this wall which the pupil also constructed during the life. Often on this preparation years can leave.

Though, in essence, really the wall is cleaned by the pupil - it is his task, and the teacher only helps it to make it. The mentor can apply for this purpose only to him the conducted ways what ridiculous at first sight to the onena would look. The pupil passes, through all the fears and doubts, only by means of Vera and huge DESIRE.

But this disposal of a wall, only the beginning … the Person has to move

not only desire “to break a wall“ and to brighten up, and is considerable bigger - development is infinite … *** people Are interesting to


for whom it not idle hobby. Conscious retracting a wall, is REFUSAL of itself (from the egoism, the personality). And mind perceives it in most cases as the death. But it is the only way to freedom!

Sounds is a little more frightening … And the way of singles, only emphasizes all difficulties of this way. That is why the team is necessary. In group of friends of adherents, with a good combative core (peace soldiers), such internal ascension is made incommensurably easier.

I want to inform of a simple thing which, unfortunately, it is frequent as not can catch … For a wall prolamyvaniye to human nature needs to gain sufficient internal potential. Or in other words, passing of a certain internal way - overcoming of the difficulties which are put the teacher and the life is necessary (here the teacher and life work in couple).


Part of a way to this “point“ which is conditionally called by the first phase of awakening, many people pass unconsciously (as a rule, long and boringly) and consider the achieved result as top of development of the person. But it not so. Formation on the Way (as is the main thing) and the movement on it where all these phases of awakening (they are four) only its landmarks, and not ultimate goals is necessary. In Christianity this piece of a way is called transformation, the modern language - transformation, reorganization of all human body. *** about what it is possible to try though it is somehow intellectual to

to tell

(mind is simply powerless further), besides using the religious term, it about rise (the fact that for 4 - y an awakening phase). Since which, a further site of a way in different cultures call Paradise, Shambhala, 6 - y the program, etc. Here we already approach conversation on more perfect forms of life.

U Them much can learn! And it still not only interestingly, this also fascinating state!

If and to speak about some purpose and sense of the existence, then only about this. No phase of awakening, any blissful (samadkhichesky) state, in general any point on the Way can be an ultimate goal or object of aspiration. Achievement of any “point“, nothing, in fact, solves - life all the same will force to move further (to its depth)! Therefore only formation on the Way and the movement on it can be rather serious application of the person for what is called life.

How to achieve it quicker? There is a harmonous system of practical Knowledge.


Often ask to describe concept of awakening somehow differently, to state in other words, on the other hand … Here we face that it is extremely difficult to be at the proper and correct words (in their minimum quantity) as nothing similar, similar in his usual life happens to the person. It is difficult to draw parallels or to rely on some analogy to something. Besides and words cannot express an essence up to the end. Therefore the big request not to carp and not to cling at words.

It is possible to take the experience of culture of our people connected with death of the person when dates 3 - go are celebrated, 9 - go, 40 - go day after death.

of the State, endured by the person at these turning points, correspond to awakening phases: clinical death - 1 - aya a phase, 3 day - 2 - aya a phase, 9 day - 3 - I am a phase, 40 day - 4 - I am a phase. That is on each phase there is a transition to qualitatively other perception of life (thinning and transformation of a wall), more and more real. There is the increasing degree of freedom from “games“ in this world. For 4 - y liberation from these games comes a phase. But, as time in those states another, such gradation for terms is rather conditional.

we considered unconscious option of development when the soul of the person is automatically involved in a new circle of life - death.

At the conscious movement on the Way, a task already another: to reach full transformation in a physical body during lifetime which comes to an end with rise (what what here it is accepted to call Paradise, Shambhala, 6 - y the program … begins with).

If I as the mentor, let us assume, I have experience of experience 3 - x days after death, I can prepare the pupil for transfer of this state to it. But if I come to the level of 9 days (3 - I am a phase) or 40 days (4 - I am a phase), then transfer of such state to the pupil happens already differently.

More stoutly I would like to open this touched subject already in other article.